Happily Ever Parker


That time I thought I could take our own photos

The fact that I am even putting together a weekend post on a Sunday night makes me want to pat myself on the back. I mean I can't even remember the last time this happened. This was the highly anticipated weekend of our holiday card photo. After we got rained out of it last weekend I was hoping for some magic.

I should have known better because I had the absolute recipe for disaster. A hungry, cold (although refused to wear a coat), no-nap toddler. Matched with a husband who was almost equivalent. Which you can imagine where that all left me. Pair that with a broken tripod, not knowing how to cue the remote up to the timer (vs. shutter) and also trying to get a dog to look at the camera. Also if someone can tell me how the heck to get my remote set up to start the 10 second timer I'll seriously love you!

I was so discombobulated - I didn't even have time to take pictures of just P. In fact our whole charade probably produced about 10 photos in totality. And not 10 usable images mind you. So if you happen to be a recipient of our cards...well now you know the backstory. Here are some awful outtakes.

Except for Finn - because he is just perfection <3


Thanksgiving 2016

Because having a post to go with these photos would just be overachieving. Here's a snapshot of our Thanksgiving none of which includes food and all contains pictures of P in cute clothing. Priorities.

shirt - no longer available


Manly Man Gift Guide

If you have a significant other like mine, it's not always easy to guess what they may be asking for for Christmas. While I know any sort of flashlight remains high on his list - there are only so many flashlights I can buy ya know? So here is a gift guide for those manly men in your life (quite the polar opposite of my toddler girly girl gift guide!) When in doubt a new magazine subscription about something they love is always an awesome gift idea!