DIY Children's Playhouse

I've been talking about P's new playhouse ad naseum so it's about time I declare it done and share it. Creating this special space for P has been a lot of fun and doing it together with my husband is a memory I won't soon forget. Our yard feels so nice to hang out in after work and P is just loving the new addition. She literally will run in there and just hang out - painting and playing.

A couple of things about the playhouse since I know you're likely curious! We purchased the playhouse off of Craigslist and on a wet and rainy day, I sent my husband and our friend Zack to pick it up. I should have known when they returned in fits of laughter that something was up. Well turns out the playhouse was rather large - much larger than I anticipated - as in we could stand up inside it!

So David had to do some modifications to it (removed the front porch) and added to the side instead. We painted the whole interior and exterior white (Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore) as well as created a dutch door. David even put a knob on it that he bought a long time ago in Anthropologie that he liked because it had abalone in it. Fairly certain he has never gone to Anthro with me again haha.We both aren't fans of the roof but it is functional (it's real!) so we decided not to mess with it. Finishing touch was its own little wind chime.

Lastly we need to add the window box back on and plant some flowers in it! Most sources are listed below but feel free to ask any questions!

pink polka dot tablecloth - this is great material because it can be wiped down!
lemon tablecloth (fabric purchased at Britex in SF)
curtains - DIY

Loving Lately

Whoopsie! Took an unintentional little break from this space. Client sessions are rolling full steam ahead and this poor little blog always gets the shaft when I am super busy. I plan on doing a full playhouse post this week once I remember to photograph the inside of it at the right time of day. I love the way it turned out so much and I think David is just so glad that I am done decorating it. What can I say? I like all the things!

I had mentioned that we recently sold our old patio set (good riddance!) and it has opened up our yard so much. I am looking forward to picking out some new budget friendly furniture for those upcoming warm summer nights. David has been tasked with making a propane fire table - that's my description of it - and I am excited to see when he comes up with.

Other than that we have been just hanging around enjoying our ever changing weather. One moment it feels on the verge of summer and the next thing you know it's pouring rain! P doesn't seem to mind much either way. We have a really fun photoshoot coming up this weekend that I am really excited about and can't wait to share them with you all here. Time for me to get a little pampered!

Since I have been out of the loop for a while here are some things I am loving lately for myself, P and even the hubby!

I discovered Stance socks when I was prepping for our Tahoe trip and they are so amazing. Loving these ones for P!

Stance Liberty Socks
H&M Embroidered Dress - I am slightly obsessed with this one and want to buy it just to be able to loan out to clients! It's so fun and different I just wish the price point was a little lower.

Whitney Print Top
Trapeze Dress
 Men's Graphic Tee (Have this one on my wishlist waiting for a sale!)
Family Pop-Up Shade - would love to have this for all our beach/park outings!
 Marisol Pillow - want!
Ora off the shoulder top

Louvre top - I love bell sleeves but especially in photographs. This would be a great top for a new mother doing newborn photos!
Sunbathe top - umm obsessed!
Privacy Please Fillmore Dress - great for a wedding!

Gah so many cute summer clothes my closet is in need of an overhaul!

The New Fort

The days are getting warmer and warmer and that means we are logging a lot of time in our backyard. We just planted our summer garden, sold our old patio set and are slowly finishing up the playhouse. Of course I ran out of paint when I literally had one thing left to paint. P absolutely loves the house and I love that I don't have to stress too much (let's be honest) about what a mess it turns into inside.

Thank goodness for Ultra Clean Washable Crayola everything! The final thing I really want to do to the playhouse is make the front door a dutch door. Looks like a need to nag kindly ask David a little harder to make that happen.

I also ordered this fun simple little play kitchen for inside of it - something if she destroys I could care less about. Although knowing me it will get a little DIY facelift. It will be sweet to watch her play pretend and whatever else she dreams up. Some snaps from the past week and apologies in advance that playhouse pics are going to dominate summer!

 swimsuit - bought last season

 top (last season, Crew & Lu), shoes


Room meets ocean

Full Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Minted. 
As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Happily Ever Parker.

David always jokes around with me that I take forever to decorate something. Which is mostly true when it comes to finding pieces of art that I really love. If it's going to hang on my walls for a long time I want to love it. While our bedroom has been neglected for the longest time, it's slowly coming together and feeling more and more like us.

It all started when I found this large wooden circle art at a high end patio store in my city. I know - so weird. But every time I saw it in the window I fell more and more in love. Handcrafted in Bali I loved knowing that I was truly getting a one of a kind piece of art. Once we had that piece in place I knew I wanted to incorporate more art but was having a hard time picking out something that I was equally obsessed with.

It's no secret that we are big fans of Minted over here. From wedding invitations to home decor there selection is always ever expanding. I knew that they would have just what I needed (and a lot of it!). When scrolling through the art selections I was able to narrow it down to what I wanted the most. Which in my case was colors and images that remind me of the ocean - our happy place.

Since I don't have any gallery walls in our house I wasn't too skilled at matching up items at first. In fact it took me almost a week to make my final selections. I would keep adding my items to my cart and seeing how they looked together that way. I am really happy with the pieces I picked for our room!

I chose to also have them matted and framed by Minted which made my life a lot easier once we received them in the mail. Exceptionally well packaged might I add! They truly do remind me of the ocean and my goal this year was make my bedroom feel more like a retreat. Goal achieved! 

Minted is turning nine this year and to celebrate they are offering 15% off site wide until April 3rd! It's the perfect time to score on invitations, art or any other item you have had your eye on lately!

So go buy something fun and tell me what you decide on!

Easter Finest


Because dressing up our littles (while they still let us) is just too fun! Hope these inspire some Easter outfits, I know as long as it twirls it gets the P seal of approval. 

Life Lately

Life has been a bit hectic around here to say the least. Between preschool tours, gaining an hour of sun and turning another year older we've been busy. Sharing some snaps from the past couple of weeks that are quickly some new favorites. This little curly haired girl is just my everything and although days as of late are filled with "no", "but I want it", "I don't like it" and such I still sneak in every night to just marvel at her little face.

 bubble wand (we got ours at Disneyland for a better price)

 tank dress is no longer available but made by Alice & Ames

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