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Round Two Baby Essentials

We are in final countdown mode over here and I finally have had a moment to put together this long awaited post. While I in no way have motherhood down to a science I do feel more prepared this time around. Having been through it once before and now knowing that the pain will end (I'm talking about you breastfeeding!) I am so excited to meet our newest family member and finally get to know them more. Especially their gender!

Complete disclaimer - I reached out to a lot of these companies so while some items were in fact gifted to me they in no way influence my opinion of the product. I reached out to them because I knew these were items I would want and use with this baby. Which says a lot as I have bought very minimal stuff! Remember this baby doesn't have a nursery and I think as most parents find out with subsequent babies - they really don't need all that much either! I hope you find this list helpful!

DockATot Deluxe+

When I first found out we were expecting one of the very first items I knew I would want that I didn't have with P was a DockATot Deluxe+. I love the concept behind this cozy little co-sleeper and playtime lounger. It is OEKO-TEX certified and tested for breathability which leaves this mama with a great big sigh of relief. I look forward to taking this on our travels (even if just to the grandparents house!) And I assure you if we weren't team green over here I would have loved to picked one of their adorable designs out! You know me - it was super hard to resist La Vie en Rose!

In addition to the DockATot Deluxe+ lounger I also got to choose some fun accessories to go with it. I was particularly drawn to the black and white toy arch for Deluxe+ and Cheeky Chums toy set because rumor has it babies see those colors the most vividly at first. I love their simplicity and the cute hand drawn designs.

The Ollie Swaddle

When I think about bringing P home from the hospital I kind of have to laugh at myself as I said "She doesn't like to be swaddled" I feel bad for me in those first five weeks I truly believed that. Cause you know what? Babies have no idea what they like and the truth is most babies do like to be all curled up like they were in the womb! The Ollie swaddle is a different approach to the classic swaddle. It's made from a custom moisture wicking material to prevent baby from overheating and it actually goes across the babies shoulders as opposed to tucking them inside. You can easily velcro it shut and best part (IMHO) is that you can open up the bottom for easy diaper changes!

L'oved Baby

Considering babies for the most part live and lounge in comfortable clothing the better half of their first year L'oved Baby clothing was high on my want list. Made out of 100% organic cotton and with a large array of styles and colors this is one item every mama is going to want. Their spring line was just released and once we know the gender of this babe I will be going back for more!

And because L'oved Baby is so awesome use code LP10 for 10% off your order! (Good from now until 12am PST 03/15/18)

Wildbird Ring Sling

When I had P almost 3.5 years ago baby wearing saved me. It allowed her to sleep comfortably and I was able to hold her close at all times. In fact I have to say it is one of the things I miss the most about her being a baby. This time around I wanted a wrap that had a little less "going on" basically I wanted something simple I could toss on and wear. No twisting, tying or looping involved. With various fabric options to choose from (guarantee you will want them all) I chose a linen blend since our babe will born in springtime. 

MilkSnob Cover

With P I had a different type of carseat cover that was way too heavy and had no breathability. Luckily I know better now and ever since I saw the original black and white milk snob cover out in the world I knew I would want one for our next babe. It has multiple uses. Breastfeeding cover. Car seat cover. Shopping cart cover. and I love that it goes all the way around the car seat. Much easier to keep germ ridden hands from getting inside - specifically that of a 3.5 year old.

Candy Kirby Knotted Gowns

This is another item I wanted in every single color but again am holding off until we know the gender of this babe. Gowns are great (especially in the first weeks) for the baby as they are super sleepy but often need their diapers changed. These gowns have fold over mitten covers to minimize facial scratches and an opening at the bottom once you untie the knot. 

Briar Handmade Bonnets

I wasn't into bonnets with P and I think that's largely because I had no idea that Briar Handmade existed! Each piece is so well crafted and I went from having none to five! I can't wait to see our littlest rocking their bonnet!

