Go Shorty

It's your birthday....

well not yours, mine. Or maybe yours too? Anyways I am off celebrating. Just kidding I am sitting at my desk at work. Boo. But I am looking forward to celebrating tonight with my husband and bestie. Sadly all my other friends suck had to work and won't be joining.

31 random thoughts

31. I was 21 TEN years ago.
30. Ten years ago I probably thought I would be in a totally different place in my life.
29. I am more than happy that this is exactly where I am.
28. 30 was my last ME year.
27. I guess I have had 30 of them so I can't complain.
26. I would not have given up my carefree 20s for anything. Honestly.
25. This is the year I will learn how to take photos in Manual - it's been a year since I have had my camera!
24. Last year to celebrate my birthday I was whale watching in Maui.
23.  This year will mark 10 years of dating David...crazy.
22. I am 1/4 Persian and my birthday happens to fall on Persian New Year!
21. It's also the first day of Spring! Thank goodness too, winter is so not my jam.
20. In college David was on scholarship for baseball - he changed his number from 15 to 20 for my birthday. Swoon.
19. I don't like chocolate so please never gift it to me.
18. I can't believe someone is going to call me mama.
17. Ranunculas are my favorite flower...I still don't think my husband knows this.
18. My best friend can order my food way better than David can.
17. My hair has been many colors over the years. Funny how the one your born with is what usually looks best. However bleach will always find its way onto my head even knowing this.
16.  For my 27th birthday we had a Jersey Shore theme party.
15. I drank too much and all my friends went out and celebrated my birthday without me. #fail
14. When I was in 2nd grade I said I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I grew up - oops.
13. When I saw Paul Walker on the "In Memorandum" for the Oscars I wept my eyes out.
12. I have never lost my key to my parents home - had it over 21 years.
11. These are such random things.
10. I love being pregnant.
9. One year for my birthday David bought me bath towels because I "needed" them. He quickly became a better gift giver.
8. The worst birthday present I ever received was a pink Playboy bunny playmate hat from my ex. He just tossed it to me still in the bag it came home from the mall in.
7. The best present I ever got was...
6. I am born on the last day of the Pisces zodiac sign.
5. If I could be anywhere on my birthday each year it would be near the ocean.
4. I wonder if I will ever ask for Botox as a birthday present?
3. I am so looking forward to my other birth day - minus that whole give birth bit.
2. You're still reading?
1. 31 let's do this!


  1. Botox=awesome
    That may be what I ask for my 40th, along with a trip! :)

  2. aww happy birthday!! hope it's a great year for you!!

  3. Happy birthday pretty lady!! Hope you have a wonderful day and are showered with lots of love!! I love that David changed his baseball number for your birthday!! :)

  4. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day (after getting work over with ;) doesn't it stink being "grown up" and having to work on your birthday?? That happened to me this year too...boooo
    I know for sure I will be asking for botox at some point...I can already foresee a few forehead lines that are just going to get worse over time bahahaha ;) Finn's puppy pictures make my heart melt every time - he is just the CUTEST!! xx

  5. happy birthday!!! my husband is persian :)
    xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Happy birthday my dear! Can I just say, David changing his number from 15 to 20-SO SWEET. You two are just adorable. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday, I loved reading all these random little things about you!


  7. Happy happy birthday and new year!! Pretty special to be born on the new year and spring equinox. Loved your 31 things. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Happy Birthday!! Loved these random facts! :)

  9. Ha! Love that you wonder if you'll ever ask for Botox for your birthday!! So good! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!

  10. Happy birthday! Loved reading this list. And that you had a Jersey Shore birthday party. Your future daughter should be impressed her mama knows how to have fun!

  11. Loved the list! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fabulous day! <3

  12. Love this! Happy Birthday little lady! Xo

  13. happy, happy birthday lady!!!!!!! also just start shooting in manual and fidget with the settings until you get a good one!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend and that you have a great time down here in So Cal! Let me know if you have extra time to meet up!
    Umm and how did I miss the fact that you don't like chocolate????!!! I feel like I don't even know you anymore ;)

  15. Happy happy Birthday!!! Loove that you had a Jersey Shore party for your birthday haha my husband and I were just wondering the other night what happened to all of them! Hope you have the best day :)

  16. We're birthday buddies! Happy happy birthday!!! It's also National Day of Happiness! Enjoy the last "all you" birthday, next year you'll have a little one to share it with!

    Caitlin C

  17. Ok so I thought you were my soul sister till I saw you didn't like chocolate!!! Girl you're crazy!!! Haha jk Id be better off if I didn't like chocolate so much! Pixie was my best gift too! Happy birthday!!!

  18. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! But also, I swear our similarities freak me out... Nick was also on baseball scholarship and changed his number from 7 to 13 for my bday (freaky Friday, am I right?!). Also not a chocolate fan, I prefer sour or gummie. And I am happiest with a $4 bunch of ranunculus

  19. One year for my birthday Tim bought me HANGERS because I 'needed' them. He quickly got better at buying me gifts, but I'm not letting him forget about that one.

  20. Happy birthday! I too have had my camera for a year and still need to work on shooting in manual! Have a great weekend.

  21. Happy birthday! Love all these little facts/thoughts! :)