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It was a big weekend in the Parker household and that's mainly because we finally were brave enough to initiate the "Paci Fairy". P doesn't have anything she loves so much as she loves her pacifiers. Not a lovey or a stuffed animal nothing can charm this girl the way that little piece of silicon and plastic can.

So we have been putting it off for many, many moons because honestly I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready for the whining and crying and the all out tantrums. But I knew that it needed to go because she was getting older and I didn't want to see her teeth get all out of whack.

So Friday we decided was the day. We had been talking about the paci fairy for about two weeks now. Read a book about it many times (replacing the word binky with paci leaving no room for confusion!) We found all her paci's around the house and put them in a bag with a letter to the fairy. Off into the mailbox they went. Cue the mama anxiety.

And wouldn't you know it? P did freaking awesome. She was actually excited and really only fussed over the pacifier a couple of times. I was dreading the transition but she handled it with ease and I am so proud of her!

We rewarded ourselves by taking a trip to the beach to escape the 90+ degree weather at home on Sunday. Only problem was that 90 degrees at home translated to 55 at the coast + heavy fog. Just a little cold! Let's hope this next week goes fast and we can roll right into that three day weekend! A nice warm and sunny one!

Ice Cream Dreams

Mother's Day 2017

What's a holiday without a recap (says every blogger everywhere) We spent Mother's Day up at my in laws this year as we do most years. My mom is always in Aruba this time of year so I haven't spent a Mother's Day with her in ages! However I don't think she is complaining too much. We had a pretty low key day and P and her cousin Hana were so fun to watch together, definitely going to be future little trouble makers! Hope your day was special and spent with those you love!

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