Pump It Out + Nursing Bundle Giveaway

One of the things I knew I would be doing when I returned to work was pumping in my office. For me personally I really wanted to breastfeed exclusively until 6 months (I did!) and I am hoping to continue breastfeeding until P is one. So with that means dedication to the pump. Here are the things I use to make it work for me. I hope other working moms (or pumping moms!) find this helpful!

 First I am going to go through the parts and then explain my schedule.

Pump in Style Advanced Double Electric : Did you know that most insurance companies are required to cover the cost of your pump? Make sure you look into this before you purchase or register for one! I choose the Medela Pump in Style as my insurance covered brand new pump and received it about 60 days before P's arrival. I mainly choose this one because most of my family and friends recommended it but also due to the accessibility of spare parts if/when needed. Unfortunately mine did not come with a purse or backpack option but I didn't pay for it so I wasn't really complaining! Since I exclusively breastfeed at home and on the weekends I leave my pump at the office. The number one thing you want in a pump is good suction and a correct fit. So make sure you have the correct size flanges (they make a lot of different size options) so that you have the most comfortable experience for your body. If you plan on pumping at home I would purchase spare parts for the office (flanges, adapters, bottles) less things for you to carry or forget at home.
Medela Cooler Set: I use this to bring my milk home from work. I also keep these bottles at work so it's one less thing to bring back and forth. When I forget the cooler bag (which dang it is about once a week!) Starbucks cups with ice will do the trick!

Honest Dish Soap: There are a lot of detergents/soaps to choose from when it comes to cleaning your bottles. We use Honest diapers so it was just a natural selection to choose their dish soap as well. Anything free of perfume and dyes will be a good choice for washing your supplies out at work.

Medela Quick Clean Bags: If you are unable to access a clean sink to clean off your supplies these microwave bags are pretty great. All you need is access to 2 oz of water to steam clean. The bags are reusable up to 20 times! I usually steam them after my first pump session and then fully wash them after my 2nd pump session.

Camelbak Eddy: Water, Water, WATER. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated while nursing. You will notice a dip in your supply if you are not drinking enough throughout the day. You can also start your morning with a nursing tea to help increase your supply.

Handsfree Nursing Bra: Having your hands free allows for so much more comfort while you pump. You can purchase one or fashion your own! Take an old sports bra and cut two small holes right where your nipples are. Insert flanges and pump away!

Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags: I like these bags because of the double seal feature. They also lay flat to store which is nice if you need freezer space. Remember to ALWAYS store your milk in the back of the freezer (aka not the door) this is recommended by La Leche League.

Snacks: Alright you have heard the rumors. Nursing mama's are HUNGRY! I like to keep snacks in my purse for pump sessions and these Kind bars are my favorite go to. I like to have a bar of some sort, fruit snacks, yogurt and a string cheese. (Hello am I 5?)

Phone: Lastly my handy iPhone. Whenever I pump at work this is also the time I FaceTime with Presley. (Thank you Steve Jobs) Because I am fortunate enough to have my parents looking after her while I work I can FaceTime with her twice a day. This really makes me happy and helps so much with the sadness of not being with her. If you are unable to FaceTime it's always nice to scroll through photos, get caught up on social media, read a book or watch Netflix!

First I want to start off by saying that breastfeeding in the beginning was EXTREMELY difficult for me. I cried, cried, cried every single time she latched on it was so damn painful. I would have given birth to her ten times over rather than those first two weeks of breastfeeding. Well eventually we both got the hang of it and I am so grateful for the bond it has given me with her.
That being said, there is ZERO judgement here if you cannot or choose not to breastfeed. All that matters is a happy healthy baby! I mean I was the only one breastfed by my mom and my other two sisters were formula fed. My oldest sister double majored at Berkeley and I went to San Diego State and took five years to graduate....think what you will ;)

Alright now for my routine. Treat yourself to something sweet if you made it through all that text! Also please check your local state laws for the treatment you should be receiving in regards to adequate break time and such. California laws on breastfeeding can be found HERE. I am fortunate enough to have a private office with a privacy glass installed to pump in. I also created this sign while I am away from my desk.
6am-7am: Presley usually awakes on her own around this time to nurse. Which is good timing since I am starting my day to get ready for work. I nurse her about 10-15 min and put her back down to sleep. She will usually sleep until 9am (which is awesome - but remember this crazy chick still doesn't sleep through the night) which is when my husband, who works from home, will drive her to my parents house to watch her for the day.

