Gone Baby Gone

I knew it was coming. Its been marked on the calendar since before you were born, small pieces of glitter and tissue paper are evidence it's on its way. I can see it in the way you are so eager to show me how much you have grown, lighting up like a Christmas tree when I get home from work.

She can play hide and seek, she can eat by herself, clap & wave amongst a myriad of other newly acquired feats. She doesn't always want to be held, she wants to feed herself and bedtime is often met with relief from a full day.

My baby is not such a baby anymore.

These past 300+ days have been a whirlwind. So many first times, for the both of us. I was just hoping I was getting it right and she was letting me know I was doing an okay job even when I wasn't. We survived our first earthquake together - I'll never forget the clanging of the pots and pans together on the rack as I held you. An all familiar wet nose climbing into my other free arm for comfort. You were 4 days old.
It wasn't too long after that you quickly started to change. You became more alert, cooing and smiling. We were quickly falling under your trance and adjusting to life as your mom and dad. It is by far the most honorable title I have ever held. I cannot say thank you enough for the promotion.
Now as I approach the very same day we brought you into the world. I can't help but start to feel a little emotional. Your newborn fuzz is long gone. Your tiny bird legs now thick with chub, your dark brown eyes hold more deliciousness than all the chocolate in the world.

Just as I have watched you grow older I see it in my own reflection too. I have more wrinkles around my mouth because you constantly have me grinning. The sparkle in my eye has grown, you are the most lovely gem I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. My brain wrought with worry just imagining all the things that could happen to you. My vow to keep you as safe as I can weighs upon me like darkness in the night sky.

My arms have grown stronger from reaching down to pick you up and pull you close. To inhale your skin is to imagine heaven is still upon you. Your hair like downy fluffs resting on top of your beautiful olive complexion. I hope that for all your life you see yourself as I see you. Intrinsically beautiful.

Thank you for calling me mama, for being my baby, now and for always.

While the last 300+ days have been some of the toughest we have ever faced. They are still my favorite because you were in them.

We still have 17 days until we say Happy Birthday, so for these next three weeks I'm going to snuggle my baby as often as I can. 

xo mama

PPS I love you


Lovin' Lately: Flares

I have never been one to spot fashion trends early. In fact (like all of us) I have many outfits that come to mind that should have been a fashion don't! So when I saw that flares were making a slow return I didn't allow myself to get too excited. Just in case they didn't. Happily I can say they are BACK! And my former college girl self is joyously embracing their return. I used to live in flares, did anyone else have them so long that they always shredded in the back? While I won't be doing that anymore (ya know you really do get older and wiser!) I am excited to find and pair and reconnect with them - even if it means wearing a higher heel. Here are some that I am loving!

What are your thoughts? Fashion do or fashion don't?


Gone Too Soon

On Sunday evening a little 8 year old girl went missing from a town about an hour away from me. Her name was Madyson Middleton and a mere 27 hours later she would be found deceased and a 15 year old boy would be arrested. Her picture had spewed across multiple media outlets and I myself had shared her image in hopes that she would be found safe. When I learned that she was found deceased I gasped out loud, muttering "No, No, No!" to which my husband replied "Why do you read stuff like that?"
Instinctively I said to him, "Because I am a mom!" I need to know that these things happen, how they happen, when they happen. I want to be aware as much as I can to prevent something from ever happening to my daughter. As I explained this I also realized as much as I want to know - it doesn't mean I can protect her from everything. As a parent - that is heartbreaking.

Then this morning I read about a fellow blogger named Leslie who recently passed due to a congenital heart defect. She leaves behind a husband & two young daughters among many more who loved her. Although her children didn't get much time on earth with their mama, her blog is a beautiful reflection of how loved they were. I hope they find comfort in her writings when they are able to read it. I think to myself if anything ever happened to me I hope Presley would be able to look back at this little space and feel my digital love.

Nothing is promised, not even tomorrow. So please hug your littles, squeeze your partners, call your mama, give extra belly rubs to your pet. Life isn't about the perfectly curated photo on Instagram or how many likes you received on your latest Facebook post. Life is what happens while we are busy making memories.


Teepee Lovin'

When it comes to planning special occasions I like to get a head start. So when I knew that P would be receiving a teepee for her birthday I was off on a hunt. The perfect fabric + the perfect teepee maker. Originally I was going to attempt to make it myself - which in reality would have probably worked out. However I don't own a sewing machine - let alone know how to use one! And the thought of not being able to collapse it without taking it all apart wasn't how I envisioned it.

So when I discovered Tnee's Tpee's on Instagram I knew I had found my girl. I love to shop small - especially when I discover mama's who have turned passions into businesses. I had already picked out a fabric c/o Minted that I was really excited about. If you think Minted cards are perfection, their fabric is most certainly held to the same standard. I selected the Springtime Floral Fabric in the linen-cotton blend and fell even more in love with it when it arrived at my doorstep.

After a couple of emails back and forth with Courtney (who's excitement over my fabric choice equally matched my own) she helped me select an interior flap and accent panel fabric. I mailed off my fabric to her and was excited to see the final product.

This was back in May mind you so when I received it I thought, "How on earth am I going to hide this from P?" However I was able to until just this past weekend. With three weeks until the big ONE and a minor room renovation (we had new flooring put in) it was time to break it out. I am so happy with how it turned out and I can't wait to see P crawl in and out of this tent for years to come.

Can we talk about this adorable flower stitch she used? I love me some details!
Of course a teepee meant a coordinating tassel banner (I keep cursing these things and then making them again)
I had made some of these letters for her birthday party and I loved how it turned out so much I decided to make some for her room. Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper in Wildflower.
P loves the back window addition!
Another little DIY.
Had to rearrange her gallery wall - giving me some peace of mind that in the event of an earthquake these are no longer hanging over her crib.
 Her room is FULL - but easily my favorite spot in the whole house.
With the flaps closed.
 Just a little twinkle for the nighttime. Battery LED lights.
Fabric was provided courtesy of Minted but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


What my daughter REALLY wants for her 1st Birthday

Since P's first birthday is fast approaching a lot of my friends and family have been asking what to gift her. So I thought I would put together a practical gift guide for anyone really wanting to know just what it is my daughter is desiring.

Dirt. She has no preference really but likes the hunt. She prefers to find it inside or near a doorway. Once found she really enjoys eating it. Hardly distracted and unphased by the repeated eww, yucky, yucky, yucky, no, no, no.

Clothing. Now don't get me wrong we have A LOT of clothes. But P particularly desires the ones that still have tags attached. Great for chewing into a wadded paper ball. She is also into receipts & instructions.

Finn's water. It's an indoor splash pad and the object of her affection. She likes to smack her hands in it or pull it down and watch the contents spill. Poor Finn is probably perma dehydrated.

Finn. But not necessarily Finn but more so his hair. She manages to find it everywhere (which let's be honest is no hard feat!) She also has taken a liking to pulling but is quickly learning how to "pet nicely"

Remote control. It has buttons, it lights up it's practically candy!

Keys. Looked at as a potential teether. The more buttons the better. Especially fond of the red button labeled alarm. Again does not respond to eww, eww, yucky, yucky, yucky, no, no , no.

Cords. Ohh these are an all time favorite! Pick them up, pull them, see where they plug into! Gift her this and you will be the apple of her eye!

iPhone. Lastly is the highly coveted iPhone (she has no color preference so don't struggle there). Give her it and your golden, take it away...get ready for waterworks.

There you have it, all the things my almost one year old daughter REALLY wants for her birthday. Anything I forgot? So much fun, I can't even image what 2 will bring!