Friday is here and I am oh so happy. After getting a stomach bug earlier this week (seriously no freaking bueno) I am ready for some rest. I didn't allow myself to schedule photos this weekend - something I need to do a lot more of - and love the idea of a weekend with no plans. Remind me of that when I am bored on Saturday at noon.

It's been raging hot here and any excuse to find myself submerged in water is where I prefer to be. However I can only get so submerged in a kiddie pool - ya know what I am saying? #sadbuttrue
I have a super fun blog post running on Monday to kick off August and I'll give you a little hint. coupon codes. So that's all you get from me now, be sure to tune back in Monday so you can get your shop on! Have a great weekend!!

Well hello there!!

I'm here and alive just having a serious summertime lag. Make sure to check back here Monday, August 1st where I have a seriously AWESOME post that everyone will love!! I assure you it will be worth my absence that no one has noticed ;)


Tried & True Toddler Gifts

With P's 2nd birthday in a month family and friends are beginning to ask me what P would like for her birthday. As a mama who doesn't want one more toy - because she has about 800 she doesn't play with - these are all presents that are actually useful and will get a ton of use. So please put down that stuffed animal and try this list out for any toddler in your life instead!

There are smaller boxes of chalk but at $4.99 you can't really go wrong with 48 different colors. P can play with chalk forever and it's always nice to have some spare pieces laying around. It also keeps her from using her crayons all over the wall. Win for P, win for mom.

We discovered these after P swiped it from our friends house and was instantly hooked. What is so great about it is you fill the brush with water and "paint" the pictures. Once the water dries you can color the picture all over again. I especially like to get these for plane flights!

Oh I can still remember these as a child! P is loving stickers lately and these are a great option to make sure they don't stick anywhere you don't want them too. Like the inside of a car window....I never understand those people.

P is adamant that she holds her own bubble bottle and without fail every single time it's all over the ground and her shirt in minutes. We have the larger version of this but the mini one is where it's at. Also bubble solution is always a good gift!

Bath time is a favorite in our household and getting to add a nicely scented, fun bubble bar to the water makes everyone happy. I love these big round ones because you can cut them into pieces for multiple baths. Plus I can use it if I want too also!

Same concept as Colorforms (minus the childhood nostalgia) I know my little lady would squeal over this present. I like that it's contained in one book too, great for traveling.

I love to shop small and do a lot of my purchases on Etsy from hair bows to outfits. This would be a unique and fun option for any toddler mom! Plus fun to see what they would pick out since the options are endless!

Tell me what are your favorite gifts to give and get for toddlers?

99 problems

To quote David recently he told me that I need to stop "living like a rapper" and start saving a little more. Okay, I am the first to admit that the amount of packages that have been arriving at  home  work is a bit obscene. However in my defense I have P's second birthday coming up and two vacations to plan for.

That means I have to shop right? I even scored her a kitchen that I'll be gifting her on Christmas during Prime Day - which I don't think I got anything special for it being Prime Day but it made me feel better about the whole transaction. Originally it was her birthday present but then I thought it would be way more fun to see her see it on Christmas morning. So now it can sit in our garage and collect dust for 5 more months.


In other un earth shattering news this child of mine is yet again testing me with her sleep patterns. She is a night owl (much like myself so I can't really blame her) but I get so frustrated when I can't come home at the end of the day and have a nice predictable routine. It makes me grumpy and want to retreat to the bathtub with an entire bottle of rose. Most of my friends tell me their 2 year olds are in bed between 7-8pm. Meanwhile mine is pitching a shit fit still at 10:14pm.

HAAAAAALP. The problem is she still needs a nap so eliminating it won't help and I am just at a loss. Pass the bottle please.
Also I feel like I need to give everyone a (non-sponsored or affiliated) PSA about a non cartoony/ tacky set of puddle jumpers I found. Because even though the ones on the packaging look plain the ones they sell in the store are all not. However I found this one online and it's low profile. I dig it. Sorry boy mama's looks like stripes are all gone in blue.

I am eagerly counting down the days until our vacation even if it means trying to purchase a bathing suit that can lasso in the upper half of my body. Cause that's always fun...

10:27 and still crying - be kind to me Tuesday!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Toddler Picks

I shared all my women's picks yesterday but we all know my favorite section to shop is children's! Here are some of my anniversary picks for the littlest people in our life!

Tucker & Tate Faux Fur Vest
Little Giraffe Blanket - Hands down my favorite blanket ever. I even have an adult version, this makes an excellent baby shower gift.
Patagonia Sweater Down Jacket - Sure it's spendy for a jacket for a toddler but you can easily resell it on eBay or similar sites for $40 and up once your child outgrows it. We have one for P and I like knowing that she is toasty warm!
Hot Dog Graphic Tee - I mean it has a dog on it, you know I love it

Elvis Tee - oh I so wish this came in smaller sizes because P would totally be rocking it. (No she is not named after him)
Tucker & Tate Bear Pajamas 

Don't Feed the Bears Tee
Wildfox Sweatshirt
RVCA Mirrored Shirt - If I had a little boy he would absolutely rock this shirt
Maxi-Cosi Car seat - We used this seat with P as an infant and I am loving the herringbone print!