It's true that with age comes wisdom. And my wisdom is that I don't need to carry a diaper bag that weighs a million pounds. Which is largely why my first bag is mostly retired. This bag is small enough to not overload yet I am able to carry the majority of my necessities in it. It can be worn as a backpack or slung over the shoulder. I was lucky enough to have my sweet friend Laura snag me one during their warehouse sale last year. Not going to lie, I am excited to fill it up!

I also went ahead and snagged their newly released matching stroller hooks!

Rubis Baby Nail Scissors

I'm telling you now these scissors are a game changer. A sweet friend of mine gifted these to me at P's baby shower and I still use them on her to this day. Don't waste you time fretting over if you're going to clip your child when trimming their nails. These make it easy and mistake free. An excellent baby shower gift!

MAM Pacifiers (Glow-in-the Dark)

I loved these with P and plan on using them with the new baby. Mainly because I can't stand the small stuffed animals hanging off faces. Sorry not sorry. Glow in the dark is necessary when searching in the late night hours!

Bum Brush

Okay the person who invented this is pretty brilliant because I hate when I apply diaper rash cream and it gets all stuck underneath my nails! Such a simple concept but really smart. Clearly this is a want not a need but I got the mini version for $9.99 and it will definitely get some use!

Young Living Essential Oils Gentle Baby

I'm a big believer in essential oils so anything that will help soothe a newborn (or parent!) gets a pass in my book. We have been diffusing this in P's room before bedtime trying to ease her night terrors, which sadly are still happening :( I like to mix this with lavender.

Little Unicorn Swaddles

Lastly I am loving all the Little Unicorn prints! I have more than enough swaddles from when P was little but I still couldn't resist snapping up a few gender neutral ones! 
Tell me - is there anything you think I need for round two?! Sound off below!

Thank you to the following companies for gifting product for this write up: DockATot, The Ollie World, Milk Snob, Wildbird & L'oved Baby.

Maternity Photos in the Oakland Redwoods

When we found out we were expecting with P I never had maternity photos done and to be honest I never really missed the fact that I didn't do them. But there is something about this pregnancy that feels different and I think that is because I know it is my last. I want to embrace all the things about it (and try and grin and bare the crappy parts of it). So at 34 weeks pregnant we booked a session.

I am so happy I decided to do them. I started the day by getting a blowout at our Drybar that just opened in town (best decision of the day), I prepped P with a big talk about how the photos were important to mama and to be on her best behavior (she totally was) and I rented my dream maternity dress ("The Wonder Years" in blush by Fillyboo Maternity) from Mama Bump Rentals. Even David - who normally despises a photoshoot was awesome. Despite all the nose nuzzling he was made to do.

My friend Aliza of Aliza Hallett Photography took our photos and made everything so easy (and she is 28 weeks along with her third!). It was such a fun memory and now I have so many beautiful images to look back on such a special time in my life!

And ZERO of this post is sponsored just in case anyone is wondering :)

My outfit
Dress : "The Wonder Years" by Fillyboo Maternity
Buy it here or Rent it here

Presley's Outfit
Hi/Low Skirt (coming soon!) 
Sweater (sold out)
Bow - Wunderkin Beach Pink Pinwheel

David's Outfit

How to Get Involved

Again I am at a loss to need to type out my feelings after yet another mass shooting in our American school system. And yet every time one takes place I can't pacify the feelings I have inside of me. Those kids are people's babies and their lives were cut short because someone else decided it should be that way.

My daughter is three. And it's not at all lost on me that soon she will enter K-5 and be the same age as the children who were literally sniped out of their classroom chairs in Sandy Hook with a military assault type rifle. SIX YEAR OLD'S. As a parent, I cannot even begin to fathom that sentence being read aloud with my child's name in it. As a human being I just cannot stand for it anymore either.

We are failing our children. We are failing so miserably that we should be absolutely ashamed. Children go to school to learn, not to become sitting ducks in their classroom. The fact that my daughter will have to participate in an "active shooter training" drill at school is literally beyond my comprehension.

If you think things need to change  here are two ways you can get involved:

Because if we don't start demanding change - the only real question we can ask is "who's next"?