Welcome to Miami

By time you all read this I am going to be boarding or mid flight to Miami! It's a short work trip but a king size bed and large tub are calling my name! I am going to try and post Thursday and Friday but I am not sure what our itinerary involves.

Can't complain about dinner and drinks on the company dollar! We are headed to:
UMami Burger
Barton G

Ever been to any? Anything I must order? Also what on earth am I going to wear? I don't have to wear suits - thank goodness because I own a total of ZERO. It's only three days but I want to look cute and put together. I've only been to Florida once. Is the humidity going to spell disaster for my tresses?

If you follow me on Instagram (@laurapark3r) I hope to be uploading obnoxious photos of clear ocean water and good eats!
(Disclaimer: This is Maui.)

Miami (radio edit) by Will Smith on Grooveshark

Indigo Dreamin'

I am loving that indigo is having a color moment in most stores. Navy is so classic and yet provides either the perfect pop of color or the perfect neutral blend. These are some pieces that are inspiring me lately.

Anza Ikat Pillow Cover

Cassidy Mirror

Blue Fez Tumblers

Velvet Nyleen India Challis Tunic


Scenes from the Weekend

I wish I could say I did more this weekend than I actually did. Mostly I sat around in sweats trying to watch as many episodes of the final season of Breaking Bad on my in-laws Vudu! Netflix does not release the final season until February 24th so it looks like I will have to wait a bit to catch those final 5 episodes. Grrr.

Other than that I did what I usually do. Took way too many photos of Finn (I mean how can I resist)? Hope your weekend was a good one!


Five on Friday

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You guys I  hit a milestone this week! Not only did I reach 100 readers on Bloglovin'
But I reached 700 followers on Pinterest! 
Blogging has been so much fun for me, so thank you to everyone that comments, Instaloves and makes this place a fun spot to come to everyday. I look forward to so much more! And thank you to my friends and family who were early adopters of Happily Ever Parker!


I just bought the book, The 19th Wife, because it was on sale in the bookstore near my office. I have heard it's a really good read so I am excited to get started on it! Anyone else read it? Love it? Hate it?

This would be so cute with neon accessories and winning, it's 40% off!


Did anyone happen to catch the special that Dateline aired on Monday called Trapped? It was about a mom and her two young children that were traveling to San Luis Obispo, CA and got into an accident that literally had them hanging off of a bridge. Their story of survival is incredible. You won't regret taking a moment to witness this miracle. See it here:


This weekend we are headed up to spend time with my in-laws. I am looking forward to some R&R  and maybe a visit to the river or lake! Might as well take advantage of this crazy warm temperature! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Loving Lately


Random Musings

You know what is awesome? Today is already Wednesday. Thank you, thank you because I am already over this week.

First I want to say thank you to all of you on the sweet comments on my new design! Laura from Sophie&Rory is the genius behind the design and I am in love. You know me, if it's ombré I am all in! I was going for something a little more streamlined and fresh and clean. Now if only I could add in the fresh scent of laundry when you open my page. Kidding.

I am headed to Miami at the end of next week on a work trip. South Beach to be exact. I am wishingsome built in beach time was added to the itinerary! I am pretty excited to stay at the Mondrian, I may need to schedule some spa time if I can!

It's a short trip so I won't have be too long away from my favorite boys.

Something else that just caught my radar is that the final season of Breaking Bad does indeed have 16 episodes. But my Netflix is only showing 8! What is up with that? If I have to wait for the final episodes I am going to be so annoyed!!

Last randomness of this post. David told me he wanted to see a movie this weekend. You guys this is huge! The husband and I have not been to a movie since Avatar!! We watch movies all the time at home so I was so excited. Until he said it was to see "The Hobbit" - well F. So not my type of movie. However I decided to go because I wanted to be with my hubs.
Luckily we had some friends join us and I say luckily because my friend Amber and I decided to walk out after an hour. Gosh, it was horrid. Sorry if I am offending anyone by that but I am not into that kind of movie. I mean Orlando Bloom couldn't even save me!
I wish I went and saw American Hustle instead!

Scenes from the Weekend

This long weekend came and went like they all seem to. We are having quite a mild winter here. In fact our state governor just declared a drought for the state of California. Looks like I won't be getting to wear my new Hunters anytime soon. 
So instead of complaining we have been taking advantage of our blue skies. A photo dump from our mostly low key weekend (which included a nap on the beach!). 
Can't complain when Saturday starts with breakfast in bed. I can't resist French Toast and my husbands is one of the best!   
Taking a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. Just one of my daily reminders how much I love this city. 
In-N-Out is usually a road trip day staple!
We went to South Beach in Point Reyes which was socked in with fog. At first I was bummed we managed to find the one cold spot. Then I realized it was perfect weather to take a little snooze on the beach!
It was a lovely long weekend which means hopefully it will be a quick short week! Hope yours was relaxing!

