Cheers to a New Year: July, August & September

Today with the ladies I am recapping on 
July, August & September.

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In July I made these babies with the pepperoncini's David grew in our garden. I have to say they are my most successful pickling venture to date. Also the #1 way people find my blog.
Next summer I need to update the post with better photos. I was still a newbie camera user!

Every July we also do our annual trip to Trinity. David and his family have gone every year for over 25 years. It's really awesome marrying into such a fun tradition!

Nothing of note happened this month. 
I just hung out in my wedding dress...drinking.
I also got to meet Brandon Crawford of the San Francisco Giants!
(And be punished with a horrible photo for not doing my hair that day!)


This is the month I went on a girls trip to New York City with my mom and sisters. You can see a recap here and here. I have a serious love affair with New York City.
 It was such a treat to get to spend time with my relatives! 

Thursday, December 26th will be the last day of our Cheers to a New Year link up.
Excited to ring in 2014 and find out all the fun things it has in store for us!

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  1. Cheers to a happy and healthy 2014!

  2. Seeing the pic of you in your wedding dress has given me motivation to try mine on! It's only been a year but I have a teeny tiny suspicion it won't zip! That's so funny your post about pepperoncinis is your top post. Mine is Skittle vodka. I see hits from all over the world, mainly Japan?, about that damn Skittle vodka!

  3. Haha I LOVE your picture in your wedding dress!

  4. That wedding dress picture is priceless!


  5. I just love that picture of you hanging out in your wedding dress!! :) Always makes me smile!

    xx em

  6. I had an NYC girls trip in this weeks recap too!...and I'm loving your wedding dress pic! Merry Christmas!

  7. Ahh I love that you got back into your dress!!!!
    That is a must for me!

  8. I feel ya on the not doing your hair that day and you actually should have...that's happened to me numerous times!!

  9. confession: how many times have you just hung out in your wedding dress since the wedding?! be honest ;)

  10. just love that you hung out in your wedding dress!

  11. I love that hung out in your wedding dress casually. I mean why not? I have a love affair with NYC too. The city has everything!

  12. Um, that is the most adorable picture ever of you in your wedding dress! I love it! And you met Brandon Crawford!! SOOO jealous! And I think the picture is cute!

  13. omg, i just died from the amazingness that is august, because august clearly means drinking in your wedding dress and looking cute as a button. love loooove love

  14. That picture makes me a little jealous! I wish I could hang out in my wedding dress, but I sold it =( It was sad/happy. Sad because I adored that dress. Happy because I split the money in half and surprised both my dad and Zack with two big checks. The world was in shock.

  15. My most favorite instagram picture of you...just hangin out in your wedding dress on a Sunday. Love it.

  16. Oh you and I could have wedding dress parties together. It's one of my favorite things to do. i love that picture!

  17. I can't get over you sitting in your wedding dress and drinking out of a mason jar…can we please be IRL friends so that we can do that together haha!! Love that you had a girls trip to NYC!!

  18. Don't worry - it doesn't look like Brandon did his hair either! LOL