Maternity Photos in the Oakland Redwoods

When we found out we were expecting with P I never had maternity photos done and to be honest I never really missed the fact that I didn't do them. But there is something about this pregnancy that feels different and I think that is because I know it is my last. I want to embrace all the things about it (and try and grin and bare the crappy parts of it). So at 34 weeks pregnant we booked a session.

I am so happy I decided to do them. I started the day by getting a blowout at our Drybar that just opened in town (best decision of the day), I prepped P with a big talk about how the photos were important to mama and to be on her best behavior (she totally was) and I rented my dream maternity dress ("The Wonder Years" in blush by Fillyboo Maternity) from Mama Bump Rentals. Even David - who normally despises a photoshoot was awesome. Despite all the nose nuzzling he was made to do.

My friend Aliza of Aliza Hallett Photography took our photos and made everything so easy (and she is 28 weeks along with her third!). It was such a fun memory and now I have so many beautiful images to look back on such a special time in my life!

And ZERO of this post is sponsored just in case anyone is wondering :)

My outfit
Dress : "The Wonder Years" by Fillyboo Maternity
Buy it here or Rent it here

Presley's Outfit
Hi/Low Skirt (coming soon!) 
Sweater (sold out)
Bow - Wunderkin Beach Pink Pinwheel

David's Outfit


How to Get Involved

Again I am at a loss to need to type out my feelings after yet another mass shooting in our American school system. And yet every time one takes place I can't pacify the feelings I have inside of me. Those kids are people's babies and their lives were cut short because someone else decided it should be that way.

My daughter is three. And it's not at all lost on me that soon she will enter K-5 and be the same age as the children who were literally sniped out of their classroom chairs in Sandy Hook with a military assault type rifle. SIX YEAR OLD'S. As a parent, I cannot even begin to fathom that sentence being read aloud with my child's name in it. As a human being I just cannot stand for it anymore either.

We are failing our children. We are failing so miserably that we should be absolutely ashamed. Children go to school to learn, not to become sitting ducks in their classroom. The fact that my daughter will have to participate in an "active shooter training" drill at school is literally beyond my comprehension.

If you think things need to change  here are two ways you can get involved:

Because if we don't start demanding change - the only real question we can ask is "who's next"?

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for your man

With Valentine's Day arriving tomorrow nothing like a little last minute shopping for the main squeeze in your life! My husband is really into the outdoors so I know anything on this list would make his day. Do you do a basket for your significant other?


Mini Babymoon to Morro Bay

We had the best time last weekend on our mini babymoon to Morro Bay. Can you still call it a babymoon if your "I hate sleep" toddler tags along? We had the best weather, got to spend so much time with our best friends and it seriously made me contemplate if I am living my life all wrong. Something about having coastal access at the tip of my fingertips is something I so desire. And although I basically do have this luxury - our friends down in Shell Beach literally had it at the end of their block. Always sets my wheels in motion :)

P ran in and out of the waves for hours. She literally did not stop and seeing her joy of the coast match our own is so special. One would hope that endless running plus sunshine would wear her out come nighttime but you know the drill with this one. Major FOMO. We can't wait to return as a family of five <3


Loving Lately: Textured & Patterned Pillows

With our new couch due to arrive this month one of the things I have been doing is upping our pillow game. I love the way pillows can make a big impact to your space and how easy they are to switch out with the seasons. As someone who is drawn to texture in photographs I also think these make great statement pieces in a room. Prices of pillows vary so I have included a good mix below!

Dusk Pom Pom Wool Pillow

Marisol Pillow

Gray Morrocan Lumbar Pillow

Jade Woven Triangle Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

Nate Berkus Pom Pillow

Magnolia Pillow Cover

Magnolia Home Joslin Gray & Ivory Oversized Pillow

Dotted Cushion Cover