Friday Vibes

Ahh we wait all week just to get to Friday! We don't have too much planned this weekend. I have a playdate, meeting with my book club and then we are headed to something our town puts on called the Walnut Festival.

In past years we have stopped attending the festival (you know how things that seemed really neat when you're little but stop having that effect when you're older?) but I am excited to go with friends and take P. I swear that little lady seriously makes everything more fun. Plus it's an excuse to "share" a caramel apple or funnel cake with her. I mean what is a fair without fair food? #nothing

My other plan this weekend if I can make some time for it is to update our bedroom. It actually makes me sad how un-adult it feels. That is mostly to blame on its size which is pretty tiny so I can't have any amazing headboard or such. However I have left it in a pretty sad state (i.e no bedskirt) for years. That's embarrassing to type out! I've been trying to be more positive about our tiny home and with that I think some decorating will help.

If you have any tips how to make a small space feel larger let me know. Clearly I have been lacking some creativity and it's time to change that!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!


  1. Ooh fair food for sure (totally order 2 so you don't have to share haha). I hear ya on working with a small space! I store a ton of stuff under beds and in closets, stacked in clear storage boxes. For decor without the clutter, corner tables/shelves make rooms feel less crowded while adding additional "stuff" space :)

  2. Can't wait to see your bedroom makeover! We don't have a headboard either - our master furniture is vintage (off Craigslist) and it didn't come with one, so instead of buying, Aaron said he would make one...HAHA 3+ years later and it's still a mattress and box spring - how embarrassing lol I love funnel cake! Fair food is the best ;) xx

  3. The Walnut Festival!!!! Ahh. My childhood. Fond memories. Hope you guys have so much fun!

  4. Can't wait to see what updates you do! I have heard that light colours help a room feel more airy. Make sure to take some "before "pictures haha!