Trinity Prep

We are gearing up for our annual trip to the Trinity Alps and the to do list seems never ending. Why do tiny people need so much stuff?! This is the first year that P will really get to enjoy all that Trinity has to offer and I know we are going to be chasing after her at every turn! I am looking forward to making memories with her, escaping the heat on the lake and being unplugged.

Since this is where David spent a lot of his childhood (his family has gone for over 25 years!) here it holds a special place in both of our hearts. Getting to see Presley share the tradition and memories makes it all the more sweet. Last time we came up P was only 10 months old and still immobile!

I've put together a list of things that while are not necessities - fun for toddlers and parents to have on hand. Now granted this is not tent camping - we have a little cabin. But still every other part of the experience is much the same! These are some things we are bringing along on our trip! What would you add as a "can't leave at home" item?


Fourth of July Prep

Every year for the fourth we head up to the mountains (aka the land of no cell/internet service) and I love getting fun stuff to celebrate the fourth all week. Target dollar spot you have my heart! So if you're staying local or headed out of town I've rounded up some cute fourth of July swagger! Matching mama and mini style <3


Let Me Take the Picture

Here is the thing about photographs. They stand to serve as a memory. A moment in time forever still in a frame. While it is so true that mother's need to be in the frame more it's also wildly true about fathers. Those all too important men filling a very real role in raising these tiny humans.

As a photographer, I get it more than most that the majority of men aren't keen on photographs. I see it when a husband grimaces during a family shoot and I remember it when my husband was whispering "I'm so ****ing hungry" into my ear during our engagement shoot. I get it, truly I do. But hear me out.

Let us take the picture. Let us tote our heavy camera around, chasing light while you chase our children. Let us grab it when we see a moment that is so special we want to keep its memory close by. It's so much more than a picture. It's your laugh lines, your strong hands. It's the way our children's little legs rest against your ever trusting shoulders. Their love so abundant you can see it beaming out of their tiny smiles. Their face like your face.

Let us hire professionals so we can look back on these days alongside our growing family. In what will feel like the blink of an eye. Our children will grow and we will yearn for the days of long summer nights in the backyard, adventure walks & even the mundane day to day. We will look back on these memories, hung on walls, saved in our phone, resting in frames. Our beautiful family.

I want to take these photographs to remember you. Just as you are in this moment.

Let me take the picture.


Nights like these

One of my favorite things about summer is how much daylight we get. I can come home from work and we are able to squeeze in an adventure as we like to call it around here. We ventured onto one of the nature trails about a ten minute drive from our house hoping for some good puddle jumping. David laughed at me that I wore flip flops and of course about 20 steps into our quest I slipped and fell and tore my knee up pretty bad. I guess that's what I get for wearing holy jeans and flip flops!

We trekked into the forest where I continued to get eaten alive by mosquitos - oh did I mention I am allergic? What can I say, I am a sucker for pretty locations and gorgeous light. So onward we went, P in her little yellow rain boots (beyond adorable) trudging along without complaint. On the way back to the car David spotted an area we could access the creek so we went down to get some "muddy puddle" jumping action in. (Kudos if you get the Peppa Pig reference)

'twas a good summer night.



Life Lately

Can I squeeze a post in before midnight and make amends with the month of May? I've been seriously lagging on posts and it makes me so sad as I love this space so very much. I'm making a promise to be better to myself in the upcoming months but also zero pressure. This space always has been and always will be fun.

That being said May was pretty good to us and we logged a lot of family time. Mostly because I didn't allow myself to photograph any families but my own for the last three weeks of it. It was just the break I needed to get excited to dive into my very busy summer and fall schedule. I took a class, scouted some new locations, and all in all am really excited to be back in the swing of things!

So here is life via the camera roll and why in May I mostly so quiet - I was out having fun!

swimsuit // flamingo pool (old purchased at Pottery Barn Kids outlet) // playhouse