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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks


I know that this post has been overdone by everyone but there are just some amazing things from the Nordstrom anniversary sale that are worth posting about! Happy shopping!

Hinge Over the Knee Boot

Zella Leggings

(Don't knock it these are awesome!)

Giraffe at Home Large Throw
 Hopefully you already snagged a pair of the coveted Kendra Scott earrings, I did in orange and like a dummy sent it to my office! So I am excited to see them this Friday since my sister is picking them up for me. Hope you all are having a great week!

Wedding Bells


Only on maternity leave one day and already slacking in the blogworld! This weekend I attended the wedding of a dear friend, Whitney, who at just 31 found out she was battling breast cancer (three months before her wedding). It was a very scary time but the best case of a terrible scenario. They determined she was stage one and she opted to have a mastectomy, due to the tumors size, she felt it was the best option. I am SO HAPPY to say that she is now 100% cancer free! Her attitude and disposition towards it all is truly inspiring. I was so happy to attend her big day and dance my pregnant self away until one in the morning. I love you Whitney, cheers to a lifetime of making memories! xoxo

35 weeks


How far along: 35 weeks, 4 days
Mini is the size of a: large cantaloupe (19-22 in. 5.5 lbs.)
Maternity Clothes: For the most part
Stretch Marks: Still holding off
Sleep: Nightly pee breaks and that damn SPD can see its way off any day now!
Symptoms: tired, slow, braxton hicks have begun (which is a small reminder of how great it has been to not have a period for over 9 months!)
Best Moment of the Week: Can I plan ahead and say last day of work until 2015!
Movement: I am getting more rolls and less kicks and jabs. She is confirmed head down and quickly running out of space.
Cravings: Nothing new this week - but in 4 short weeks I can eat sunny side up eggs!!
Gender: Let's hope she stayed a girl, otherwise baby is going to be in pink for a looooong time.
Belly Button In or Out: In and flat
Wedding Ring on or Off: On!
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nope
What I Miss: My husband who is away on a business trip - but he comes home this evening!
What I am Looking Forward to: My first day of Maternity Leave. So much to do!! I have some stores to exchange items at and lots of tiny clothing to be washed!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks but that's about it - baby is not breech and most likely going to stay in the correct position so that is great news!
Nursery: Almost, almost there! Need to hang the mobile & artwork. David is almost done with the ladder. Then I will do a reveal!
Emotions: Happy and excited with a touch of anxious and terrified! <3

We Interrupt this Blog...


Pardon the blog interruption - the nursery was getting a facelift last night. See ya tomorrow! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

You want me to do WHAT with that?

I had little P's room so organized before my last two showers and then literally I was hit with a cyclone of gifts (not that we are complaining over here). I have to laugh as to some gifts I received my sisters and other mother friends thought were hilarious and or unnecessary. For my mom blog readers do you agree or disagree?

NoseFrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator
Just like the photo shows you use your own mouth to help loosen the snot out of your baby. Granted there is a filter (and long tube) but most people thought this was absolutely disgusting. In fact my sisters want me to FaceTime with them the first time I do it. However this gets a 5 out of 5 rating on most websites so there has to be some magic to it!

Little Giraffe Satin Trim Blanky
I didn't register for any of these but I was wondering if I need them? As a self professed blanket hoarder Presley already has quite the collection of her own blankets. Are "loveys" necessary as well?

Medela Easy Expression Bustier Pumping Bra

When I received this I was actually pumped (pun intended!) because I knew it would come in handy. When David saw it he looked mystified/mortified and said "look it's you blogging!" - in reference to the above photo. The best comment....when my mom commented it could be my Halloween costume. Um excuse me...what? Unless I am trying to be Regina George.
Once I start maternity leave next week I plan on picking up some last minute things that we didn't receive - which to be honest is not a whole lot! All I really need is bottles, lanolin and diapers! I also have a TON of little clothes to wash - it may be my favorite batch of laundry to date!