Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! I am linking up today with Kasey from Life & Love with Mr. Wonderful 
 Five on Friday ladies!


Kasey decided to do a fun Christmas swap with other bloggers. I got linked up to Brooke Lyn over at Babbling Brookelyn! I have to say that as soon as soon as I saw she enjoyed peanut butter and pickle sandwiches  I knew I would like her.
It's not weird - don't knock it till you try it.

Anyways I got a fun little package in the mail from our swap!
Thank you for hosting Kasey!

You know what is something I would really like for Christmas that doesn't cost a thing? For everyone to get rid of word verification. Since I commute for two hours of my day a lot of my blog reading takes place on my iPhone. iPhone does not like word verification.  So if your blog has it usually I can't comment and that is just lame.

Look how sweet I am - directions included!


I am so excited to celebrate Christmas this weekend with my in-laws! My sister and brother-in-law flew in last night from Colorado and I am so happy to get to spend time with them! Also if it snowed up where my in-laws live I wouldn't be bummed at all!

This is just last weekend!


You know that old saying one for you, two for me? Well I blame Ally for telling me all of Madewell was 30% off. Because it led to a shopping spree. To be fair I did buy one present but I also bought three for myself. Sorry Santa David!

Plaid Scarf
(not online)
I love that I've had it less than 24 hours and I can already see so much of Finn's hair on it.
Story of my life.


Before we head up to Auburn we are heading up to Mendocino to spend the day with this pretty lady! She is the last one of us to turn 30 and I have had her birthday present since 2003. No joke! Finally I can give it to her!
Jennifer Skog Photographers

Yay for the weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful one! And for anyone who gets all of next week off I am jealous!

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  1. I hate word verification too!! Glad to see I'm not the only one ;)
    Love the scarf and heart print pj pants - so cute!! And don't you worry, you aren't the only one with dog hair all over everything...I swear the second I'm done vaccuuming and lint-brushing everything, Deedee just turns around and rolls over everything all over again. Oh well, they are worth it ;) <3 xx

  2. I love those pajama pants, they look so comfortable!! I hate that word verification too, maybe I have really bad eyes but I always screw it up! haha Have a great weekend with your in-laws and Merry Christmas!! :)

  3. Hope you have a great weekend celebrating! :)

  4. You've had her present since 2003?? Oh PLEASE tell me what it is, I have to know!!
    I really want that scarf, and I'm really mad that it's not available online. Grr!!
    Have a good weekend girl!

  5. Love the snowy pretty!! AND I WANT that Madewell scarf!!!

  6. cheers! cheers! cheers! hope you make the drink that was on the card, it looked really good

  7. love those glasses!! and word verification is the WORST

  8. I love the blogger swap idea! Those tumblers were sold out at every Target within 10 miles of here, so I had to go into another county to get them :) I'm obsessed.

    Happy Holidays!! xx

  9. love those cheers glasses - target is the best!! (well minus letting that security breach happen and all lol) one for you two for me definitely happened to me yesterday!!! But hey it's on sale right?! Happy weekend!

  10. book word verification! love those glasses :)

  11. absolutely HATE word verification as well!! That's awesome that you've had her gift for so long!! I bet it will feel good to give it to her finally!! Enjoy your weekend with you family! xoxo

  12. I'm so glad you made the comment about word verification. I hate it too!! I'm always reading posts on my iphone and it's a bitch!! I love that plaid shirt you got ;)