How to Get Involved

Again I am at a loss to need to type out my feelings after yet another mass shooting in our American school system. And yet every time one takes place I can't pacify the feelings I have inside of me. Those kids are people's babies and their lives were cut short because someone else decided it should be that way.

My daughter is three. And it's not at all lost on me that soon she will enter K-5 and be the same age as the children who were literally sniped out of their classroom chairs in Sandy Hook with a military assault type rifle. SIX YEAR OLD'S. As a parent, I cannot even begin to fathom that sentence being read aloud with my child's name in it. As a human being I just cannot stand for it anymore either.

We are failing our children. We are failing so miserably that we should be absolutely ashamed. Children go to school to learn, not to become sitting ducks in their classroom. The fact that my daughter will have to participate in an "active shooter training" drill at school is literally beyond my comprehension.

If you think things need to change  here are two ways you can get involved:

Because if we don't start demanding change - the only real question we can ask is "who's next"?


  1. Liam’s school has active shooter drills, and while I’m not sure what they are actually called, he calls them bad guy alerts. He told me all the details about them recently it was heartbreaking to listen to (and scary)!

  2. not many mommy bloggers/instagrammers i follow will get "political" (i don't think wanting our children to NOT get shot is political, but whatever) so i just want you to know that i appreciate that you posted this. as well as links to two wonderful groups (technically one group) that i donate to every month!