Fall Mama & Mini Style

Fall Mama & Mini Style
red plaid // black ripped jeans // booties // little plaid // black leggings // baby boots

It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite things to do with P is twin. So whenever I find an occasion to match I seize it. Loving this little fall set with matching flannels!
It's only just beginning!!

Loving Lately: Blankets

When it comes to blankets I have a bit of an obsession with them. I want multiple in every room in various colors, textures and patterns. It's an instant way to make a house feel more like home and who doesn't love to snuggle up under a blanket? These are a few I am loving and in no way allowing myself to purchase but they are all under $50!

Fig Chunky Chenille Throw
Garrett Printed Cozy Throw - I am thinking holiday photos with this one

We have this in red after I fell in love with the Serena & Lily version - what's not to love was their price tag. This one is less than a $20 bill!

Carnival Fun

Last night we headed to our city's local walnut festival held every fall. It's definitely not as cool as I remember (but what is from childhood to adult?) but it was fun to watch P point and awe over everything. I'm working with a new lens and night photography has me absolutely perplexed but here is a handful of photos. Hope everyone was able to see the moon last night - it was incredible! But of course I only had a prime lens with me and didn't get any good photos of it. Hope you all had a good weekend!
David won this for Presley and then we lost it somewhere on the walk back to our car. Bummer.

Friday Vibes

Ahh we wait all week just to get to Friday! We don't have too much planned this weekend. I have a playdate, meeting with my book club and then we are headed to something our town puts on called the Walnut Festival.

In past years we have stopped attending the festival (you know how things that seemed really neat when you're little but stop having that effect when you're older?) but I am excited to go with friends and take P. I swear that little lady seriously makes everything more fun. Plus it's an excuse to "share" a caramel apple or funnel cake with her. I mean what is a fair without fair food? #nothing

My other plan this weekend if I can make some time for it is to update our bedroom. It actually makes me sad how un-adult it feels. That is mostly to blame on its size which is pretty tiny so I can't have any amazing headboard or such. However I have left it in a pretty sad state (i.e no bedskirt) for years. That's embarrassing to type out! I've been trying to be more positive about our tiny home and with that I think some decorating will help.

If you have any tips how to make a small space feel larger let me know. Clearly I have been lacking some creativity and it's time to change that!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!


Hits & Misses

Hey everyone! I am back with another post of things that I bought lately that I either loved or hated. With fall now finally here the layers can finally start arriving - although tell that to Northern California who is still having triple digit weather, woof!

Joe's Skinny Ankle Jeans
These are actually a repeat purchase for me. I LOVE these jeans. I scored a pair at Marshall's one day here in San Francisco and couldn't believe how great the fit was and how comfortable they were. Well one day I was being super lazy and I was pulling my pants off via my feet. You can imagine how pissed I was when I heard a very audible RIIIIIIP. I had put my foot right through the hole and created one giant one! Long story short I love them so much I was able to track down another pair. Right now it looks like only size 32 is left but bookmark the page and see if they get more. Worth the wait!

Plaid Boyfriend Shirt
Okay I already know exactly what you're thinking. Abercrombie & Fitch...really Laura? Well I have to say I saw one of my friends wearing the green and blue version of this shirt and I loved it. I mean she could also wear a paper bag and look hot but I digress. I texted her later asking where her shirt was from - totally thinking it was Joie or some other expensive brand. We had a good laugh that it was from A&F but then I totally ordered it. I really like it! It's super soft and I don't feel like it's too small across my chest (which is often the case). When I bought it the whole store was on promo 40% off so try and wait for another sale.

Patterned Non Closure Cardigan
Again with the Abercrombie! I only ordered this because if you spent over $75 it was free shipping. I figured if it was hideous I could just return in store. Verdict is out on this so far. It's incredible comfortable and cozy. But I feel like the opening can add heft to my frame so we will see if I keep it or it goes back. Again purchased at 40% off.

Fleece Bow Pocket Faux Fur Hood (Baby Girls)
I got this for P for the fall and winter and I was pretty excited about it. However when I received it I was just like ehhh. It's thinner than I thought it would be and the faux fur in the hood just looks cheap. This is being returned.

H&M Padded Jacket (Baby Girl's)

The reason I am not keeping the other jacket is because I picked this one up at our local H&M. Only $19.99 fully lined with fleece and way warmer. Plus you all know I can't resist a floral pattern.

Now I just need the weather to cooperate so I can start wearing this stuff!

The Little Things

Do you ever find yourself thinking about what if something happened to me? Would my spouse know to do the following things in my absence? It's just little things, but stuff that I always make sure to do.   Like would he know to always squirt all of the water out of the bath toys after every bath? Would he know I have a special air dry only custom button programmed for all her blankets? Would he remember to buy a special Christmas ornament every year for her?

And while all that is incredibly non big picture stuff it got me thinking about the big stuff. How you can have all these dreams and hopes for their future but truly they are the ones in charge of it. You simply lay the foundation and hope they build a solid house on top of it.

