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Trinity 2017

I am finally getting around to uploading/editing/exporting our pictures from our annual Trinity trip. We had so much fun this year as the whole Parker family got to go and being all together was an extra special treat. It's so nice to truly unconnect (no internet service will do that to ya!) and just be carefree for a little while. Trinity 2017 you were good to us!

Anniversary Sale - Toddler Edition

I know, I know. Yet another blogger to jump on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale event. It is by far, the most exciting sale event of the year (I mean pricing items on sale when they are brand new and current season - sign me up!) But since my adult fashion has always been sub par at best I'll spare you those choices. But P? Well her fashion is always on point and since I feel like dressing her is one of my talents (ha!) I wanted to share with you my kids picks for fall!

P is headed into preschool starting in September and while I am so excited for her I would be lying if I didn't say I am nervous about her clothing. I fully recognize and realize she will get messy - I hope she does - but that also means the sort of clothes I will send her to school in won't be my favorites. I mean, I have a separate drawer of her clothing David is not allowed to touch just so it doesn't get ruined. Truth - he doesn't believe in bibs!

Without further adieu...

Classic Vans
I admit it. I hate when shoes clash and make certain outfits look sloppy. While white is not all that practical with toddlers I like that it can be cleaned relatively easy and better yet - matches all her ensembles. Totally bought these. Judge away.

Plaid Cotton Shift Dress
I already picture this outfit headed to the pumpkin patch.

Plaid Tunic
Imagine this with black leggings and little black boots.
Contrast Pocket T Dress
P lives in dresses and the price point on this one won't have me sweating when it comes home inevitably dirty.

Can't leave the love to only the ladies! Some boy picks below!

Hooded Denim Jacket
I would let P rock this too. Love the sweatshirt material combined with denim.

Volcom Sweatshirt
What can I say - I am a California girl.
Colorblock Henley Tee
Cozy & cute!
 Billabong Stripe Tee
And lastly - the little wee ones! I love this time to stock up on gifts as well!

Aden & Anais Swaddles

Maxi-Cosi Car Seat (Toddler version here)
Pehr Canvas Bins

Cat Tee

Freshly Picked Moccs
Deluxe Muslin Quilt
This would make a great gift!
So there you have it! I do wish the anniversary sale had more items to choose from when it comes to kids. But I do think the savings are still awesome! Tell me - what did you get?

Trinity Prep

We are gearing up for our annual trip to the Trinity Alps and the to do list seems never ending. Why do tiny people need so much stuff?! This is the first year that P will really get to enjoy all that Trinity has to offer and I know we are going to be chasing after her at every turn! I am looking forward to making memories with her, escaping the heat on the lake and being unplugged.

Since this is where David spent a lot of his childhood (his family has gone for over 25 years!) here it holds a special place in both of our hearts. Getting to see Presley share the tradition and memories makes it all the more sweet. Last time we came up P was only 10 months old and still immobile!

I've put together a list of things that while are not necessities - fun for toddlers and parents to have on hand. Now granted this is not tent camping - we have a little cabin. But still every other part of the experience is much the same! These are some things we are bringing along on our trip! What would you add as a "can't leave at home" item?