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I am so happy (as we all are) that today is Friday. This is a special one for me because it marks the last day of my commute for two months and I am so excited. My office is undergoing renovations and as a result I will be working out of the office closer to my home.

As in .9 miles from my home.

I'll be walking to and from work and able to get home to P faster at the end of the day. Did I mention sleeping in later because I'll have no commute! Hands up emoji!

I stopped in to Anthropologie yesterday to use my birthday coupon and I treated myself to a dress and a jacket - which is on the pricey side but I had a gift card! I am still on the fence about the dress so we'll see.

This weekend I have a baby sprinkle to attend and cake smash photoshoot along with a trip to the antique flea market. I'm hoping to find some old bins and baskets for newborn photos. I have been so busy taking photos I am just loving it, my last newborn session is one of my new favorites.

Lastly I created a Facebook page for this little old blog and if you have a moment to "like" it I would love you! If you like my photos I would also love for you to like my photography page - no pressure! Thanks in advance and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Easter Weekend

I am finally getting around to posting about our Easter weekend (no harm if you're so over these posts)! We went up to my in laws for the holiday and had such a nice time. It wound up being just the five of us since David's brother flew with his family to Japan that day and David's younger sister lives in San Diego. Although it was quiet (well 19 month old toddler quiet) it certainly was busy!

Now I have to praise my MIL because she bought P an egg dye kit to do at their house. Brave woman. Surprisingly Presley did extremely well dying her eggs! Aside from her hands coated in dye she was relatively clean and the pictures are some of my favorites. (TIP: Take baking soda and vinegar and make it into a paste. The dye will wash right off your skin with ease!)

My MIL had the brilliant idea to purchase oil cloth at her local fabric store. Made clean up a breeze!

The next day we celebrated with an Easter basket followed with an egg hunt. I was so excited to put P in this dress because I saw it long ago before I was even pregnant! I wanted to purchase it so badly but was worried I would jinx myself so I didn't.

When we got pregnant a couple months later and found out we were having a girl I was in a mad hunt to find the dress. I scored it on eBay, brand new with tags, and its been waiting in a closet for two years! I hope it will one day be worn on her own daughter. It's easily my most favorite outfit of hers.


20 Things to Purge

In honor of spring I have teamed up with a bunch of other hot mamas for a spring cleaning checklist. Click around and hopefully it will inspire you to purge, re-purpose or reorganize items in your home. I know easier said than done right?

Be sure to enter the spring cleaning giveaway at the end!

1. Makeup :: toss


2. Clothing :: donate

I am just as guilty as the next person for holding onto a pair of "skinny" jeans - and I don't mean in the fashion sense. The truth is even if one day you can fit into those skinny jeans again, you won't want too. Why? Because you're going to want to go buy all new stuff! Donate any ill fitting clothes or clothing you haven't worn in over a year.

3. Expired Spices :: toss

Spices are something we often buy and forget about. It's not until I pick up the onion powder that I notice it now resembles rock candy. Spices do have expirations so check yours and chuck what's out of date.

4. Books :: donate

I love reading books and I am not talking on my Kindle. While my bookshelves do hold some beloved favorites I find the ones I won't reread or loan out to a friend are better off at our local library. Many libraries have a donation drop box outside that you can donate to any time of day!

5. Pet toys :: toss/donate

The pet industry rakes in billions of dollars a year for good reason - we adore our family pets. If you're anything like me I purchase Finn toys all the time. Ones that he would often never play with. They have sat in a basket in our living room for years. Throw out any that are broken (ripped up, squeakers don't work) and donate any that are in good condition to a local animal shelter. Of course keep their favorites!

6. Nail Polish :: toss

This one is in the same category as makeup (although shelf life is a little longer) here is a great guideline to follow if you should toss or keep.

