Manly Man Gift Guide

If you have a significant other like mine, it's not always easy to guess what they may be asking for for Christmas. While I know any sort of flashlight remains high on his list - there are only so many flashlights I can buy ya know? So here is a gift guide for those manly men in your life (quite the polar opposite of my toddler girly girl gift guide!) When in doubt a new magazine subscription about something they love is always an awesome gift idea!


Toddler Wish List + awesome Cyber Monday deal!

When it comes to picking out presents for P it's actually fairly easy. She is a girl to a T (she throws a legit tantrum when you dress her in anything that is not considered a "princess dress") If it sparkles, lights up or twirls - she will most likely want it. So if you have a two year old girly girl you are going shopping for I hope you can draw some gift inspiration here!

I also feel the need to tell you about this amazing Cyber Monday deal that should not be ignored!

Pottery Barn Kids Play Vanity (yes I totally just snagged this for P!) Call into your store and purchase it to skip over $40 in shipping fees!
Okay I am officially shopped out - too bad I am still not done!


Wish List

It's that time of year where gift guides are a dime a dozen. That being said, I really do like seeing other people's wish list or ideas about what they are hoping to receive. Also let's be honest - it's a gift guide for David - just in case he needs help. :) Over the next couple of days I will be putting together some wish lists and if any of these items happen to appear under the tree - well then I will still believe in the magic of Santa Claus be in shock David reads my blog.

No. 97 camera strap // popover shirt // texturizing spray

Wishing you all the most wonderful Thanksgiving and spending time with your family <3




So incredibly fleeting.

We don't even realize times when we are creating memories until they have passed. Moments that seem so rote, so ordinary that we pay them no mind. We schedule photos to capture the moments, only to then stress.

"I just want one good one."

We worry about the details in those images. A bad hair day, an unflattering outfit choice, a runny nose, tear streaked face toddler. We stress when the images don't match the images in our mind. The ones we have created ourselves after perusing one too many images on Pinterest.

As mom's we likely criticize ourselves. Our belly still full from where we carried our babies, our laugh lines deeper, we're tired. In our mind we are likely trying to categorize all that's left to do in the day.

"You can Photoshop me right?"

Dad's might notice their hair graying, their sweater maybe fitting a little bit tighter. Maybe he is thinking about how it's close to dinner time. He's hungry. He rather be at home watching Monday Night Football.

"Are we almost done?"

I can assure you that all the non "perfect" moments will quickly become your favorite. You will notice how beautiful smile lines are, how your children have grown so fast. You will look back on images and miss people. Grateful to have them captured for just a moment in time. Grateful for the moments not looking into someone's lens but rather looking at one another.

You won't notice your hair, your imaginary ten extra pounds. You won't remember that your toddler was a mess that day, your husband won't remember he was hungry. Your fashion choices will no longer be on trend.

And to quote Dr. Suess, "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory."

Enjoy it.

(Photograph used with permission)


Life Lately

Tonight marks the last night little P will be sleeping in her crib. It's so incredibly bittersweet. This room that I dreamed about and decorated is now transitioning to something more grownup. Just reminding me that these moments, they all add up and they really are so incredibly fleeting. I can't wait to share more of her new space (when it all comes together one day!) These are just some pics of life lately!

We went to a friendsgiving that was so much fun (plus it was adults only - so how could it not be fun?!) My mom busted out all of my old barbie stuff - if you have been reading here awhile you know we joke that I put a curse on my sisters with it. You will also see some sneaks of a really fun collaboration I am doing with my local Anthropologie & Co.!

We even got the whole house set up and I am so excited to watch her love it as much as I did!

All that glitters

With photo season in full swing I've been eyeing outfits for the holidays. Especially all those sweet little girl dresses. I am rounding up a couple here in case you're still on the fence about what to get your little ladies for the holiday season! There are so many of these I am tempted to buy and hoard - especially that navy lace dress. Swoon!

Also don't forget today is the last day for your chance to win a credit to Minted! Two, $125 credits will be given out don't forget to enter! Giveaway ends 11/3/16 at 11:59am. Open to US residents only,


Halloween Recap

I better offload these Halloween pictures before we are too far past the holiday! It was interesting trick or treating with P because in the beginning she was terrified but by the last house she was walking in people's homes :) All it took was opening a mini bag of skittles for the Halloween light to click in her head! Holidays are so much fun with her and next year I really ought to dress up too!

Until next year!