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A little of this and that


Just a random smattering of things I can't get enough of these days
The last two ribbon additions arrived! Ric Rac & Pom Pom!
This dress on sale at Nordstrom that I am highly tempted to buy for Easter 2015. 
This list putting my city at number #1. Too bad on the list called "Most Affordable Places to Raise a Baby" it doesn't make top 50. In case you're wondering the winner is Omaha, Nebraska. 
The shirt I made on CafePress that I'm wearing to today's Giants game. Can we say best boss ever for giving me day game tickets to Giants v. Dodgers? #beatLA
Enough already I thought...Then I discovered brown sugar cinnamon! #imgoingtofailmyglucosetest
Baby Gap I love you and my husband hates you. (Dress not available online)
My sister-in-law telling me that once you eat all the ice cream it makes a great fruit Tupperware. Brilliant. 

Nesting/Crafting Mode


Just a couple of projects I've been working on!
David framed my Darling print in birch and whitewashed it. Turned out gorgeous and I can't wait to see it up with the rest of the gallery wall. Once the wall is painted a color it will pop out more. 
Another part of the gallery wall is Finn! Promise to let you guys know how to do this. Putting together a step by step. But it's a fairly simple process. 
Also finished up mini's mobile. Just waiting on three more ribbons to arrive in the mail to compete it! This was also a super easy DIY. However I think I got a 
little crazy with all my ribbon options!

I've been in crazy crafting/nesting mode. I even made my own thank you cards in preparation for my baby showers. 
Really happy with how they turned out! And further convinced I need a machine that makes die cuts. 

So now I'm just wondering what I can craft next! Already dreaming up things for our maternity shoot. Hoping to take it in late May and really looking forward to having those pictures around the house. (Face please don't get too fat by then!)

Now if only I knew how to sew...

Lovin' Lately

Layered Statement Necklace
Zac by Zac Posen Clutch
Aztec Maxi Dress - LOVE this
Sweet Nothings Heart Trinket Tray

Tassel Necklace

Wildfox Shorts

22 weeks


How far along: 22 weeks, 1 day
Mini is the size of a: Spaghetti Squash (8 in., 1 lb.)
Maternity Clothes: yes and no
Stretch Marks: so far so good!
Sleep: Okay - finding that a middle of the night trip to the bathroom is usually happening these days.
Symptoms: heartburn
Best Moment of the Week: I made mini's crib mobile and went crazy crafting. A lot of you were asking for a tutorial from my Finn silhouette post on Instagram so I'll have that later this week. Super easy!
Movement: Yes now I am waiting for her to get hiccups which can be any day now.
Cravings: Nothing crazy this week.
Gender: little miss
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Ring on or Off: On
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Feeling pretty good!
What I Miss: nesting in the nursery. Really hoping to get that started sometime soon.
What I am Looking Forward to: Easter weekend and some relaxing up in Northern California at the in laws.
Labor Signs: Negative
Nursery: We picked up the crib this weekend. I finished her mobile and also purchased little misses going home outfit!
Emotions: Back on the good side :)

Five on Friday



You guys I am obsessing over the capiz accent lamp for mini's nursery. But now I can't decide between this one
or this one the capiz pendant


I am picking up the crib for the nursery this weekend that my parents generously bought for us. As much as I wanted this beautiful one from Restoration Hardware I just could not justify the pricetag - especially because I knew I would never convert it to a toddler bed. So we went with a classic white crib from Pottery Barn Kids
Kendall Fixed Gate Crib
 So until I know where we will be living - this beauty will be sitting in a box in my house. :( Sadsies!


On Wednesday I went home and saw something crawling on Finn. David confirmed it - FLEAS!! Ugh! Four years and he's never had one flea. Yesterday I went and spent $40 at Pet Food Express on stuff to basically bomb my house with. I was so tired all I wanted to do was sit down. Instead I had to vigorously vacuum and spray some rancid poison all over my couches and the area rug. (Sorry mini I am sure those fumes weren't good for either of us.) David gave Finn a really good bath - honestly I don't think he has ever been this clean. We are keeping an eye out for those nasty blood suckers- so far so good.
Now I am just trying to figure out how to avoid getting them again. Apparently this time of year they are out in full force so beware! We applied his flea/tick/heartworm yesterday (early). Mama is not messing around anymore!


Another note about Finn. When my friend Amy and I attended our "Dogs & Diapers" class I learned something I thought was so sad. Apparently if you dote on your dog a lot. Which is me - every morning begins with a 10 minute session of me laying on the ground with him! You are supposed to begin ignoring them. Not always but sometimes. Since when baby comes you just won't have as much time to do that anymore. This way if you begin early the dog won't associate it with the new baby. SO SAD! But pretty good if I can actually adhere to it.


You guys I can't stop eating poptarts - it's gross. The fact that my glucose test is 3 days after Easter just feels unusually cruel to me!

Hope you have a great weekend (and I hope mine involves no more fleas!)

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