7. Intimates :: toss

If it has holes, is discolored or worse yet...stained. Toss! That's a given right? (cringe)

8. Old Electronics :: e-waste

Once upon a time the Razor phone was the must have electronic item. If you still have it hanging out in a drawer let that bad boy go. Most Best Buy stores have free e-waste available for older model phones. Some will bring you in a little cash and some you can also donate to people in need.

9. Toys :: donate/toss

Toys...they are a necessary and most certainly an evil. I mean have you ever stepped onto a lego in the middle of the night? TORTURE. If you have a toy that your child no longer plays with (and you don't plan on having any more children) donate it to those less fortunate. Anything broken - books & toys alike, toss.

10. Linens :: re-purpose/donate

Old towels can be cut up and made into rags (great for having in the garage) or often you can donate to your local animal shelters. They use old towels and blankets to line animal cages to make the animals more comfortable while they wait for their forever home. Ask your local shelter or vet if they are in need.

11. Costume Jewelry :: donate/toss

This is a hard one for me, especially as a mother to a daughter. If you go through your jewelry collection more likely than not there is a lot of stuff you're not wearing. If you haven't worn it in years it's time to go - it's the best way to make room for more!

12. Decorations :: donate/toss

Every year I decorate our tree and every year I leave the same ornaments off of it. I need to take my own advice on this one!

13. Knick Knacks :: toss

I hate the idea of junk drawers - and yes I totally have one - but their purpose is so wasteful. Likely if it's in a junk drawer it probably doesn't belong anywhere but the trash. Get rid of the miscellany and find proper homes for the stuff you want to keep.

14. Magazines :: recycle

My husband likes to have magazines in the bathroom (read: total guy) but I think they just scream clutter. Pass them along to someone who would enjoy them after your finished or recycle them when you're done.

15. Gift Bags :: recycle

Hands in the air if you save gift bags to reuse for gifts. I do but to be honest I hardly ever give gifts in bags! I really love wrapping a gift up and adding fun ribbon so all those "It's a girl" bags really ought to be "this is trash" bags.

16. Receipts :: recycle

If the return period is up toss those little trash makers. A lot of retailers have an email receipt option choose this to eliminate them all together!

17. Travel Samples :: donate

Many of us take home the toiletries when going on trips. Even if we take them, we often never use them. Local homeless shelters are a great place to donate these to!

18. Expired Medicine :: toss

If you don't have a take back program available in your area the best way to dispose of expired medicine according to the FDA is to mix up the medicine in an unpalatable substance (dirt, kitty litter, coffee grounds), place into a plastic bag and dispose of it in your household trash.

19. Freezer Food :: toss

While it's nice to have options in the freezer for dinner oftentimes those options get...old. Literally. So if you open up the fridge and see freezer burn on anything toss it out and call your local pizza joint.

20. Sentimental :: toss

I saved this for last with good reason. It's really hard for us to part with things that are irreplaceable so tread with caution here. I am not suggesting you toss out of letters and photographs but perhaps you can sift through and get rid of some old birthday cards here and there. If photographs are your thing perhaps find a way to enjoy them easier than being in a box. Create photo albums or scan and store them on your computer.

Be sure to check out all the other tips and tricks!

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Spring Forward with Floral

shirt // jacket (similar) // pants

It's no surprise now that spring is here the florals are busting out in full force. I actually am beginning to think I need a serious floral intervention. It's out of hand -- but I am aware and that's the first step right? Since I am putting myself on a floral restriction that doesn't mean you have to. I mean it just keeps coming and it never stops being cute. I love shopping small because it means I am not dressing my babe like everyone else! 

Loving Lately: Chambray

When it comes to a summertime wardrobe staple I immediately think of white jeans and chambray. It's effortless while looking pulled together and you can dress it up or down to your desire. However, like the perfect pair of jeans that make you feel good, finding the perfect chambray can be a challenge. So if you're on the hunt for your 2016 chambray I've got you covered.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Highs & Lows

I spent this weekend doing one of the things I love most in the world, spending it at the coast. Every time I feel my feet sink into the sand, the misty air upon my face and can just marvel at the ocean it's always better than the last. So we spent my last day of 32 just like that - in my happy place with my favorite people.

