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More Than One


When I came home from the hospital I said
"There would be only one". 
I couldn't imagine being pregnant again. 
"There will be only one"
I couldn't imagine the searing pain of contractions racking my body again. 
"There will be only one"
The blown vein, the epidural, the pushing.
"There will be only one"
The breastfeeding, the pain, the engorgement. 
"There will be only one"
Those nights where you are so tired you can't remember what sleep is. 
"There will be only one"

But then...

The kicks
The hiccups
The ultrasounds 

Your body does this amazing thing. 
It forgets.
It replaces all those painful, tender, raw moments with gummy smiles, coos and heart bursting giggles.

And as hard as the newborn stage is...I think it's even harder to think 
"There will be only one"

This is the hardest job in the world but easily the best I have ever had. 


"There will be only two"

Two Months 10.20.14


Yesterday Presley hit the two month mark which meant a lot of changes from that squirmy little newborn.
You are clocking in at 11 lbs. 4 oz. meaning you have gained exactly 3 pounds since you were 2 weeks old. Funny to think I was the mama SOBBING to an advice nurse that I thought I was starving you since my milk hadn't come in yet (came in on day 5). Looks like we are doing just fine!
You measure a long 23.5 inches please slow down on the growth, I am so not ready to put away your 0-3 month clothing yet!

With a two month check up also means two month shots. YUCK! It broke my heart to hear you in so much pain that I immediately started crying. My poor baby, I wished so bad I could have taken them for you.

When you came home you had a good sleep but then woke up very unhappy. You could tell your little legs were sore from the vaccinations. (Two in each thigh) So along with your shots you got your first round of real medicine, .08 mL of infant Tylenol. You didn't eat much all day and preferred to be snuggled.
Hopefully you wake up your normal happy self. As this is how you usually greet me most mornings.
We got to meet your future BFF, Lucy. We are so excited for playdates! Seeing little Lucy made me realize just how big you have already gotten.
We took a trip up to Auburn to visit your nona and grandpa. You were a champ in the car and slept most of the two hour drive. You really enjoyed napping outdoors being held.
Finn photobomb while you nap with nona.
You went to your first pumpkin patch but you won't remember much - you slept through the entire trip!
You get to see your baseball team go to the World Series for the third time in five years. Pretty exciting stuff, Let's Go Giants!!
You coo, you smile back and you love anything black and white. You can track toys with your eyes and are beginning to like the activity mat. The more time I spend with you the more I question how I am ever going to leave you and return to work. You're such a happy baby and you bring us such joy. I am still waiting for the day you decide to sleep until the morning. Right now our routine is down between 7 and 8pm. Up between 11-12am. Up again at 4am, pulled into mom and dad's bed at 6am and sleep until 9. Not horrible, but not awesome - any advice to get her sleeping in longer stretches?

pPs...we love you!


Shh Pumpkin Sleeping


I took Presley to the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Patch last week with my mom while David was at work. We met up with Presley's boyfriend, Thomas, and decided to sleep through the whole adventure. Needless to say, we will be back with dad and hopefully a little more alert!

We have to go back...we didn't even come home with a pumpkin!

Five on Friday


1. I blogged everyday this week...I am impressed with myself. Now that Presley has somewhat of a bedtime I can actually do things again! So blogging and reading blogs has slowly started to go back to normal. Although I still allow myself to soak up those moments when she decides to fall asleep on me instead.
2. It cracks me up that a popular way people find my blog is by typing in "Brandon Crawford Wife" all because of this post. Not only do I show up, but the photo is on the first page! Too funny! Let's Go Giants!!

3. I am really into baby wearing as it seems the easiest way to calm Presley rather quickly. I just ordered a Solly Baby Wrap after hearing so many bloggers loving on it. If you read yesterday's post you know it took me about an hour to decide on a color. I went with ox blood for the fall and I am pretty excited to get it in the mail!

4. If you follow me on Instagram you know my favorite thing to post is Presley and Finn photos. I seriously can't get enough of them. Honestly I have never loved him more, he is the best dog ever.

Happy to be back joining the gals of Five on Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

Stocking Indecision


My husband claims I am super indecisive and the only thing I can ever make my mind up about is breakfast (sunny side up duh!). For the most part he is right, especially when it comes to the following:

- What to wear
- What to eat for dinner
- Deciding what color/style I want something in

You all know my plague with dinner and having nothing to wear is every girls issue. However I sit so long in front of something just deciding which color to purchase. I am not one of those people who buy the same thing in multiple colors either. Which makes my color indecision all the more difficult.

This is a serious first world problem - I am aware. I also am aware that discussing Christmas stockings in the middle of October is just rude. Apologies on both fronts.

So help a girl decide...

Presley's Christmas Stocking

My issue : Me, David and Finn all have these ones
Which I am totally over but I am not going to go buy and monogram all new ones (this year at least). So logically I should get P a matching one right?

But I also like this one
and this one (which benefits St. Jude's!)
and this one
and my favorite is this one - except that I can't monogram it!! So that's out!

These are all from Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids, have any other suggestions of sites to visit? You know...just to narrow down my options.