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Life Lately


Life Lately is all about baby - which I promise to talk less of (in a couple of years) :)
We attended our first birthday party for our friend Scarlett.
I attempted my own newborn photos - and then quickly hired a photographer after six photographs.
David managed to get legit baby smiles out of Presley.
I had to learn the art of breastfeeding in a public place. I was stressed as baby was crying and I was without my handy nipple shield. One glass of pinot grigio later and both mama and baby were much happier.
I managed to screenshot this while FaceTiming with my mom - too cute!
My friend Alyce made this sweet banner for little miss and we love it. So talented!
Come back tomorrow for an awesome giveaway with Baby Boden!
You could win one of three adorable gift sets!

You Know You're a Mom When...


You realize it is totally legitimate to cry over spilled milk.

You have mastered falling asleep upright.

Your phone runs out of storage often due to snapping way too many photos of the baby.
Loving the K'Tan wrap!

When someone asks you to drink with them and then pump and seriously weigh out the options. Dump my liquid gold?!

You thought you wouldn't know how to do anything but you both are starting to figure one another out. Strange that you really can decode those cries!

Shopping for baby is way more fun than shopping for yourself.

Those awesome commercials they make in other countries really do bring you to tears.

Lovin' Lately


Now that my body is no longer stretched to the max it's time to talk clothing...specifically fall clothing. I am terrified to step foot into a dressing room but clothing possibilities have me excited again - aside from that whole "Can I nurse in this?" dilemma. Here are some things I am lovin' lately!

Reusable Shopping Tote
 Free People Tunic

Belted French Terry

Nordstrom Exclusive Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddles - Once I saw these they couldn't have been in my hands any faster!

Needle Punch Lace Sweater

Citizens of Humanity Jeans

Postpartum Reality


Alright it's time to get real here on this blog and talk about what no one else does...postpartum. I mean I was prepared to have my world rocked but holy nipples...there are a lot of things I wasn't prepared for. Let's talk...


I was told by my sister to "rough up my nipples in the shower with a washcloth" prior to the little ones arrival. What I wasn't really prepared for was that she was dead serious. I would have needed to take a sandblaster to them to prepare me for the days following birth. Breastfeeding is no joke. In the beginning it's painful (I am talking toe curling, body racking sobs) my nipples cracked, bled, I lost the top layer of skin (twice). I went to the store to buy soothies, washable pads anything that would help. Sadly the only thing that helps is TIME. You will get there I promise but days 1-14 are trying.

2. Down Nether

If you read my labor story you saw that I had a relatively easy go at labor. Which is 100% due to the epidural, however when you have an epidural you also lose feeling when it comes to push time. So I did have some minor stitches along with some other inconveniences. Now this wasn't too awful (thank you ibuprofen and Norco) however once you arrive home it sure is. So on top of your nipples bleeding and you wanting to cry every time you see your child is hungry...well you also have to deal with pain where the sun don't shine. The good news is that (for me at least) it was the first thing to feel better and relatively quickly. (Padsicles and numbing spray are two great things to have at home).

3. Emotions/Hormones

Well I have always been a pretty emotive person but now that I am post birth the water works come on a lot easier and quicker. I have cried over some ridiculous stuff and in the moment I know I am being ridiculous but at the same time I just have to let it out. Your husband may Google things about you...take that with a grain of salt.

4. Sleep Deprivation

Babies have their time backwards - as in sleep all day, party all night. This has you running on about four hours of sleep (if you're lucky). One day when Presley was about 8 days old I thought I was ready to head out of the house with her. She had been up every single hour the night before but my sister was in town and I wanted to push around my fancy stroller. So my parents came to my house and from there we walked to the outdoor mall. Once we were inside Macy's I felt like a zombie, like I was floating next to my body watching someone else's life. It was actually kind of scary as I was beginning to feel very light headed and faint. We sat down at a Starbucks for about 45 minutes and then I decided it was time to head back home. When I got home I pumped as much as I could for David and then proceeded to fall asleep from 3pm to 11pm. I woke up with rock hard boobs, but well rested. I learned that day not to overdo it.