Sunday, the 20th was my actual birthday and we kept it pretty low key. Rain ruined any real plans so we holed up indoors and made the most of it. My house is now filled with gorgeous flowers, candy and I have enough bath bombs to last a week - my people know me. Sadly, my 33rd ended on a low note and that was learning about the passing of my very loved Grandpa.

The only surviving sibling (of ten!) left in his big Italian family he passed in the early morning hours of the 21st at the age of 94. Even though many miles separated us he always made his grandchildren feel special, important and loved. He has 8 great-grandchildren and Presley was his only great-granddaughter and that always felt really special to me. I wish we had lived closer to one another so he could have met her. I know that so much of my mom's good naturedness comes from this man and for that I am so grateful. He will be very missed.

Rest in Peace Grandpa. We love you.


Infused Goodness | Softsie

I don't know about you but this week has crawled by! I am so excited that Friday is finally here and it's my birthday weekend - doesn't get much better than that!

I want to introduce you guys to an awesome children's line called, Softsie. When Natalie first reached out to me a while back about her new product she was developing I immediately loved the concept. Softsie is a line of clothing (right now available in mint or black diamond footed sleepers) that has aloe vera, jojoba oil & vitamin E infused into its fabric. Each time your child wears it the moisturizing material is released onto their skin. Designed with comfort in mind with a breathable cotton fabric that will offer year round wearability.
As soon as we opened our package my first thought was this is exactly the sort of item I would purchase for my daughter. The fabric is so so soft, the color is pleasing and overall it's a real quality piece. I even wrote back to Natalie right away and said "where is my matching pj pants?"

The inspiration behind this concept was that Natalie's daughter was experiencing dry, itchy skin during the fall months. She knew as fall turned to winter that irritation to her daughter would only get worse. After doing some research she realized that there was a potential market for people just like her wanting some comfort for their child. That's when softsie was born.

Now seriously -- make adult pj pants and I'll be the first one filling my virtual shopping cart!

To honor the first day of Spring (and also my birthday!!) Softsie is having a weekend of free shipping! Just use code SPRING.

This product was given to me in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


Blogger Baby Registry Favorites

Baby Registry 101 Bloggers Top 5 Baby Registry Picks
Hey everyone! I have teamed up with  a bunch of other bloggers for Britt's Baby Registry 101 series. 10 bloggers have brought you a selection of our favorite picks and we hope this narrows things down for anyone deciding what to register for! Keep in mind these are just our experiences with certain items and it all depends on what works for you. The Wubbanub did not work for us (plus I wasn't all about the stuffed animal on it) but people swear by it. Mam fans over here (especially the glow in the dark ones!)

If I can give one piece of advice it is to buy yourself a nice camera. I know I say this partially because I love photography but I can assure you that your iPhone is just not good enough for that yummy newborn. Sure it's easy and available but you won't regret whipping out the big camera - especially when it comes time to print. Just some food for thought!

Hi, everyone! My name is Brittany and I blog over at Life as the Mrs. I'm married to my husband of 5 1/2 years, Brandon, and we are the proud parents of Walker (2) and baby boy #2, who is due May 25. We live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, and I'm a Texas girl through and through. As one of our friends (who is from Chicago) like to say, "You Texans are pretty much proud of everything!" I have to agree. ;)

Having had one baby and another one on the way, Brandon and I had a lot of trial-and-error with baby products. We learned quickly that what works best for some might not work best for us (or others), but once we found what worked, we stuck with it! We plan to use a lot of the same things for baby #2, but did upgrade on a few products. Here are my Top 5 Baby Registry Must-Haves:

1. Puj Tub: The Puj Tub is a great thing to have at your disposal once you can give baby an actual bath. This little tub uses magnets to fold and fit perfectly in your bathroom or kitchen sink, and we loved that Walker didn't slip and slide in it. The soft foam material is easy to clean, and it dries hanging flat, so you don't worry about mold or mildew getting in the little cracks and crevices. We are definitely using this for Baby #2, too!

2. Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer: We used Dr. Brown's bottles with Walker, and they were a lifesaver for us because of his reflux. So, I knew I didn't have to use the Dr. Brown's bottle warmer to accompany the bottles (and didn't at first and instead went with cheaper options), but we found it was the only bottle warmer that didn't leak and/or crap out on us after a few weeks of use. I did replace this for Baby #2 since Walker's got a little nasty from breast milk and/or formula spills, but that was total user error!

3. Ubbi Diaper Pail: My sweet blogger friend Aileen recommended the Ubbi Diaper Pail to us and sang its praises -- most notably the fact that you don't have to use expensive refills like you do with other diaper systems, including the Diaper Genie (which we had with Walker and I loathed). We purchased this ahead of Baby #2's arrival since Walker is still in diapers, and we have been very impressed with it! Not only does it take regular kitchen trash bags, it condenses the smell a lot better and I think holds more diapers.

4. Fisher Price Swing: Oh, the Fisher-Price "My Little Snugapuppy" Swing, I will sing your praises forever. Walker loved this sweet little swing (in addition to the corresponding bouncer) and took many a naps in this thing. I liked that it wasn't too complicated, was easy to clean and could rock both back-and-forth and side-to-side. We will definitely be using this for Baby #2!

5. Wubbanub Pacifier: We used Wubbanubs from the second Walker came home from the hospital. They're little stuffed animals attached to a Soothie pacifier, which is what hospitals offer newborns (if they're pro-pacificer and you are, too) and Walker took to immediately. The weight of the animal helped keep the pacifier in his mouth, especially at night, and the older he got, the little animal made it easier for him to pick up and put back in his mouth. Plus, they're just adorable! 
Hi, I'm Julie! I'm a Michigan based Mama behind the blog - Just the Joy's. I am blessed with a beautiful sassy 11 month old baby girl and have another bundle of Joy on the way! In the short time since I've become a Mom, I've learned about sooooo many products that I've found to be life savers or some that are straight up useless. Here are some of my most used (read: wouldn't want to live without) baby registry items!

1. Portable High Chair

This item right here is hands down one of my favorite gifts we received! My girlfriend hit the nail on the head with this one! Especially because it's pink camo! Which is perfect for us being hunters... but no worries, it comes in many other colors too! We use this while camping, weekend traveling, family gatherings, or when going to a babysitter's house is needed. It could even be used at a restaurant if desired! It folds up easily and is compact. It even has a handy storage bag with a strap for over the shoulder carrying!

2. Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer
Sometimes (read: all the time) it's all about making a Mom's life easier! Although I did breast feed, we mostly relied on pumping and bottle feeding. When you have a screaming hungry baby, the few minutes it takes to get that bottle ready seem like an eternity! I originally had the mindset that I would be frugal and just use hot water in a cup every time I needed to heat a bottle... until I went to a friend's and used her Dr. Brown bottle warmer.... less than 3 minutes and I was ready to go! Also, I love that it sterilizes the nipple while warming the milk. I also love that it fits both 4oz or 8oz bottles. You can also sterilize pacifier's or warm baby food! And lastly, it's so simple to use! Convenience for the win!

3. Ergo Performance Baby Carrier

As mentioned above, it's all about making life easier! Having a baby carrier allows you to give your baby the attention he/she needs as well as be hands free and able to do other things such as cooking or cleaning or walking around the farmer's market without running people over with a stroller. When she was a smaller baby, I often used the Moby wrap as well. Which was very comfortable and more natural feeling, yet a little more time consuming to put on. You can also purchase an infant insert for the Ergo. I chose the Performance style Ergo because it has a breathable mesh so you or the baby don't get hot and sweaty, there's padding along the waist band as well as the shoulder straps to make for extra comfort, and lastly, it's super easy to put on!

