Toddler Birthday Exchange

I was recently approached by Elizabeth over at Chasin' Mason to participate in a blogger toddler birthday exchange! What fun! Even though a huge part of me is in total denial that I am soon to have a toddler! We were paired up with Natasha from Schue Love! So most of you don't know but Natasha and I are actually friends pre blog - in fact she is the sole reason I started my blog! So while I have the benefit of knowing this sweet mama in real life it's been way too long since we have seen one another :(

(I was going to post an old photo of us but I deemed all of them too hideous! haha sorry tash!)

Presley loves her gifts she received from the Schue Crew - bright colors, squishable and she can bang them around. Plus one of them I am pretty sure can also go in the bathtub!
As soon as I put that last one together she is ripping every piece out so I was trying to be quick with the photos.

Thank you guys for the early birthday gift! We love it!!

We got to give sweet Lily her gift, head on over to Tickled Pink to check it out!

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If you need us we will be swimming in a river trying to cool down! See you next week hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!


Hair today, Gone tomorrow

The other day I found myself muttering under my breath once again "damn dog hair". It's literally everywhere. Balled into the carpet, clinging onto my coat, hanging from my daughter's clothes- I swear sometimes I think it's everywhere but the dog.

But then one look at him and it's definitely all over him too. Another reminder that it will likely shed somewhere near me in the near future. It blows around like tumbleweeds in our house, despite our best efforts to vacuum and pluck it up with our hands. It's constant.

That ball of hair has grown with us over the past five years. From a tiny puffball to full on lion's mane its always been with us. I can recall times watching it swirl through the air when we have the music turned up and his head is hanging out the window. A smile so wide you don't mind the drool cascading down the side of the car. You never do forget the sight of that big black tongue flapping in the wind, pure joy radiating on his face.

I remember the way his hair matted when we first took him to the ocean. Salt, sand and dog hair. We would meticulously lay down a towel in the backseat in hopes to avoid having it spread further. Inevitably every single time he would manage to crawl his 70 lb. frame into my lap into the passenger seat. He was a dirty boy (not to mention smelly) but he was incredibly happy and I was happy we owned a washing machine.
I remember when I was pregnant how he would take his head and lay it on my belly. Getting to know P by sound before sight. When I lent out my maternity clothes to a friend I made sure to say "Hope you enjoy the clothes! The dog hair comes as a free accessory!"

I can't tell you how many times I have attempted to find the stray strand of hair that has worked its way between my mascara. How many times I have had to inspect a pacifier to make sure nothing was clinging to it. Sit on the floor in black yoga pants...forget about it.

One day however

it will no longer surround us

I will not get to see it dance around as I drive with all the windows down. I will not get to see it in the grips of my baby girl's hands. I will not take it to work with me everyday, the strands that were too stubborn to be corralled by the lint roller.

And oh how I will miss it so.

So for all the years you give us (please say it's a lot), we will embrace it, we will love you and we will invest in a really great vacuum.


So Shady

We are getting ready for our annual Trinity trip but this is the first year that P is coming along (well outside of the womb that is!) Oh the packing! I have been mentally making a checklist of all the things we need to bring along for this incredibly small human and it's so much! In addition to me and making sure David is all set since he is still on crutches.
Sadly I think my absolute favorite sunglasses have disappeared...it was a good run. I had them since before I got married. :( So that is top on my list of what to pack (priorities right?). I usually spend a good amount on my shades because I wind up keeping them for years. These are a few I am coveting:

Von Zipper Glasses

Ray Ban
Looking at all these makes me want to look harder to find my old pair! I bet they are around here somewhere...


Can't Live Without It: Father's Day Gift Ideas

If your husband or dad is anything like mine you would know that men are super difficult to shop for. So I have tried to round up a few last minute gift ideas that I think any dad would love.

I don't know about you but I tend to last minute shop so looks like I better get a move on it!
You're turn! Link up with Stephanie, Caitlin and myself to tell us what your can't live without it items are! Grab the button and connect below!