Road Trip!

Right now as you read this I am cruising down the I5 headed to Southern California! We (and by we I mean me, David, mini & Finn!) are headed down to visit my sister and nephews and I am so excited! We plan on leaving the Bay Area around 6am so hopefully I am already awake by time this posts at 5am :)

There will be a whole lot of this
That is a 70 pound Finnley needing to be swaddled due to not liking when the car accelerates. What can I say I am not really complaining he wants to cuddle. #momintraining

hopefully a lot of this
Baby kicks! Ohh how I love those little tootsies already!

I'll check back with all you lovelies next week! Have a great weekend!


19 weeks

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Mini is the size of a: Mango (6 in., .5 lbs)
Maternity Clothes: yes and no
Stretch Marks: thank you body and Mustela - so far so good.
Sleep: Sleep has been good for the most part. We stayed at the Cypress Inn in Carmel over the weekend and unfortunately the walls there were a little thin. So mama woke up on the very wrong side of the bed the next day. Preview of what's to come...Sorry babe!
Best Moment of the Week: David surprised me with a fun little getaway for my birthday. Anytime I am at the ocean I am a happy girl!
Movement: YES! On Sunday evening I felt her move for the first time. So surreal and so amazing! Can't wait for David to feel her too!
Cravings: Nothing noteworthy
Gender: Little Lady!
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Ring on or Off: On
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Nope!
What I Miss: While in Carmel we had beautiful weather. I would have loved to enjoy a glass of wine while sitting outside and enjoying the scenery.
What I am Looking Forward to: Our big ultrasound today! We also are headed to LA to visit my sister this weekend and see Book of Mormon. Super excited!
Labor Signs: Oh goodness NO!
Nursery: Well mini has clothing and David bought her a stuffed animal this week. My boss also gave me an exersaucer which is the first baby item in the home. This pregnancy seems to be flying. I can't believe I have been pregnant longer than I have left!
Emotions:  Umm well, I was freaking cranky this weekend and David knows it! 

I decided to switch up my weekly questions because I thought I was missing some good ones. Notice weight is still omitted? To be honest mini already had an apartment lined up in there for her so as long as she doesn't request too much more square footage I am good! Total weight gain = 6 lbs. 

If you follow along on Instagram you may have also seen that we have shared mini's name:
Pretty excited to share her growing identity with you all! Thank you for all the sweet remarks in response to her name. And in case anyone is wondering it is in no way a tribute to Elvis. We have a middle name selected but will keep that a secret until she makes her arrival into this world!



This past weekend David took me to Carmel to celebrate my 31st birthday. It was a beautiful weekend on the coast so I'll let the photos do the story telling.
If you have never been I highly suggest to add it to your must see list. The 17 mile drive and the lone cypress are gorgeous to see!


5 on Friday


You all rock. Thank you for the comments, tweets, instalovin' birthday love yesterday. You know I used to think it sucked being at work on your birthday. But my sister, Danielle, treated me to lunch at Rosa Mexicano, My husband and bestie sent me gorgeous flowers and my co-workers gave me cupcakes. Umm yes to all that!


One week from today I will be driving down the I-5 to visit my other sister Jennifer and my brother- in-law and my 3 adorable nephews. Can't wait to spend a lot of time smooching those sweet faces!


Also can't wait to hang out with the little miss on Wednesday for our big 20 week check up. I think this is the last time I get to see her on screen before I get to meet her in person. So that's something!


I have to give credit to my mother-in-law who reads my blog and snagged me an awesome birthday gift. So thanks to her I got to rock a new accessory yesterday! Hi Nancy!

Indigo Dot Scarf


I am not 100% sure what my plans are this weekend but I do know the birthday celebration is continuing. I'll drink to that...oh wait no I won't...damn.

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Go Shorty

It's your birthday....

well not yours, mine. Or maybe yours too? Anyways I am off celebrating. Just kidding I am sitting at my desk at work. Boo. But I am looking forward to celebrating tonight with my husband and bestie. Sadly all my other friends suck had to work and won't be joining.

