2014 Goals

With 2014 around the corner I think now would be a good time to publicly declare some personal goals I have for myself in the new year. Although I often suck at sticking to resolutions maybe this year will be different...then again maybe not!
1. Be better at saving  (Husband is excellent at this - his wife, not so much)
2. Limit hitting snooze to three times max
3. Take Finn for longer walks
4. Limit my sugar intake
5. Make a baby
(Brown Chicken, Brown cow!)
6. Take a camera class (read: learn Manual mode)
7. Do a color run (because it looks like so much fun!)
This is my sister rocking it in 2013!

9. Travel somewhere new (Yosemite is a must!)

10. Learn calligraphy
And there you have it - not necessarily in that order :)
What are your goals for 2014?

Minted Save the Dates

Even though I got married in 2012 and had Pinterest around for inspiration (thank goodness)! I often think about things I would change or do over about our wedding. One of the things that I took a great pride in was selecting the save the dates and wedding invitations. I know most people will throw them into the trash but I would hold onto it forever.

Minted recently contacted me about their newest line of save the dates for 2014 and let me say they are pretty as can be! Minted never ceases to amaze me with all the talented illustrators that submit art to the site.

If you are looking for gorgeous save the dates I suggest you check out their selection here.
Below are just a few of my favorites!

*This post was sponsored by Minted but all opinions are 100% my own.


Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours
We wish you a very Merry Christmas!
See you next week!

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! I am linking up today with Kasey from Life & Love with Mr. Wonderful 
 Five on Friday ladies!


Kasey decided to do a fun Christmas swap with other bloggers. I got linked up to Brooke Lyn over at Babbling Brookelyn! I have to say that as soon as soon as I saw she enjoyed peanut butter and pickle sandwiches  I knew I would like her.
It's not weird - don't knock it till you try it.

Anyways I got a fun little package in the mail from our swap!
Thank you for hosting Kasey!

You know what is something I would really like for Christmas that doesn't cost a thing? For everyone to get rid of word verification. Since I commute for two hours of my day a lot of my blog reading takes place on my iPhone. iPhone does not like word verification.  So if your blog has it usually I can't comment and that is just lame.

Look how sweet I am - directions included!


I am so excited to celebrate Christmas this weekend with my in-laws! My sister and brother-in-law flew in last night from Colorado and I am so happy to get to spend time with them! Also if it snowed up where my in-laws live I wouldn't be bummed at all!

This is just last weekend!


You know that old saying one for you, two for me? Well I blame Ally for telling me all of Madewell was 30% off. Because it led to a shopping spree. To be fair I did buy one present but I also bought three for myself. Sorry Santa David!

Plaid Scarf
(not online)
I love that I've had it less than 24 hours and I can already see so much of Finn's hair on it.
Story of my life.


Before we head up to Auburn we are heading up to Mendocino to spend the day with this pretty lady! She is the last one of us to turn 30 and I have had her birthday present since 2003. No joke! Finally I can give it to her!
Jennifer Skog Photographers

Yay for the weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful one! And for anyone who gets all of next week off I am jealous!

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Cheers to a New Year: July, August & September

Today with the ladies I am recapping on 
July, August & September.

Feel free to join our link up below!


In July I made these babies with the pepperoncini's David grew in our garden. I have to say they are my most successful pickling venture to date. Also the #1 way people find my blog.
Next summer I need to update the post with better photos. I was still a newbie camera user!

Every July we also do our annual trip to Trinity. David and his family have gone every year for over 25 years. It's really awesome marrying into such a fun tradition!

Nothing of note happened this month. 
I just hung out in my wedding dress...drinking.
I also got to meet Brandon Crawford of the San Francisco Giants!
(And be punished with a horrible photo for not doing my hair that day!)


This is the month I went on a girls trip to New York City with my mom and sisters. You can see a recap here and here. I have a serious love affair with New York City.
 It was such a treat to get to spend time with my relatives! 

Thursday, December 26th will be the last day of our Cheers to a New Year link up.
Excited to ring in 2014 and find out all the fun things it has in store for us!

Link up below and let us know what you were up to!


Scenes from the Weekend

We prefer our dogs sans tail - so this little guy got a snipping!
I only took photos of the first batch but we made a lot of cookies on Sunday!
And weirdly Santa did hear me on Friday - cause mama's got a new pair of boots!
Hope you had a great weekend!


Five on Friday

I've been a busy little elf wrapping presents and laying them by the tree!


 I am pretty excited for this to come in the mail. It is supposed to enhance photos taken indoors. I will be practicing on my favorite subject matter - Finn.

On Sunday one of my sisters (one lives here - the other in Orange County), mom and I do our annual cookie making tradition. Butter cookies, gingerbread, biscotti and these carmel stuffed soft gingerbread cookies are on the menu!

I am on the hunt for a fur vest, ever since seeing Megan wearing this adorable one I am trying to find one similar. No luck so far!

H&M Faux Fur Vest
This one would have been perfect but it's sold out in my size...you know 14 year old+? I also checked three local stores and no dice.

Those penny boots I have been eyeing are 20% off...Santa can you hear me? Also comes in a
wide calf version for those of you with muscular legs.
 (Although that is not marked down it wouldn't hurt to ask for a 20% off match.)

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Happy Friday the 13th!
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Cheers to a New Year: April, May & June

Hope you can join us today for our
Cheers to a New Year
link up party!
Today we are reflecting back on April, May & June of this year.
This year David and I were pretty spoiled because we got to go to Maui two times 3.5 weeks apart for friends and family getting married.
In April we returned for David's brother's wedding. The weather was amazing and we had such a wonderful time. Also didn't make it feel so hard to say goodbye when we had to leave the first time around!
April 2013
The newest Parker's!
May 2013
In May I pulled off a pretty epic prank on Kerri - because she was the first person to pass out!
Post It's have so many uses.
I also started this little blog of mine! This was my very first post!
June 2013
We finally found a great dresser to refinish on Craigslist! This is one of my most viewed posts to date.
What were you doing in the months leading up to summer? Hope you join us!
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Nap Time

We're tuckered out from birthday celebrations. We will be back tomorrow with our Cheers to the New Year link up! Hope you join us!