4. Braun Forehead Thermometer
As you may already know, getting a baby/toddler to sit still long enough for a temperature read can be nearly impossible. As if having a sick child isn't bad enough as it is! That's why I absolutely love this thermometer! It's super simple, painless, quick, and gives an accurate reading!

5. Cozy Cart and Chair Cover

Did you know that grocery store shopping carts have more germs than public restrooms?? Anyone else a germ-o-phobe like myself?! If you are, this cover is like gold! If I had to estimate how many times I've used this, I'd say at least 100 times! It's not just for shopping carts, but it's also great for restaurant highchairs!

Bonus: Fitted crib mattress and large multi use pads. The fitted crib pad is great for night time leaks and definitely saves the mattress. It fits great under a crib sheet. The large multi use pads are great for using in a bassinet or pack and play and can even be used in a toddler bed. Secret tip: I kept one in my pickup while I was pregnant for the moment my water broke and I had to drive to the hospital. My husband was thoroughly impressed that I was prepared for that moment and that I didn't leak on the leather seats! ;)
Hey ya'll! I'm Jessi from Jessi's Design and I am the proud (semi) new Mama to Miss Anderson Greer who is 11 months old. We live in small town Virginia and take Southern charm to a whole new level. Have ya'll seen the onesie that says "Well dressed Southern mess?" that probably sums it up in these parts!

1. Pack-n-play: We STILL use this as our main changing station and she actually slept in this for her first 6 months of life. The newborn napper was perfect for the first few weeks and it can be removed when no longer needed. These things are so easy to take along for traveling and we have LOVED it.

2. Motorola video monitor: This monitor has been a life saver. The range is fantastic and so is the sound. You can talk to your babe through it and even soothe them with music. It is a must have for any home!  

3. Baby Brezza: We purchased the Baby Brezza at Target when Andi started solids. It was SO easy to use and so money-saving/efficient. It is an excellent way to make your own baby food and so user friendly!  

4. 4moms Plush Mamaroo Infant Seat: Ya'll, this is a MUST. It's on the pricey side but so worth it. This thing definitely got used to the max. We traveled with this everywhere we went until she outgrew it. It has the coolest movement and sound settings - I give it an A++  

5. Wubbanub: The simple wubbanub! You can't go wrong and pick out so many different animals and colors. Andi didn't take to a paci very well but loved that it was attached to a plush animal that she could cuddle!
I'm Courtney and I blog over at A + Life! I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mama to Abigail(5 years) and Mabel(10 months). I blog about motherhood, home decor, family, infertility, faith, and well- just about anything and everything. We live in Joplin, Missouri, are active in our church, and love to cheer for the Kansas City Royals(yes, we're STILL crazy excited about the World Series). I would love it if you stopped by my blog to say hello!

My most very favorite baby products are actually ALL new products for baby #2! I didn't use any of them with my first daughter, so I like to think that with some experience on my side this time around, I've really found some of the greatest baby items available. My top 5 look like this:

1. Solly Baby Wrap: I never did any baby wearing the first time around. But it has been the most wonderful discovery for me! Mabel is 10 months old and we are still using the Solly! It is soft and comfortable. Breathable and light. We have it in a dark gray fabric, but the endless color options on their site make it hard to choose just one! I can't recommend this baby product enough. It is my top baby item rec.

2. Little Unicorn Swaddles: These blankets were absolutely perfect for my summer baby! They are HUGE but also light and gauzy and just perfect. With so many sweet prints to choose from, they are stylish, comfortable, and such a great baby item.

3. Rock N Play:  The RNP. Also known as a total LIFE SAVER. Mabel slept in this thing beside my bed for a solid seven months. Oh and if she wasn't napping in the Solly baby wrap, she was napping in this instead. I had heard so many people talk about this as magical baby item- but I skipped it the first time around. BIG MISTAKE. Huge! Don't skip this one!

