I didn't intend to take such a long blogging hiatus but it happened and I am not even remotely mad about it. We logged a lot of vacation this summer (so much so that apparently I am negative on my PTO - oops!) but getting to experience Disney through P is something I won't soon forget. It was hotter than hell, my husband had no idea that I wanted to "stay until closing" but we survived and hearing P ooh and ahh was worth the sore feet and sweat.

As you well know, Disney is crowded AF, so while I did have my camera on me all day I hardly broke it out on many things. So this is just a snapshot of our day (all 9 hrs of it) luckily my sister and nephew tagged along which made things all the more fun! I learned some things for the next go around like check the schedule for the day (the park closes different times each night). Pack snacks for children and husbands alike. If you plan on staying for dinner make a reservation somewhere in the beginning of the day.

Since we only had one day there I was trying to cram it all in but now I know I will just have to go more often!

 quilted bloomers (Crew & Lu - no longer available)

 bubble wand (my sister bought this in the park but looks like you can get it online too!)


Loving Lately: Disney Edition

With our countdown to Disneyland in full effect I am getting so so excited. I wish I could skip the 6 hour drive but alas I cannot - which means I also won't be skipping the Pottery Barn outlet on the way home! Here are some adorable Mickey inspired apparel if you're planning your own trip (or just have a Disney obsessed kid!)

David has not been to Disneyland in over 15 years so I am excited to see him experience it again too. Although he thinks that is weird of me and doesn't see the big deal about it! Also those Mickey & Minnie kissing shoes (aka the only shoes P ever wants to wear!) are being priced matched today at Nordstom and are 30% off! So snag them today as I never see this style on sale!


Life Lately

With the sun setting earlier and earlier these days it's hard not to feel like the days are getting shorter. The air is crisper, the holiday catalogues are beginning to fill mailboxes and everyone everywhere seems to be prepping for the upcoming months.

We have one last trip coming up to attend a wedding in Southern California and then we are visiting my sister and taking P to Disneyland. I cannot wait to see it all over again through her eyes. Heck even David's eyes since he hasn't been in over 12 years!

Other than that I have been keeping so busy with my photography and I am booked out for the rest of the year (which I work full time so I guess it's not that hard to do!). I can't believe this hobby of mine has turned into so much more. Each and every new client feels like the first one (with a lot more confidence!) and it fills me with a tremendous amount of gratitude!

Hope everyone is surviving the week - we're halfway there!


Loving Lately: Fall Toddler Picks

mouse pajamas // zip up hoodie // party animal hoodie

The fact that it's practically halfway through September is crazy to me. Halloween decorations (and more -woof!) are filling up store fronts and before you know it we will all be singing Auld Lang Syne to yet another year gone by. But with the end of summer comes a time of getting cozy, falling asleep to rain (hopefully! Us Californian's sure need it!) and crackling fireplaces.

I am loving the choices for toddler wardrobes especially now that P is out of baby clothing (that's tears for a whole other day) and has way more to choose from. As long as she doesn't begin choosing out of her own drawers I should be good. Although these days the "Mickey/Minnie" shoe battle is one I just let her win. I knew I should have waited to bust those out.

I love Old Navy for being on trend and not hurting my wallet. I picked up this cute little plaid shirt and a bunch of other pieces for under $75. We were in need of new leggings and long sleeves so we filled our cart on a day with a sale and scored big. Not to mention these adorable boots!

I am also absolutely LOVING Childhood's Clothing & Alice + Ames fall lines. I am rather impatiently waiting on a restock of the twirl dress in olive. Holiday photos anyone? And even though pajamas are so low on our need list, I can't help but pine over these adorable mouse pajamas. Hanna Andersson is amazing quality and every once in a while these pajamas have a sale on them. A store just opened up near me so I check every so often. You can also score them (and sell them!) on eBay for about half the price, new with tags.

I am so excited for this fall and winter. P is at such a fun age - when she is not saying no - and I can't wait to see her get excited from all the holiday magic.


Two Maui We Go

I finally have had a moment to cull my images from our Hawaiian vacation/P's 2nd birthday celebration and oh how they made me all wish I never left. I give you our final salute to the summer of 2016. Thank you to our friends for joining us and making the trip all the more special! Presley I apologize in advance for your 3rd birthday, I just don't know that this one can be topped.

This is us now.