Shark Vans
Tea Collection Floral Romper - If this came in larger sizes it would have been carted already.
Tucker & Tate "Kitty Socks" - You can never have enough socks!
Tucker & Tate Sleepshirt - okay this is just too cute!
Mini Melissa Ultra Girl - I love these shoes because they smell like candy! They run small however so take that into consideration!
All that web browsing has me spent (pun intended)! Tell me did you snag anything good from the Anniversary Sale before it opens to the masses?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Women's Picks

Alright you know I have to share all my favorites for the Nordstrom anniversary sale! Nordstrom is far and wide my favorite place to shop, great customer service, free sending and return shipping and best of all letting you pre-shop fall items. Here are some things I am loving lately!

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan - I love a versatile piece that you can wear out and about and also at home. Plus if you are familiar with Barefoot Dreams you know the material is crazy soft.

Rag & Bone Slim Boyfriend Jeans - These are tempting me BIG time. I am a huge fan of Rag & Bone denim and while it does cost most than your average pair of Levi's I think it's worth it. Ratio to wear people!

Drybar Beach in a Box - I have the stylewinder and love it and think this is a great kit for the value!

Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket - David got me this jacket as a Christmas gift last year and I love it. It's so warm and I can easily squish it into travel bags. It's an investment but more like a you buy it once and then never have to again.
Levi's Cowl Neck Faux Leather Jacket - Looks expensive without the expensive price tag!

Thorlo Experia Socks - My sister in law is a runner and she swears by these socks because of the extra padding at the heel and toe. I'll have to take her word for it ;)
Zella Live In Crop Leggings - I am not a leggings girl persay (ripped jeans anyday!) but these remind me of the ocean and I think I could "live in" these just fine.
Madewell Fleet Jacket - This jacket never goes on sale at Madewell so it's a perfect time to swoop it up.
Vince Camuto Drape Front Cotton Parka - This reminds me of the ALL SAINTS sweater that I love but in jacket version.

Beauty Blender Set - Just one beauty blender costs $20 so this set of two plus a sponge & brush cleaner is a deal.
Rosie Inflatable Pool Float - If over the top pool floats are your thing than this two seater rose gold flamingo is calling your name.
Plaid Oversize Scarf - Can't you just imagine all the red cup selfies with this number?
Ballet Flat - I am a habitual wearer of flats to work (#old) and in dire need of replacing my tan ones.
There you have it for the women's, I'll be back tomorrow with my favorite section to shop - toddlers!

Loving Lately: Toddler Girl OOTD

Sometimes I think the internet is plotting against me to see how much money I can dole out and how fast. Prime Day, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (starts tomorrow!) and who knows what else is about to tempt me to burn holes in my pockets. I've been naughty but have made purchases that P actually needs (okay, okay and some that she doesn't) but with her upcoming birthday and her feet growing faster than I can keep up with I have to stock up while things are on sale! So here are some things I am loving toddler status.

Peek Carnival Dress - a tip about Peek their clothes always, always, ALWAYS go on sale (usually 40-50% marked down) don't be a fool and pay full price. Just add it to your wish list and keep checking back on it.

Floral crop top

United Foods of America Tank

Splendid Floral Two Piece

Native Shoes
Checkered Romper



I know people are all about the threenager stage these days but I am already fearing two. Oh man my sweet little precocious child has turned into a body throwing, temper tantrum throwing little crazy person.  She stays up so late at night that I hardly am finding time to do anything these days. I need a warm bath, bath bomb & a grayhound stat.

I feel like she is also mere moments away from learning how to climb out of her crib. When that day comes I am just going to give up and surrender to my new boss...Presley. I am beginning to think Hawaii with a two year old was one of my crazier ideas...


Loving Lately: Toddler Girl Swimsuits

The problem with planning vacations is then the desire to have a bunch a new stuff for said vacation. While I am trying to discover a swimsuit that will make me thinner it's been way more fun buying them for P. Here is a little roundup of some toddler suits I am loving lately. If only rocking a belly in your thirties was as cute as when you're a toddler!


Life Lately

I know I am not the only one that blogging is getting away from lately. I blame the lure of warm summer nights and trying to soak in every fleeting moment. A lot has happened since I've went mia, two of which include an upcoming trip to Maui and David saving two people drowning in the lake. Obviously the latter being way more important.

He saw a dad struggling to hold his daughter up who slipped off her raft and the next thing you know he is jumping in and dragging them both to shore. It was the scariest and hottest thing I have ever seen. Luckily everyone was okay and we all learned an important lesson that day. Seeing a grown man weep into David's arm is an image I won't soon forget.

If your child is not a confident swimmer PLEASE put flotation devices on them (as in they cannot remove them). Drowning can happen in seconds and I am so grateful that he was in the right place at the right time. Water safety is not anything anyone should take lightly. If your child does go under the water but you are able to get to them please be on the lookout of signs of Secondary Drowning, as it too can be just as dangerous if not deadly.

Scary situations aside this is a photo dump of our life over the past week. We've logged a lot of pool time, decided to celebrate P turning 2 in Maui and I've already began buying clothes for our tropical getaway. (Oh how I wish my clothes could all be that small!)