4. Bumbo Seat and Activity Tray: So Abigail had a Bumbo seat that she used all of one time. Her legs were way, way, WAY too fat to fit inside it. Well, Bumbo got it together and remade their seat. It's contoured differently now and is shaped way better for fat baby legs. I was sent a new seat and this activity tray to try out(actually before Mabel was even born!) and it quickly became one of our absolute favorite baby items. As soon as Mabel could hold her head up she LOVED being in this seat! She could play and sit in the same room as big sister and I and it made everyone so happy. We stopped using it once she could sit up on her own, but before then, we seriously used it all the time and really put some major mileage on that thing.

5. Boon Flair High Chair: we just recently had a need for a high chair(perhaps I should mention that we dealt with secondary infertility for years so we sold all of our baby stuff and had to replace it all when we got pregnant again?) We started solids with Mabel around 7 months so we only just recently got a new one! After hating the space saver high chair we had with Abigail, I did some research and waited for a sale. I scored the fabulous Boon Flair for a great price! It has been amazing. Who knew you could love a high chair so much? Easy to clean, great to use. It rolls on our wood floors and has hydraulics so you can raise and lower it. Plus, it doesn't take up one of our dining room chairs. It is all around fabulous and I highly recommend it! 
Hi! I'm Cait from Home Sweet Ruby. Currently a Charleston resident, I'm a boy mama to a rambunctious 13 month old. I'm currently navigating the world of motherhood while attempting to maintain my sense of self and a sense of humor one cheap glass of Pinot noir at a time. Here's the deal with babies and registries. You need a lot of stuff. It's super easy to get sucked into all of the fancy gear and adorable toys directed towards that newborn stage. I confess that we have an abnormally large amount of swaddle blankets. Apparently I also have a thing for pants and pajamas with animals on the butt. But once my son got to the "doesn't sit still for more than 5 seconds stage," we didn't have anything to keep him busy.

We were also ill-prepared for solid food and sippy cups. So when friends ask me for registry advice, I always tells them to remember your babe is going to grow out of most of the stuff you register for and you'll have to drop a couple hundred on Amazon Prime just to keep up. So, I give you my top five items for after the newborn stage, which as I look at it mostly consists of meal time gear. Maybe we just eat a lot?! That white noise machine though, do yourself a favor and use that from day one. Sleep Sheep doesn't stand a chance.

1. IKEA Highchair: So simple, easy to clean, $20 (!!), and that sweet babe of yours can use it from the time he or she is sitting up. Highly, highly recommend. Originally we registered for different highchair and the fabric was always a B to clean and it was bulky. So off to IKEA we went!  

2. White Noise Machine: Natural white noise sound, doesn't shut off automatically, and its still going over a year later. Having something to drown out noise and mimic the sounds your babe heard before he or she was born is crucial.

3. VTech Sit to Stand Walker: This is an all time favorite toy in our household! Mind you, your Achilles and baseboards will take quite a few hits but I think this walker was a huge reason why my son walked so early.  

4. Bowls and Cups: The suction on these Munchkin bowls ensure my son can't chuck them at the dog and after extensive testing, the Miracle 360 sippy cup is a clear winner- easy to clean and no leaking.  

5. Snack KeeperThis snack keeper can withstand being dropped (read: thrown) five thousand times and we haven't lost a Cheerio yet. You can check out my newborn registry favorites here, see my love affair with my diaper bag here, take a peak at Rowan's nursery here, and hear my thoughts on our Britax R-Ready stroller here!