You hope they are strong but kind. Level headed but passionate. That their moral compass points somewhat due north. Graceful, generous and grateful...just to name a few.

It just got me thinking that raising her will be my greatest challenge with the largest reward. What a gift to be given.

What's a little something you always do that you that your spouse may not know about?


Doctor's Note

It's midnight over here and I can't fall asleep. We have had a whirlwind of crazy over the last 24 hours that led us to urgent care with a confirmed case of a double ear infection for P. Poor girl has just been a wreck but I must say her snuggles have been a delight. I mean even Finn let her snuggle which is a feat in itself. Part of me thinks he is still wondering who's idea it was to bring her home.

We are on a 10 day course of amoxicillin and I am hoping to have my sweet P back to herself relatively soon. Hope you're weekend was fun and had considerably less boogers than mine!


Five on Friday

1. I'm writing this post on my iPhone in bed in the dark. Why? Because I just watched too much Teen Mom 2 while trying to rearrange my family room. Only to decide it looked better the first way. #fail


already miss the hot weather. LYING. forecast says 101 on Sunday. Blech! All I want is flannels!

3. We are headed to a wedding today and I'm attempting looking for a dress in the morning. That should be a good lesson to not wait so long. 

4. When I finally crawl into bed the way I help myself fall asleep is by adding items to my Nordstrom wish list and checking it often to see if stuff goes on sale. 

5. I really want to treat myself to a blowout tomorrow at a local blow dry bar. However the wedding is s little over an hour away and I feel like it would be a waste. Especially since I need to use said time to find a dress!

Have an awesome weekend friends!

Holiday Board Books

Books have always played a pretty big roll in my house. When I was little I would hide my eyeglasses and a flashlight underneath my pillow just so I could keep reading The Babysitter's Club. #nerdalert

I love buying books for P it's the one thing that I truly feel she can never have too many of. When I peek into her room and she is sitting in front of her teepee "reading" it makes me so happy. I'm not kidding this girl could be in a full on temper tantrum and one look at the Pout Pout Fish and she still manages to squeek out blub, bluuub, bluuuuuub. Melt me.
I've been looking to add books to her collection for the holidays and thought I would share some cute ones I found. Because we are in the "I see paper and tear it" stage these are mostly board books. I am sure however they would be loved at any ages!

My all time favorite holiday book is The Jolly Christmas Postman but since my copy is from when I was a little girl I will be waiting to share that one with her. Too many parts that would be tempting to destroy! So tell me what books am I missing?


The Green Monster

Sometimes I get envious. It's inevitable when you have a prescence online. Whether it's a personal blog or social media page someone somewhere always has it better than you - and likewise always worse. 

It can bum me out at times when I see gorgeous home renovations or beautiful backyards. Friends who are already moving away from their "starter home" while we have yet to purchase our first home. 

We know better than to compare ourselves to people on the internet but it's hard right? Someone always has more money, better clothes, nicer things. 

The Internet is oh so tricky that way. Making everything always seem so AWESOME. 

And although at times I can be a bit envious that doesn't mean I'm not happy for the life changes for all these people. It just means I'm silently sitting back and waiting for our moment as well. Oh how I cannot wait to get my hands on a hammer and do some serious renovation one day!

I know how very lucky I am in so many ways. My marriage is strong, my baby is healthy and we are able to do many of the things we want to. I must say that travel is the luxury of a renter as we are not really tied down to anything!

We have been a little radio silent around here and on social media but I promise we are around! Just the same old stuff happening in these parts! 


7 reasons why I (sometimes) like my dog more than my daughter

1. He's sexually abstinent...for life

My dog will never come home with an unplanned pregnancy. Sure he's a boy and that is reason enough but he's also fixed. Teaching my daughter one day about the birds and the bees is a terrifying concept. Perhaps I should not watch Teen Mom so much as this may seem like encouragement. 

2. Attitude...no way!

Although my dog doesn't speak it's relatively easy to figure out his needs. Water. Food. Walk. He will never go all angsty teenager on me - declaring a love for anything I don't and slamming doors in my face. He will also never learn the art of the temper tantrum which my daughter is basically owning at this moment in time.

3. Independent

I can leave him home alone. In a car alone (with windows rolled down of course) and just in general...alone. His quietness doesn't mean he's getting into trouble. It means he's most likely taking a nap or licking his balls. In her case quiet usually means she has discovered his water bowl for the millionth time and tipped it all over the floor. 

4. He poops outside. Enough said. 

5. He will never need braces or glasses. Two things that if my daughter takes after me she will definitely need. Let's hope you got your dad's gene pool on that lady. 

6. Food. He eats it. Same stuff everyday without complaint. I don't worry about if he is getting enough veggies or if I have fed him Annie's too much this week. Organic? Forget about it we are talking about a dog that licks his butt. 

