Five on Friday

It's been awhile since I joined all the lovely hosts of five on friday so let's give it a whirl shall we?


These will be used somewhere in my house (most likely when Presley gets a big girl room) but seriously I want to put them everywhere. Apparently I am not alone in that since they are backordered until November.


The preview creeps me out but I know this is a movie I have to see. I love a good thriller and I hope this is as good as the preview makes it seem (even if I have to cover my eyes at some parts!)


One of my tenants occasionally has special guests come up and visit the staff. So I was pretty excited when I heard Gregor Blanco was in the building from my favorite San Francisco Giants! I can't wait to see the look on my nephews face when I show him that I got his autograph for him :)


I just bought this top coat by Essie and I hope it lives up to the hype. I hardy ever get manicures anymore. I used to go after work but now I rush home to my little lady. So if this works as promised I will be pretty pumped.


I hope these Apple rumors are true because I have been holding out on an upgrade for my iPhone. P accidentally dropped it into the pedicure water the day before her birthday and miraculously it didn't even glitch! I would have been bummed it I had to get a new phone right before they released a new one!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I am excited to get together with friends and meet a new baby girl addition to our group. One of my bridesmaids is moving to Okinawa, Japan with a baby that will be 8 weeks old. (Ah military life) So glad I will get to meet her before they leave!


Floral Hangover

Now that I no longer need to pin or plan things for P's floral first birthday I am feeling a flower void! Since I can't get my love of them out of my head these are just a few items I am crushing on. Do florals transition to fall? I am just not ready to say goodbye to them yet!

End of Summer...and it's all on SALE!

Summer is on its way out and fall is approaching which translates to my favorite time of year. Working in San Francisco the city is usually flooded with tourists in the summertime, but the best time to be here is September and October when we have our Indian Summer. Perfect temps, blue skies and way less people.

While I am not quite ready for summer to end (because commuting in rainy weather just plain old sucks!) these are some great sale picks if you're lucky enough to squeeze a little more than three months out of the season.

Someone plant me a money tree because I want it all!


Lake Tahoe Lovin'

This past weekend we spontaneously decided to make a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe. Friday after work we packed up our car and hoped P would sleep the majority of the ride...wishful thinking on that one! While we had a good time, it was a little more crowded than we remembered it to be. I think that it because we are used to meeting up with our friend, Natasha, and she and Ryan know where to take us away from all the tourists!

Regardless, we were excited to finally log some lake time and a stop at the in laws on the way home for dinner didn't hurt on Sunday evening. Broke the ride up, P got out some energy and we were able to crawl right into bed when we got home.
Until next time Tahoe <3


We had such a nice day yesterday celebrating our little one year old. We decided to take P to Tilden Park in the Berkeley hills which houses a carousal, a little farm and a steam train to ride on! Living in the Bay Area practically my whole life and I have never taken advantage of this park!

After a full day at Tilden we had dinner at a local restaurant, Pizza Antica, followed by a confetti shower and cake eating! It was a long day (and my camera skills were seriously OFF) but now my little one year old is blissfully snoozing away.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes for our sweet girl!
birthday banner - DIY
Birthday Hat - DIY
(I had purchased this during EGG's summer sale for less than half of the price!)
Cake - Homemade
Birthday Plate - Pottery Barn Kids (No Longer Available)



This time last year I was draped in a hospital gown anxiously awaiting an anesthesiologist. This year I am baking a cake. What a difference a year makes.

I love you beyond measure. Thank you for making me a mama <3

Happy Birthday sweet P!


From Baby to Toddler

Tonight I will rock my baby to sleep. In the morning I will be greeted by a toddler. A sweet, funny, mischievous one year old toddler. I will begin the process of weaning from our morning nursing sessions (the only one we have left) to milk. Part of me is overjoyed to leave this part behind while the other part of me so deeply mourns.

I will replace all the bottles with sippy cups, all the body suits with t-shirts and pack away more outgrown clothing.  We did it. We made it! A year went by with little sleep and hearts so full they could burst. In awe how a year can be so hard but at the same time so wonderful. You are our silver lining.

Even though technically you're a toddler tomorrow. You will always be my baby, now and for always.
I made this infographic by downloading a 30 day free trial of photoshop and then edited it in PicMonkey. I had it printed at a local Kinko's and I glued it onto a foam board! Super easy and inexpensive!

Floral First Birthday

You been hearing about it on this space of mine for months and the day came almost as quickly as it ended. I had so much fun planning and thinking of all things floral for P's big 1 and I think her birthday party was a great reflection of it. Flanked by friends and family (and thank goodness some shade) the party was a success.

It makes me so happy I did her birthday the weekend before her actual birthday (Aug. 20) because now I feel like I can take the day off with her and really enjoy it. No stress and nothing to plan. I tell ya party planning is no joke! I tried so very hard to narrow down my photos but below is a complete dump. If you would like to know where anything is from ping me in comments below. I hope you enjoy P's floral first birthday!

tassel garland - DIY
highchair garland - DIY
cupcake toppers - DIY
happy birthday banner - DIY
Year One Facts - DIY
Thank you tags - DIY
Rifle Paper Co. "ONE" - DIY
monthly banner - c/o Minted
painted floral pot - DIY
bloomers - 2nd outfit