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Easter Finest


Because dressing up our littles (while they still let us) is just too fun! Hope these inspire some Easter outfits, I know as long as it twirls it gets the P seal of approval. 

Life Lately

Life has been a bit hectic around here to say the least. Between preschool tours, gaining an hour of sun and turning another year older we've been busy. Sharing some snaps from the past couple of weeks that are quickly some new favorites. This little curly haired girl is just my everything and although days as of late are filled with "no", "but I want it", "I don't like it" and such I still sneak in every night to just marvel at her little face.

 bubble wand (we got ours at Disneyland for a better price)

 tank dress is no longer available but made by Alice & Ames

Birthday Wishes

This Friday kicks off my birthday weekend, especially since I am taking Monday off work to enjoy my actual birthday, the 20th. It was hard to put together a wish list because everything I want is usually always for P! Her playhouse, new dresses - kid has everything! Mama is really starting to look sloppy next to her!

While some items on this wish list are totally splurge items please know that I would be happiest on my birthday with my family, camera and an ocean. I think I ask for this same thing year after year and it really is my most favorite gift. Plop me next to an ocean anywhere in this world and I feel whole.

So here is to another 365 days around the sun. 34 be good to me <3

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