7. He unconditionally loves me. Sure only my husband walks him. But I let him sleep on my side of the bed (no worries about SIDS over here). His fur holds my secrets and tears and he has saved me a lot of money on therapy. He also knows better doesn't try and get away when I draw him into a hug. I'm looking at you one year old!
All joking aside I like my dog more than most people - but I love my daughter above anything. I mean that's a given right? But the internet can get all sorts of crazy so I felt I needed that little disclaimer. 

Visions of Denim

I am a firm believer that one person can never have enough jeans in their wardrobe (especially if they are acceptable work attire). I tried on an amazing pair yesterday however the price tag of $245 was enough to make me gag. (But I still linked them below - because hello they made me feel skinny!)

However when I think of the things I splurge on it's most definitely denim. I have this little made up thing I like to say called "Ratio to Wear" which simply means the more you wear it the less it costs. For example I bought a pair of sunglasses I loved in 2012 for $200 well it's 2015 and I still love them! So they basically cost me $4 a month - that's mere pennies a day :) Now that you know my inner thought process maybe we can help rationalize it to David (wink,wink)

Well I am lusting for some new denim and these are just a couple that have my attention.


Life Lately

I'm dreaming of fall over here and the weather is just not cooperating. With a whopping triple digit week, nothing says September like 104...said no one ever. We just came back from a short trip to Lake Tahoe again and I have to say I am pretty happy to be going nowhere this weekend.

No pack and play to set up. No bags to pack. No screaming in a car seat. Ahhh...it's like a Labor Day do over in my mind. I mean for a mamarazzi I only whipped out the camera on one day for an hour with a new lens. That right there says it all.
I'm taking today off to run some errands which include an eye doctor and wellness vet check for Finn. Can't say I'm too bummed about spending the day with my girl. Is it sad that I am excited to go to Target during the day with her?

P just got her first round of the MMR vaccination at her one year check up and we noticed she has swollen lymph nodes near her groin - anyone else experience that? It seems fairly common but of course I called into our pediatrician to make sure. We all managed to come home from Lake Tahoe with a cold so that's not helping our situation much either!

One really sweet thing from our trip was we came home late on Monday night and forgot to put the trash out for Tuesday pickup. Our trash guy is always looking out for us and he always empties our bin when he sees we forget. I want to do something nice for him like and leave it a top our can next week. Maybe some lotto tickets or something fun - but here is the catch. How do I make sure he sees it and doesn't throw it away?! Suggestions welcome.

Hope you all had a wonderful labor free holiday and cheers to a short work week!


Hits & Misses

I have always been the kind of person who reads the reviews on a piece of clothing before I buy it. Even though I always read them, I never write them #oops. So here is my thoughts on some items I have purchased lately.

Topshop Scallop Hem Miniskirt
Okay I actually loved this skirt. It's made of a pretty thick material similar to a ponte knit and you could easily dress it for winter with tights and booties. It also had an elastic waist band to my surprise and was super comfortable. I sadly wound up returning it because I purchased it in white and I just didn't see myself getting much use out of it in the coming months. It does come in black as well and I'm tempted!

Leith floral shift dress
I bought this with intent to wear it to a wedding we are attending this month. It had potential - loose and floral. Basically my two love languages. However when I tried it on it was choking me at the neck (which very well could be to blame on my boobs) All in all it was just sort of blah so back to the store it went!

Black Cut-Out Mini Sheath
When my sister in law texted me a photo of this dress in the black and white version I was like hot damn! I thought I could never pull it off though due in part to the peep hole and not being a size 2. She convinced me to try it on and I am so happy she did. Not only is this dress so comfortable, I went a size down in it and can wear a regular bra with it! It's worth mentioning I paid full price for this sucker - which I never do. This LBD is going to be on repeat.
Aden + Anais striped romper
I just happened to be in Nordstrom returning the two above items when I spotted this little number. As a fan of A+A swaddles I knew one of these would be coming home with me. I was slightly worried since it only sized to 12 months. However (as evidenced by the photo) it was still too big for her. My only gripe is that the muslin is very easily pulled on things. However it was too sweet to pass up. A lot more selection in the stores (not a lot is listed on Nordstrom's website) however this jacket is screaming BUY ME!
Hope you all have a long and relaxing weekend!! Happy Labor Day!

12 months

Taking these monthly photos was my favorite and I'll miss whipping out the camera on the 20th of each month. The other funny thing about having a one year old - people start thinking it's okay to ask you when baby #2 is coming.

Ha! I can't even imagine that right now!!

I've been thinking...

I've been thinking...of doing a "Salad September" and then it was the 2nd and I was over that idea.

I've been thinking...of purchasing a new lens. So I did.

I've been thinking...about purchasing a round beach towel. Random but I really want one.

I've been thinking...about how to raise P to always know her worth and never settle.

I've been thinking...about marriage and how it's hard work and how it's almost taboo to talk about it when it's hard.

I've been thinking...about buying a large piece of artwork and switching up our family room.

I've been thinking...that I wish we had this pack and play. It's expensive but one pop up sounds so convenient.

I've been thinking...that being a mama has changed me so much for the better and I love my family more than anything <3

Lots of thinking I tell ya!