Leave her Wild


I have been waiting for you. Not in a waiting sort of way, but in the I knew you would be here one day. This day is so far into the future but with anything that needs a lot of thought (and trust me who you marry requires a lot of thought) I have started thinking of you now. Long before my daughter actually will.

You see this girl you love we created from the very cells within us. As I am sure you know how babies come to be. She blossomed out of our relationship and is a tangible product of our love. She is our "I love you" personified.

When I look at her I see my husband's trusting brown eyes. I see her fierce determination to accomplish new skills and the joy that erupts on her face like fireworks when she does. While she holds so much of ourselves in her, she is also so assuredly her own self. So when it comes to pledging forever, this is what I ask of you:

Listen to her

When she gets a gleam in her eye or starts talking really fast about something. Listen. It excites her. Manifest her energy into your own. When she is sad or frustrated. Listen to her silence. Be a hand on the small of her back and outstretched arms to collapse into.

Engage with her

Does she love adventures? Plan trips and get lost together. Be present and engaging in her passions and in return she will do the same. Does something in your day remind you of her? Tell her. Remind her that day in and day out you choose her.

Dream with her

Dream with her. BIG. Let it scare you. Work hard for what you want and the success will follow. Nothing worth having comes without determination and hard work. Become supports to one another in struggles and cheerleaders in accomplishments.

Laugh with her

Embrace the silly. Let your ribs ache often. Dance when there is no music. Giggle in quiet rooms. Reach for her hand when your heart is so full it feels like it will burst. Kiss her. 

Advise her but let her make her own choices. Support her, cry with her, create with her. Be someone she can always talk to, lean on or tell a secret to. Be her anchor when times get tough, her sails when she needs protection and her compass when she needs guidance. Respect her, admire her and appreciate her. Tell her she is the most beautiful girl in the room.

Above all else love her like we do, without reserve, without hesitation, exactly as she is.

Love her but leave her wild.


Faux Leather Jacket Roundup

With an upcoming blogger girls weekend in Napa with Steph, Cait & Tash I have been on the hunt trying to find the perfect black faux leather jacket. After ordering a real leather jacket on eBay that was a major fail (luckily was also 100% returnable) I decided vegan/faux leather was better for me anyways. So if you're searching here are some that I found and liked.

Jack by BB Dakota Rizzo Jacket
I discovered this jacket after I purchased another one and was bummed when it was out of stock in my size. And true to form with anything I like, I stalked the hell out of it until I saw it was available for preorder. I love so much about this jacket but mostly the draping in front and the price! This one just may be too good to be true.

Topshop Polly Faux Leather Jacket
This is the initial jacket I ordered but I am not certain I am going to love it. This to me has more edge and also a lot more going on. However it has such awesome reviews I thought it would be a good one to start with.

BB Dakota Arianna Faux Leather Jacket
I have this jacket in dark brown from a couple of years ago and for the price point I think it's pretty nice. It's a thin jacket and much more for style than warmth.

Dex Long Sleeve Faux Leather Jacket
This has more of a biker look but I like the structure of the jacket. It also comes with a removable fur collar. Get 35% off one item until tomorrow (2/4/16) with code ONELOVE.
BlankNYC Faux Leather Jacket
One of my good friends has this jacket and I love the way it looks on her. It hugs in all the right places and always ups the trend factor in her outfits.
What are your thoughts on faux leather? Yes or Yuck?


The Bachelor & The Babbler

I have read some parenting books and downloaded some apps in my time as a mom. But how on earth did I skip the 18 month sleep regression part? We have always put P to bed anywhere from 8-9pm and she usually has gone down relatively easy. Until now...she goes in her crib at 8 and parties in there until past 11! While I know this is just a phase it's throwing me for a loop, especially because I had no idea it was on its way.

While P babbles in her crib I am watching The Bachelor and cringing equally over Jubilee and Olivia. Yikes - women like this should not go on television. On a related but unrelated note the jacket Olivia is wearing when she gets the rose is this one. I know this because I have been searching for the perfect black faux leather jacket for weeks now. I have this one on it's way to me but I have a feeling it may be too "bikerish" for me. I'll try it out and report back.

Is it Friday yet?

No but it is 10:04 and my daughter is wide awake....it's going to be a long night. I also just realized it's groundhog day and the meaning is not lost on me.
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