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Friday Musings


It's 11am on a Thursday night and I am watching Hills reruns. True life, Presley was screaming her head off for no apparent reason for over an hour. Pair this with her "up every two hours" last night and I am one exhausted mama.

I have not been up to much around these parts aside from playing around with my DSLR trying to self teach myself how to shoot in manual. For you photographer's I have a question: How do you focus sharply on the eyes?

For the most part I am using autofocus and today I was playing around with manual focus but I feel like my photos are never super sharp! I have a Canon Rebel t4i and any tips would be appreciated!
(But then I see this photo and think I am being too hard on myself :)

I hope you all have a lovely Friday - as for me I am hoping my weekend involves some serious sleep!



Five on Friday


So tonight I am headed to my first cookie exchange so naturally I turned to Pinterest for a recipe. Well let's just say I made these yesterday morning at 10am and had to make another batch last night at 8pm due to not meeting the 3 dozen minimum anymore! (One too many trips to the cookie jar.) They are delicious and I highly recommend you make some gingerdoodles!
My husband treated me to an early Christmas gift of an eyefi mobi card. This allows me to take photos on my DSLR and then they transfer via wifi to my cell phone. So no more excuses for crappy pictures on here! It's super easy to use and so far I love it! I took this gem yesterday.
 (I have ordered so many different things off Etsy in this scallop fabric. I absolutely love it!)

Thank you for all your advice on the dreaded four month sleep regression. Sounds like a resounding "growth spurt" and just got to wait it out. Funny enough is that night Presley went down around 9ish and didn't wake up until 4:45 which is the longest she has ever slept! So I guess there was a small silver lining to her not going to bed at her usual time.

So I bought David three things at REI for his birthday and Christmas. Two were supposed to be for his birthday and one for Christmas. Tell me why I gave him all three yesterday? I am so bad about holding onto gifts! Now I have no idea what to get him for Christmas! Anyone else do this?

On Monday I am going with some friends to take photos with Santa. I can't wait to see how Presley handles it. Part of me really wants her to cry - so mean.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sleep Problems


The last two nights have been a mess with Presley. We had a pretty good routine going but I fear we have hit the dreaded "four month sleep regression"
She used to go down between 7-7:30 and lately she's been fighting it. On top of that I need to get this lady sleeping through the night as I go back to work so soon. Any advice to drop the night feedings?

All I want for Christmas is...
8 hours of sleep!!

Happy Birthday

Happiest 32nd Birthday to my main squeeze!!
We love you lots!