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Band Woes


This happened and I'm super sad. It's already at the jeweler for repair but I have to wait a week. And in all my pregnant insecurity I went and bought a knockoff at Nordstrom. 
I know no one would notice/care but in my mind all I could think was...
"People might think I'm only engaged because I'm pregnant!"
I blame hormones for being completely lame. 

Tell me you guys do silly stuff like this too?! 

DIY Pet Silhouette

I got some requests of how to do this once I posted one on Instagram so here you go!

First find a photo of your pet you would like to use and what size. A side profile is best for it looking most like your pet. I choose the below photo because it shows that Finn has no tail!
After you print your photo in black and white in the size you want outline the shape of your pet in yellow. For Finn it was important to me to get the wisps of his hair so I tried and zigzagged on them to capture that aspect.
When you flip over the image it should look something like this.
Next take a razor blade and start slowly cutting out the image of your pet. I went really slow to make sure I got as detailed as possible.
As you go along begin to detach the image from the paper gently this way you know your making precise cuts.
Once you have your image sliced out keep both sheets of paper. You can use them in two different ways.
Now tape your image to your paper using washi tape in whatever direction you would like.
Begin by lightly sponging on the paint color of your choice. I used Martha Stewart Multi Surface Satin Paint in Poodle Skirt.
Cover all the space your image is not touching.
And this will be your end result!
For fun I also tried using the outline from the original cutout.
So there you have it! Two different ways to make a silhouette pet portrait! Finn is looking a little chubby in these photos so I could have made his chest mane a little more detailed. This will probably be easier for you guys who's pets have short hair. If you give it a whirl let me know!

Lovin' Lately


Hello Doormat = must have

Shimmer Chic Statement necklace

Can I be poolside in this now?

Hally Dress in Radiant Orchid - I think I am going to rock this at one of my baby showers. I have it in mint and it's so comfortable.

Flower Fan Necklace - I don't know which color of this I like more!

Drawstring Anorak - I picked this up at Anthropologie over the weekend. I thought it was a steal at $40!

and what would Lovin' Lately be without a baby item?!

Tomorrow I finally will have the pet silhouette tutorial up! So make sure to check back!

23 weeks


How far along: 23 weeks, 1 day
Mini is the size of a: papaya (8 in., 1.2 lbs.)
Maternity Clothes: yes and no
Stretch Marks: body is being kind however mini is expected to go through a growth spurt in the next two weeks so I'll have to lather that cream up!
Sleep: pretty good!
Symptoms: Last week out of nowhere in the middle of the night I woke up with a charley horse. Can you say OUCH?! Holy hell, never had one of those before. The crazy thing is my friend Amy literally texted me the next day asking if I had gotten one. Too weird.
Best Moment of the Week:Celebrating Easter with the in laws. The weather was amazing and it felt good to just mellow out.
Movement: Oh yes! She is definitely growing, before I could only feel her low in my body but now I can feel her more on my belly.
Cravings: nada
Gender: ribbons and bows
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Ring on or Off: On
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nope!
What I Miss: oysters! My father in law brought some home and I was so sad I couldn't enjoy them raw!
What I am Looking Forward to: going to visit my friend Whitney this Friday. Really excited to see her and give her a big old squeeze!
Labor Signs: please no
Nursery: Nothing new this week.
Emotions: pretty good!

Some pictures from the Easter holiday <3

Dear Presley


Dear Sweet Presley,

I feel like pregnancy is very bittersweet. On one hand we cannot wait to meet you and on the other I know I will miss the secret of your kicks that only we seem to share right now. I can't wait to see who you look like. Did you get your dad's adorable butt chin? Are you going to have a lot of hair? (Heartburn myths are saying yes).
Who are you going to be? Sassy like your mama? Hardworking like pops? Stubborn like your grandpa? The beautiful thing about you being you is that you get to decide.
Some of my wishes for you:

- love like you're never going to get hurt
- laugh until your ribs ache
- never stop learning - even when you think you already know it all
- have dreams so big they scare you
- failures will come; as will success, choose your way to respond to each
- be humble
- true beauty will shine from within and reach far further than if just shown from the outside
- trust your dad and marry one just like him
- don't ever be afraid to be yourself
- there is only one you - be original, everyone else is already taken
- do something kind for someone everyday
- never settle for anything/anyone less then you deserve
- don't be too old to hang out with your mama
- be kind to animals they will teach you a compassion like no one else can
- invest in your friendships
- use your own mind to make your own decisions
- find something you're passionate about and go for it
- your time is precious, do not waste it on people who do not invest their time back into you
- read as much as you can
- always remember that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. So be prepared and you're all set.
- as you are growing older, remember us, we are too.
- try new things, go new places, meet new people. The world is truly your oyster.
- worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.
- remember anyone who doesn't like dogs is not to be trusted.

I love you already so much little one <3