11am: First office pump session. Usually I get the most out during this time. I can pump anywhere from 6-10 oz. Lately it's been around 6 oz. total. (Note to self: drink more WATER!) This is also the time P will be getting a bottle at my parents. So I pump in accordance to when she takes her bottles. Currently she takes them four hours apart and then eats food afterwards. What to remember here is when your baby is eating you are pumping. This is how to keep up your supply.
I take the contents from the bottles and pour them directly into my storage bags and label them. Then I put them in the cooler bag and back into the fridge.
Afterwards I usually rinse and then steam my pump parts and then store them in the fridge. I use a cute wet bag with a pattern to store the parts in the fridge discreetly.

3pm: Second and last pump session of the day. These both usually last around 15-20 minutes (washing time included) at this session I normally get out another 5 oz. Once I have pumped again I take the milk and pour it directly into my storage bag. To the fridge it goes and I place it in my cooler bag with the earlier bag of expressed milk.
This time around I wash out my supplies with my own bottle brush and Honest Co. dish soap. and leave it to dry out. I work in a two person office so he is okay with this. If you work in a more trafficked office I would put your freshly cleaned parts back into your wet bag and store in the fridge/your desk/wherever is most convenient.

By the time I commute home and get to my parents house, P is usually ready for her next feeding. From here until my next pump session (with the exception of food) she is nursed exclusively.

It's a lot of work and honestly when my alarm goes off on my phone that it's PUMP TIME! sometimes I am annoyed. Then I remember I want to eat pizza for dinner so let's go burn some calories!

FairHaven Health reached out to me asking if I would like to review one of their products but since I have already established a pretty good routine we thought of something even better. Happily Ever Parker has teamed up with FairHaven Health to give one lucky reader a Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle. 
This includes the following:

This would be great for a new mama or a gift to give a new mama! Enter below to win, winner will be announced, Tuesday, March 10th! Thank you as always for being a reader of Happily Ever Parker!



  1. I'm saving this post for when that time comes for me!! Congrats on making it to 6 months and hope the next 6 months goes by fast in terms of pumping!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. What a great giveaway! I plan to be a nursing mom too - and I'm really praying I can make it through the difficult first weeks/months!! :)

  3. I know pumping and nursing can be so hard so I am all about collecting info and products to make it easier! Thanks girl!

  4. great post! i plan on nursing and i'd like to pump after i hit the 6-month mark!

  5. So funny we are on the same exact schedule! Medela makes bags that you come with a connector so that you can pump directly in to the bag. They are awesome and really cut down clean/up time! That hands free bra is my number one must have and I can't tell you how many times I forget my cooler. Luckily I just moved to another office with two girls and we have a mini fridge, it is awesome!

    Kudos to you for sticking with it through the tough times. I was right there with you. The first two weeks were horrible. She wasn't latching correctly so I was cracked, bleeding and would cry when it was time to feed her. Which I felt horrible about but we figured it out and have been going strong since!

  6. You are such a rockstar mama for your dedication to Presley!!!

  7. I'm a pumping momma too and use a lot of these same things. The only exception is that I don't have a medela cooler bag because my pump from insurance didn't come with one. So I went and bought a plain black lunch bag that I can easily put in the fridge without it screaming "there's boobie milk in here!". Question for you, how much water do you drink in a day? I'm having all sorts of problems with supply and have heard varying things about water intake. Good luck on your pumping adventures!

  8. this is SO great! Thank you so so much for sharing! The first two weeks really are hard, so glad Rowan and I got through that! You are such a good mama!!

  9. Good round up! I'm a pumping working mama too, and boy is it a pain in the butt. Unfortunately I work at a different location every day so have to lug the pump, bottles, coolers, flanges, etc, each and every day--it is the worst, and very easy to leave something at home. I've definitely had to run home more than once because I forgot something. I'm impressed with how much you pump at a sitting! My daughter takes 16-18 oz while I'm at work each day and i have to pump three times and then again at night after she goes to bed and I'm STILL not making that much. Hoping I can keep it up for the next 6 months!

  10. You always have the best tips and round ups. Ill definitely come back to reference these when the times comes. Xo

  11. Great round up and go mama for pumping at work and going over the 6 month mark! Pumping is not easy but the dedication is worth it.

  12. What a great post!!! And giveaway!! I will be beginning this journey again in May, but my first journey was so short that I need all the tips I can get! Thanks again!

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