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Three Months 11.20.14


Oh my sweet baby you are just growing up way too fast. Here is all that is fun and exciting.

You got to see the San Francisco Giants win their third World Series - I even woke you up to watch the 9th inning. 
We had very special visitors come see us. The family that I took care of in college and are so very special to me came to meet you. 
You have started to track things with your eyes and have taken special interest in the mobile on your mamaroo. 
We prepared for your first flight to Southern California to visit your auntie and cousins. You were a champ on the flight and that made things pretty easy for mama!
Pretty sure all the boys are equally obsessed with you. 
We made up for not having a Halloween costume by borrowing one from your cousin, Aidan, when he was a baby. 
You also discovered your hands this month and love to put them in your mouth. 
Along with your first flight you got your first cold. So we have been using the humidifier and nose frieda to help clear your congestion. The nose frieda is creepy but helpful!
You're getting bigger and bigger and starting to grow out of your 0-3 month clothing. 
We love you sweet P, happy three months!
Xoxo mama

(and after seeing this post I vow to use my real camera more next month!)

Presley's Christmas Wish List


Presley's Christmas Wish List

carry home dollhouse // heart onesie // colorblock onesie // sweatshirt // moccasins
chow chow plush // teething ring // book // kick and play piano

Next week is Thanksgiving and I am already behind on my holiday shopping. This year we are only buying for the kids which does make things a lot easier! Since Presley will only be four months old this Christmas we will be doing it pretty low key. December 31st marks my first day back at work and I am just so sad about it. So cliche but where has time gone?

I am so excited to take some holiday photos (which the rain bumped to next week) and Presley's first photo with Santa Clause should be pretty comical.  If Presley could talk I am sure she would wish for any of the items above!

Life Lately


Ahh it's good to be back to this little white space. I decided to stay in southern California for five extra days because my sister and I were just having too much fun. Presley was so good and that made things much easier.
She was a trooper on the plane rides and slept or cooed for the majority of time. On the flight over my hands were swabbed and set off the alarm so unwrapping P from my Solly wrap was a pain in the arse! On the flight home she was a champ and as I was waiting for my luggage I heard her toot a bunch of times. I chalked it up to gas and didn't think twice about it.

Well when David picked us up I was unwrapping her to discover she blew out of her diaper, into her onesie and onto the wrap...lovely. I am just so happy it wasn't on the plane! Other than that flying with a toddler was a cinch. (To be noted my sister had a stroller and carseat for me so I didn't have to travel with any of that.)

I snagged some awesome things while on my mini vacation

Sam Edelman 'Louie' Bootie
A super cute jacket from Zara which I can't find online - but oh goodness did I find so much other cute stuff there! But I was good and stopped at the jacket and bought Presley a shirt and some tights.

Presley made out at the Nordstrom Rack "Clear the Racks" event. I got her all stocked up with my favorite brands including Peek and Tea. This item also made its way to us

Tucker + Tate Embroidered Jersey Poncho
This girl will never want for anything I tell ya! In addition to this I found the most ADORABLE outfit for our holiday cards for her and a pretty cute shirt for me! Finally! Now let's just hope it doesn't rain on Thursday!

And just for fun...
True Life: I cloned my husband

Thoughts for Thursday


Hey guys! I am still on vacation visiting my sister but Stephanie and I are subbing in for Annie and Natalie while they are both on a mini hiatus. So I hope you join us and link up!

+ First I want to say that I am using my sisters Mac and hello, I think I have fallen in love. Right now David and I share a laptop but I am thinking mama needs an upgrade. Especially for my photo editing. Maybe that will force me to learn how to use my camera better?

+ I was supposed to fly back home yesterday but my sister and I are having so much fun I decided to extend my trip. Ahh the benefits of still being on maternity leave. It's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend in Southern California so I am going to make sure Presley and I soak up the last of summer rays we will be getting for awhile. I really love California because this girl does not do the words : polar vortex

+ We are taking family photos next Thursday and I am struggling in finding something cute to wear! For me and Presley. These are current contenders for Presley's outfit depending on mine.

Festive Cord Bow Dress

+ We also went to Nordstrom Rack and I scored on SO MUCH adorable clothing for Presley and each item was easily under $10. Let's hope my suitcase doesn't weigh over 50 lbs. when I fly home. Considering when I flew here it was 49 lbs. even I am thinking my chances are slim...

I'll see you guys next week and I will be sharing my haul, which also includes an amazing Zara jacket!

We're Off!


Today Presley and I are headed out on our first solo flight. Not going to lie I am a wee bit nervous to be going by myself. What is helpful is that I am flying to see my sister and she has a car seat and stroller all ready for me. So I don't have to bring any of my gear which hopefully will make life easier.

With that being said I am taking a little blog hiatus until mid next week! So I will leave you with this smiling face!

Have a great week!