Hi there! Y'all are here so no intro necessary! Here are my top five picks:

1. HALO Velcro Swaddles: When I became a mom I was one of those that thought my daughter didn't like to be swaddled. "Oh she really likes her hands by her face" I would say. It wasn't until 5 weeks later that it dawned on me that she has no idea what she likes! So I tucked those little newborn arms under her and swaddled. It was the first time she slept over 5 hours. Velcro swaddles made my life so much easier - no tucking & folding. Just a zip and press. I like HALO for their wide array of selections when it comes to fabric, sizes and prints.

2. Solly Wrap: I love baby wearing - in fact it's one of my most missed things about my daughter being so tiny. What I love about the Solly Wrap is that is is lightweight and breathable, convenient to ball up and throw into my diaper bag and easy to put on as well. I could wear my daughter for hours and it instantly calmed her. There are many benefits to baby wearing including promoting bonding with your child, being able to be hands free & even helps to reduce postpartum depression - just to name a few!

3. Boppy Changing Pad Liners: Babies require multiple diaper changes a day. You will find that sometimes you are just not quick enough to catch it all. These liners made changing time so much easier. Instead of having to wash the changing pad cover each time I simply put a new liner down. Trust me when I say add it to your registry.   

4. Boon Lawn: When it comes to babies it means that a lot of washing is in your future. From clothing to bottles if something makes life easier than I am all about that. The Boon lawn is great because it collects excess water at the bottom the tray, has ample storage and a low profile. It also comes with cute accessories for things like bottle nipples and pacifiers. Bonus - it nicely dries wine glasses.  

5. One Piece Pajamas: When I found out I was having a girl I immediately began shopping. Mini jeggings and lots of dresses and bows were awaiting her arrival. Well I should have known that when she arrived it would be much easier to zip her into a cozy little one piece. We never have enough of these and seeing a baby in footy pajamas never gets old. We are big fans of Carter's fleece & cotton snug fit pajamas.

Hi it's Jillian from Cornflake Dreams. I live in Charleston, South Carolina with my husband and one-year old daughter Violet. Our family loves taking long walks around our neighborhood and downtown.

1. Happy Wrap Baby Carrier or Solly Baby Wraps: These are great for bringing along the baby for walks. Both wraps are lightweight and breathable.

2. Rock 'N Play: Another must-have registry item is the fisher price rock n play -- Violet loved sleeping in it and we used it until she was four months old. It was so convenient to move it around the house and she could nap anywhere.

3. Lulujo Baby Bamboo Swaddle: We swaddled Violet from the waist down when she slept and Lulujo baby bamboo swaddle are our favorites. They are super soft and have so many uses after your little one stops being swaddled (Violet uses hers now as a lightweight blanket). I like the xoxo + twinkle stars prints.

4. Baby Bjorn Bouncer: This was our mealtime friend -- it was the only thing Violet would sit in while mom and dad ate dinner. She especially liked the wooden toy that attached onto it.

5. Dr. Brown Gia breastfeeding pillow: Makes breastfeeding easy and comfortable. 
Hi there, lovely readers! My name is Jessica, and I blog over on a little slice of the internet called The Newly. You can find me there almost daily recounting the adventures of life with two crazy littles and a husband completing a surgical residency. Brittany and I have been blog friends for a while now, so when she asked me if I wanted to participate in this super fun collaboration, I was so excited. When I was pregnant with my first baby - my son Caleb - I remember being completely overwhelmed by all the information that gets thrown at you when it is time to register. I would have loved a comprehensive guide to registering like Brittany has put together over the last few weeks, so I am happy to contribute what I know!

1. Tommee Tippee Bottles: We have tried a variety of bottles, and two kids later, have decided that Tommee Tippees are the only ones for us. As a breastfeeding mama that wanted her children to be able to take milk from a bottle when needed, these just seemed to do the trick. The nipples are designed to closely resemble a real nipple...and maybe my kids are gullible. Or maybe they just work. Because both my son and my daughter have loved these bottles. Total believer.  

