Loving Lately: Toddler Girl Swimsuits

The problem with planning vacations is then the desire to have a bunch a new stuff for said vacation. While I am trying to discover a swimsuit that will make me thinner it's been way more fun buying them for P. Here is a little roundup of some toddler suits I am loving lately. If only rocking a belly in your thirties was as cute as when you're a toddler!


  1. Toddler swimsuits are my FAVE!!!!! Waverly would love the purple one!

  2. Cute picks! We have the white version of the coral one (and I have a matching top) and the purple one is one of Ashlynn's favorites, I love the eyelet too.

  3. These are all adorable!! I hear ya, I always get sucked into buying all the things before vacation. Doesn't always go over so well with the hubby! Lol


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