31 random thoughts

31. I was 21 TEN years ago.
30. Ten years ago I probably thought I would be in a totally different place in my life.
29. I am more than happy that this is exactly where I am.
28. 30 was my last ME year.
27. I guess I have had 30 of them so I can't complain.
26. I would not have given up my carefree 20s for anything. Honestly.
25. This is the year I will learn how to take photos in Manual - it's been a year since I have had my camera!
24. Last year to celebrate my birthday I was whale watching in Maui.
23.  This year will mark 10 years of dating David...crazy.
22. I am 1/4 Persian and my birthday happens to fall on Persian New Year!
21. It's also the first day of Spring! Thank goodness too, winter is so not my jam.
20. In college David was on scholarship for baseball - he changed his number from 15 to 20 for my birthday. Swoon.
19. I don't like chocolate so please never gift it to me.
18. I can't believe someone is going to call me mama.
17. Ranunculas are my favorite flower...I still don't think my husband knows this.
18. My best friend can order my food way better than David can.
17. My hair has been many colors over the years. Funny how the one your born with is what usually looks best. However bleach will always find its way onto my head even knowing this.
16.  For my 27th birthday we had a Jersey Shore theme party.
15. I drank too much and all my friends went out and celebrated my birthday without me. #fail
14. When I was in 2nd grade I said I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I grew up - oops.
13. When I saw Paul Walker on the "In Memorandum" for the Oscars I wept my eyes out.
12. I have never lost my key to my parents home - had it over 21 years.
11. These are such random things.
10. I love being pregnant.
9. One year for my birthday David bought me bath towels because I "needed" them. He quickly became a better gift giver.
8. The worst birthday present I ever received was a pink Playboy bunny playmate hat from my ex. He just tossed it to me still in the bag it came home from the mall in.
7. The best present I ever got was...
6. I am born on the last day of the Pisces zodiac sign.
5. If I could be anywhere on my birthday each year it would be near the ocean.
4. I wonder if I will ever ask for Botox as a birthday present?
3. I am so looking forward to my other birth day - minus that whole give birth bit.
2. You're still reading?
1. 31 let's do this!

What I Know Now

Since we are almost at the halfway point I thought I would rehash on some things I have learned so far - you know all 18 weeks into this pregnancy.

- There may/will be blood. I am sorry to be gross but true story! I had some bleeding early on and thought really bad things were happening. Turns out me and mini were both fine.*

- Ovulation sticks may not be too accurate. In December I decided for the first time I was going to pee on an ovulation stick to see if I was ovulating. It said I was indeed and I was excited. However about 2 weeks later we found out I was pregnant! I was convinced I knew exactly what day it happened. Well turns out I was 9 weeks I am not sure how the ovulation stick said I was ovulating when I was already pregnant. I also got a period in December - see #1.
- Keeping a secret is for the birds. I told my closest group of girlfriends when I (thought) I was 4 weeks (but really 7). I figured I would need lean on them for support no matter what so for me what's the point in holding it in? (For the record my sisters - not pictured below - were told first)
- Planning a cute way to tell your husband you're expecting is super sweet - in theory. Once you see that big ole positive it's hard to keep your cool.

- Nap time is the new happy hour. It's like the sandman himself comes and sits right on your face. (Get your mind out the gutter!)

- If you chose to find out the sex it's a very exciting moment. We chose to have the moment to ourselves and there was something really special about sharing that between David and I. Power to anyone not finding out the sex! We decided to find out the sex and surprise my parents. Easily one of my favorite moments to date.
- Everyone is fighting their own battle. Your happy news may make others sad (not for you - but for their own situation). Be kind and understanding. I read many blogs about infertility and I hope one day I am the one passing on the congratulatory remarks. That is the amazing thing about blogging - the support networks.

- People are going to offer LOTS of advice. It's okay to want to do some things your own way. You live you learn and for the most part everyone turns out okay.

- Your blog turns into mamaland. It's true I am sorry but it's on my mind 24/7 thank you for allowing me to share it here, even if it's totally unrelatable at the moment.

*It should also be noted that these things happened to me and may not happen to you. If something seems weird or abnormal holla at your doctor!


18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks, 2 days
Mini is the size of : A sweet potato (5.5 in, 5 oz.)
Gender: Girl - we have our 20 week ultrasound next week (1 week early!) at 19 weeks and little lady better still be a lady! Otherwise mama has some serious returning to do!
Symptoms: none
Loving: warm weather! Last weekend we were graced with 80 degree weather. David and I went out to the wineries in Livermore. Which was as fun as can be pregnant...
Loathing: allergy season. After getting through the worst of my cold from last week (p.s. thank you for all the well wishes) those pretty blossoming trees are my new nemesis!
Wedding Rings: On
Belly Button: In
Maternity Clothes: Yes and no.
Sleep: okay. Being congested it's hard to fall asleep but getting better daily. I think I am going to buy mini's humidifier off my registry and use it until she arrives.
Movement: Still waiting...
Currently Craving: Peaches, Strawberries & lemonade.
Best Part of the Week: Celebrating my birthday on Thursday! It's my last one as a non mama!
Worst Part of the Week: Having to work on my!
Mood: happy
Missing Most: THIS! And making it for David is EXTRA torture!

