I've been thinking...

I've been thinking...of doing a "Salad September" and then it was the 2nd and I was over that idea.

I've been thinking...of purchasing a new lens. So I did.

I've been thinking...about purchasing a round beach towel. Random but I really want one.

I've been thinking...about how to raise P to always know her worth and never settle.

I've been thinking...about marriage and how it's hard work and how it's almost taboo to talk about it when it's hard.

I've been thinking...about buying a large piece of artwork and switching up our family room.

I've been thinking...that I wish we had this pack and play. It's expensive but one pop up sounds so convenient.

I've been thinking...that being a mama has changed me so much for the better and I love my family more than anything <3

Lots of thinking I tell ya!


  1. Marriage is hard! Even harder after a baby! My marriage is a priority, but some days its hard to remember to keep it a priority with what life and Motherhood throws at you.

    And a round beach towel? Genius!

  2. Cute post!!! Marriage is hard and we don't even have a baby yet. Never heard of a round towel, now I want one.

  3. Oh I'm curious how you like the new lens!! I have a round towel and I don't use it because its annoying to wash, but that could also be because its a 2 person towel size (aka HUGE). And yes, I second the marriage is hard thing. Hang in there!

  4. So many people rave about that pack and play!

  5. that round beach towel is so pretty! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Totally want one of those beach towels too!! I'm with you on sometimes thinking marriage is hard. But it's ok to talk about it because it makes it that much more rewarding. :)

  7. LOVE that pic of you three! Salad September sounds interesting... Marriage is so hard and I couldn't agree more about it being taboo - I'm here to chat always x

  8. How do you like that lens?! I have a 50mm but I've been looking into 35mm and 28mm. Both of those lenses are still pretty expensvie though so I was pleasantly surprised to see the price tag on the 24mm when I clicked your link.
    mama might just be buying a new lens in the coming weeks... ;)