Happily Ever Parker


Think Less, Enjoy More

I feel like this Friday has taken e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y to get here. I am so happy it's here and tagging in an extra day off with a holiday. Next week marks my last week working close to home and I am major bumming. I am trying not to get too down about it but going from no commute back to an hour commute just sucks.

I do however on this Friday have a lovely little treat being delivered to me. A new camera body and I am so so excited. I had my entry level DSLR for a little over three years now and felt like it was time to upgrade. I am mostly excited about going from a crop sensor lens to a full sensor lens. I know that camera lingo doesn't mean much to lot of people but to me it's equivalent to rainbows and butterflies.

Here is to hoping I book a lot of jobs this summer!

We have been logging a lot of time outside and I am excited to fire up the BBQ and enjoy some summer evenings. Plan some trips and just enjoy this season of life. Think less, enjoy more. That's going to be my new summer motto.

Basically be more like P.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Loving Lately: Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks

The upside (and downside) to living in a downtown area is that I am literally a stone's throw away from a major outdoor shopping center. I shop at Nordstrom more often than I like to admit and when Laura reminded me it was the half yearly sale well I had to round up a few of my favorite picks!

Rebecca Taylor off the shoulder dress
Okay normally I wouldn't think this was such a deal (I mean it still is over $200) but if you're a bride to be or due to take maternity photos soon I think it would be worth the splurge.

Tea Collection La Donna Stripe Dress
Skeleton Belly Shirt
Vans Woven Shirt (little boys)
Vince Camuto Evel Sandals
 High/Low Cotton Tee
Mini Boden pocket shorts
 I could seriously go on and on but make sure you head over and swoop some stuff up!


Life Lately

Oh goodness I seem to have fallen away from this space of mine and I blame that entirely on myself. You see I now have this thing with photos that if they are taken on my iphone - I don't want them uploaded anywhere. Facebook, instagram, this blog - and it's actually a terrible thing. One because I just don't have as much time to be whipping out my big camera with my family since I have been busy taking on clients. Two that leaves me with a lot of silence around social media. So I must get better about this!
I can't believe that come August P will be turning two. At her 18 month appointment her vocabulary was very small (maybe 5 words?) and while her pediatrician said he wasn't concerned he did say we will revisit it at 2 years old. Well of course that led to me worrying that she wasn't talking (or learning!) enough but I swear once she hit 20 months it was like the lightbulb went off.

The words she chooses to pick up on are hilarious too. We have this Melissa & Doug puzzle with bears of all different colors on it. Under each bear it says the color. Of all the colors to learn she learned aqua - so random. David and I even said why of all colors is aqua listed?


Is it Friday yet?