Can't Wait:Our big 20 week appointment next Wednesday!


Birthday Gift Guide

It's birthday week! Which is quite kind that I have dialed it down to just a week, normally David hears about my birthday all through the month of March. But since there is another birthday we are anxiously awaiting mine just doesn't seem as fun anymore. Like I said little clothes are way more fun to shop for!

However if David decides to visit my slice of internet this week looking for perfect present ideas let's just give him a gift guide shall we.

I have mentioned it before but this bag wants to befriend my other bags.

Isabelle Item Tote String

Maya Brenner Necklace - in 18" length. (Use code FEB15 for 15% off!)
I have a Maya Brenner necklace with an F on it (for Finn of course) and I have another special necklace coming in the mail with my little ladies name on it. This would be perfect to complete the stack. Our wedding date!

So see I have narrowed it down to two (pretty pricey) things for you. And you say I'm hard to shop for...

Not My Business

Yesterday I made the mistake of watching The Business of Being Born. I really wish I had not made it my business to watch that. I know that I should probably be educating myself right now on all things baby, but I am a bit squeamish. And there have been many times I have thought to on earth am I going to do this? After watching some of the women on the film give birth - never ever having had seen anything like that in my life - I am trying to figure out a way for anyone but me to birth this baby. Any takers?
Kidding aside. I am beginning to think what should I be doing that I am not? Books I should be reading? Blogs I should follow? Research I should be doing? Because the only thing I really have going for mini right now is a killer wardrobe.
So this is an open call for advice. As this pregnancy speeds the course I am quickly figuring out that I really have no idea what I am doing. So what exactly should I be doing?


Off to the Theater!

Book of Mormon Outfit

The clock is ticking to Spring and with the first day of spring comes my birthday! David and I are celebrating by driving down to southern California to see my sister. I am pretty excited as we are also going to see Book of Mormon in Hollywood! Should be a fun night out I think I am going to need a mocktail or two!

I'm really loving H&M for tight little cotton dresses to rock the bump. I can thank Jessie James Decker for that! She is always wearing them, I love when a celebrity is down to earth. Pretty sure I could hang out with her all day.

Hope you have a great day!


17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks, 2 days
Mini is the size of : A turnip (5 in, 5 oz.)
Gender: Little Miss!
Symptoms: e.m.o.t.i.o.n.a.l and I'm not sure what is growing faster my belly or my boobs!
Loving: Longer days! I feel like I can still have a life after work!
Loathing: the house hunt. New article....same annoyance. Lucky for sellers, super shitty for buyers.
Wedding Rings: On
Belly Button: In
Maternity Clothes: Yes and no.
Sleep: in separate bedrooms for now. Poor David has come down with a bad cold and I am trying so hard not to get it. Total bummer too because he was gone all last week :(
Movement: I thought I felt some little bubbles on Saturday. But I don't know...haven't felt them since.
Currently Craving: a pina colada while on the beach in Maui.
Best Part of the Week: I officially popped! And wore a tight dress to prove it!
Worst Part of the Week: David catching a cold so me and mini have to stay away.
Mood: happy & tired.
Missing Most: ahi tuna tacos from Gott's in the Ferry Building.
Can't Wait: for 5pm.


Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend we celebrated my brother and sister in laws newest bundle coming in May. I am so excited to get my first niece! I wish I had a photo of David and I but he wasn't feeling too well so I have tried to stay away from him haha. Got to keep mini healthy!
She was showered with so many goodies and goodness do those little outfits ever get old?

Sunday I headed to the outlets with my mom for a girls day. This was the first time I skipped all the me stores and just did baby stores. My mom thoroughly spoiled the little miss and I am excited to see it all come in use soon! Unfortunately they didn't have much at the Restoration Hardware outlet for babies but that is fortunate for my wallet!

Now I am winding down watching (and loving) Resurrection. I was crying within the first five minutes. Pregnancy hormones are no joke! Hope you all had a great weekend!

PS What is up with everyone hating on Daylight Savings? I love it being lighter longer!


Five on Friday


David has been in Sin City for a week for work and he comes home today! I'm excited is an understatement.


We are getting a Hobby Lobby, I repeat we are getting a Hobby Lobby! You guys this is some big news. I have only ever been to one once. 15 minutes before it closed. So April 18th you know where I will be!
 My version of a "drive by shooting"


You heard it here first. Girl Scout cookie season needs to end...I don't even want to tell you how many boxes of these oddly have disappeared.


 This is my maternity shoot dream dress. Where can I get my paws on something similar? If you have suggestions please let me know!


 Happy Friday!!

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