Five on Friday

 You guys I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time ever. Here is the terrible part, My friend, Joann and I, got there 15 minutes before closing. I was in sensory overload, must plan a return trip!
Luckily one is opening up much closer to where I live sometime this year. Also I think it's bogus that they are closed on Sunday's!

I am happy to report that I stuck it out with Breaking Bad. I just started the last season and I am going to be sad to say goodbye to Walter White & Jessie Pinkman!

Does anyone watch Eric & Jessie: Game On? My friends and I all love this show and oh my goodness I just adore this couple. Like seriously can they be any more ridiculously good looking?

 A highlight of my week. The family I used to nanny for in San Diego sent me an autographed JT Snow ball (my all time favorite Giant) and a Giants jersey from Japan. I mean how awesome is that? I love them!

I wonder what Martin Luther King Jr. would think of our world in 2014?

Hope you have a great weekend. Mine is three days long so I'll be back on Tuesday!

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Beauty Bag Essentials

Beauty Bag Essentials

My makeup routine varies day by day. Sometimes I really do it up, other times it's a quick swipe of mascara and I am out the door.

These are my day to day essentials that I feel give me the done but not overdone look.

1. Beautyblender: This is one of those products that as soon as I started using it I questioned what took me so long to purchase. Before I was using this Sonia Kashuk sponge from Target that seriously pales in comparison to how great the beautyblender is. Yes, it sucks to shell out $20 for a small sponge but heck it's worth it. In fact I accidentally ripped the tip off my old one when I was cleaning it. Didn't even hesitate to go spend another $20 to replace it. 

2. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30: I am not a huge fan of foundation, I never think it is a good look when someone has it caked on. This provides the perfect amount of coverage for me. I wear the color St. Moritz and with the sponge I feel I can get a lot of use from a small dab out of the bottle.

3. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner: What I love about gel eyeliner is it's not going anywhere until you wash it off. This little pot lasts a long time. I tend to alternate between my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and one by Lorac that is now discontinued.

4. NARS Blush 'Orgasm': This  blush compliments everyone's skin tone and I usually never leave the house without it. I like to contour my face layering this with a non-shimmer bronzer like this Sephora one.

5. bareMinerals Eyecolor 'Nude Beach': Once I saw the beautiful Emily Maynard rocks this color I decided I needed it as well. Perfect subtle shimmer. Another bareMinerals favorite includes Queen Phyllis - described as glimmer/soft sunlight.

6. Benefit They're Real! Mascara: I am always switching up mascaras to try and make my itty bitty lashes longer. Ever since I found this I haven't strayed, pair it up with Origins Underwear for Lashes and you will notice a difference.

7. Benefit Erase Paste: Sadly the older I get the more I realize I need concealer under these eyes of mine. I like this because it tends not to crease. After I apply bottom eyeliner I make sure to pat on item #8.

8. bareMinerals Mineral Veil SPF 25: I have had this for quite sometime but never really used it. However I was tired of always seeing my makeup fall under my eyes. Now after I complete my whole routine I pat this on under my eyes. My makeup tends to stay in place all day. This can be used on your whole face as well.

9. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: Now I don't wear foundation but sometimes I like to use this first. Partly for moisture and partly because of its illuminating effect. It's a nice lightweight barrier between my tinted moisturizer and skin. I also apply this with my beautyblender.

10. Smashbox Artificial Light 'Flash': I touched on this lightly yesterday but ohhh ladies. I lurve me some artificial light! I am all about looking dewy and this does the trick - and it also photographs really well!

So there you have it my day to day routine. Is there anything I am missing? 
If you only took one thing away from this I hope it's this
Buy the beautyblender - you won't regret it!!



Sometimes you just have to wonder about the people surrounding you when you commute into San Francisco. You can't make this type of stuff up!
Brain waves are lacking today be back tomorrow with lovin' lately!! 


Scenes from the Weekend

A whole weekend dedicated to my number 1. Wouldn't have it any other way! My failure was carrying around my DSLR without an SD card! So crappy iphone photos are the majority of these!Hope you all had a great weekend!