5. Your body

I don't have too many complaints in this department but I also haven't tried to wear any of my normal shorts or pants. I'll get back to you when I am brave enough to discover I don't fit into anything.
This seems like a downer post but I am just trying to keep it real with other mama's. After the baby comes it is a tough adjustment. Neither one of you quite know what you're doing yet and that paired with pain doesn't make things any easier.

I don't know what I would have done without my fellow mamas. To my girls at home and my blogging ladies you have helped me so much with encouraging advice. My sisters acting like lactation coaches and Google. My goodness what would I do without Google? But most of all my most incredible help has been David. What a world of difference it makes having a husband who tells you everyday you're doing a great job - even if you feel clueless at times.

And now 19 days in to this whole parenting thing I can say this. Everyday gets easier, everyday gets better and everyday I am so happy that I was chosen to be Presley's mama.

*Postpartum will obviously be different for everyone but this is my experience with it. If you find yourself having unsafe thoughts or baby blues that last longer than two weeks please reach out to your doctor for advice*

Presley's Birth Story


Ahh it feels so nice to be back behind this white space and communicating with the outside world! Presley and I are finally getting in some sort of a groove over here and for that I am so grateful - I will have a whole other post on post partum soon. Let's just's no joke!

On Monday, August 18th around 9pm David and I headed to the hospital because I was having contractions about 2-3 minutes apart. They weren't particularly painful but they were coming regularly so I decided to call into my doctor who told me to head to the hospital. When we checked in I was at 2.5 centimeters which really didn't mean much as I had been at 2.5 for 2 weeks. They decided to keep me for 45 minutes while they monitored me. After 45 minutes the contractions were still close together so thy had me walk around to try and get labor actively started.

After being at the hospital until midnight with no further dilation they decided to let me go home. At first I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fall asleep but surprisingly when I got home I slept like a baby (which is an ironic figure of speech)! Turns out that was for the best as it would be my last night of good sleep for some time.

When we got discharged the nurse said sometimes false labor is brought on by dehydration so we chalked it up to that and made sure I was well hydrated the next day. I also had a doctor's appointment the next morning and they said if I was dilated more at the appointment they would admit me. Well at 10am I was still at 2.5 and all day the next day I had maybe a total of four contractions all day long so I figured it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

That evening I climbed into bed and was just browsing on my phone when I heard and felt a rather large "pop". I immediately stood up thinking that my water had broke but there was nothing. I decided to head over to the bathroom. It was here that I discovered the pop was me losing my mucus plug and almost as soon as I realized that the contractions hit me like a ton of bricks.

Not wanting another false alarm David was convinced I was still under hydrated. So he drew me a bath and filled my camelback. I couldn't stay in the bath for long as my contractions were getting stronger and stronger. After sitting on the bathroom floor for over an hour David tried to get me to lay down in bed so he could rub my back. So reluctantly I left the safety of the bathroom and attempted to lay down. As soon as I was in bed I began to feel sick and ran to the bathroom. Which is where all the contents of my camelback came roaring out of me. It was also at this point that my water decided to break!

So it was decided we were headed to the hospital again. Luckily we only live about two miles from it! When we got to the parking lot I could barely exit the car, I was doubling over from the pain from the contractions; which in comparison to the previous nights contractions were a joke! Riding up the elevator seemed like it was taking forever and when we finally arrived on the labor and delivery floor I could hardly step out of the elevator.

We checked in at 1:30 and the nurse asked me to disrobe, which I couldn't do, the pain was blinding. I also proceeded to get sick again in a barf bag - lovely.

When they came to check me I was told I was at a 3. She asked me my level of pain and I said "10! I want the epidural NOW!" Smart decision making on my part :)

Once the anesthesiologist administered the most perfect epidural. (I could feel my legs and toes but no contractions) I was able to go to sleep and when the nurse came in again at 4am I was already at a 5. Awesome - back to sleep I went. When they came back in at 6am I was surprisingly at 10!

We were so shocked at how quickly I accelerated we hadn't even called David's parents yet who had a two hour drive ahead of them! She said at 8am we are going to begin pushing, so I started making the call to my parents to let them know Presley was well on her way!

Turns out little miss was more than ready to have a birthday party. We began pushing at 8:22 and Presley came into this world at 8:57am!

A perfectly happy and healthy baby and just like that our little family of three became a family of four.
 Savannah Guthrie I am not...