2. Blooming Baby Bath: We never wanted one of the big bulky infant bath tubs taking up space in our home. No, thanks. With Caleb, we purchased a foam bather that we placed in the bottom of the tub during bath time. It worked well...except for one little problem. There was no way to clean it, so after a few baths, it would have to be tossed. With Vivian,  we registered for the Blooming Baby Bath. And we have LOVED it! Its compact, soft, flexible, washable, and so stinking cute. It can be used in the sink or tub. Highly recommend.  

3. Aden & Anais Swaddles: Another product we didn't have with Caleb that we invested in for Vivian were the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets that you hear everyone droning on and on about it. Well, I can attest to the droning - they are well worth the money. These blankets are lightweight and breathable. And the size is perfect. They can double as nursing covers and infant carrier covers (keep those strangers from touching/breathing on your sweet newborn!) Trust me. Buy them.  

4. Paci Clips: I was given some cute, expensive pacifier clips as well as several of the Wubbanubs to try with both babies. But these simple Walmart clips have been more well-used than any others. They are less than $5 each, and last for forever. They wash well. The clips stay tight. Babies can't pull them off. And you don't have to worry about where baby's paci went - especially in the car while driving. Amen.

5. Rock n Play: We had a bassinet that we used with both Caleb and Vivian, but if we did not have that, I would have bought a Rock n Play in a hurry. All - and I mean ALL - of my mama friends swear by theirs. They are perfect for newborns to sleep in during those first few weeks at home. They are easily portable and can be carried from room to room (unlike the bassinet that we used). And they supposedly work wonders with creating the perfect environment for long naps. Winning. Hope this helps! And good luck, mamas:) 
Hi, all!! I am Jess from Scott Family of Maine! We have a 3.5 year old boy, Cameron, and a 9 month old girl, Louise, so I am basically an expert at baby products! I remember registering for the first time...I think I added and deleted about 23,843 products before deciding on a final list. When we found out I was pregnant with Louise, I started looking at some new items because, let's be honest, I didn't use half the stuff I got for Cam and ended up needing completely different stuff that I had to buy. Some of these items are tried and true (rocker, swaddle, bumbo, pacis) and some items are new pieces that have worked like a charm for Louise (high chair and security blanket). 

1. Fisher Price Rock and Play: This is a lifesaver. (I might say that about everything on this list!) Both kids slept in this for naps and nighttime, until they were too old about five months. It folds up and stores easily, cleans easily and makes life easier. :) 

2. Miracle Blanket: Cameron was super colic-y, so THIS helped us so much! It's like a straight jacket for babies, but as soon as you wrap them in it, they calm down. It's also virtually impossible to break out of, so they sleep longer. 

3. Aden & Anais Security Blanket: Louise does not calm down or sleep without this. She LOVES to have something over her face (weird), and this is totally breathable. It's also small enough to bring places, so we don't worry about it dragging on the ground and getting dirty. And the silky edge is perfect for rubbing. We have six of these, in case you need to know how important they are to us!

4. Boon Flair Highchair: I totally got this on a SUPER sale, but we call it our "magic" chair. We put Louise in it, and she's fine for an hour. She could have nothing in front of her, and she'll sit in it and be happy. It's high enough to sit at our island, it's on wheels (amazing) and it's so easy to clean. (Can you tell I don't love to clean?!) If you see it on sale or you're having more than one kid, BUY THIS!

5. Bumbo and Bumbo Activity Center: A favorite for both kids. Once babies realize that they don't have to lie down all the time, they want to sit all. the. time. We used this as a high chair, before they could sit in a real high chair, too. And the activity center...great time passer before they can move around! 

Bonus: MAM Pacifiers: Both of our kids use(d) these, but I know every kid has a difference preference. The reason that I really love these is because they have ones that glow in the dark!! Hello...smartest idea ever! We also LOVE the Bob stroller, Graco infant car seat, Fisher Price swing, Baby Einstein playmat and exersaucer, Ergo 360 and Dr Brown Bottles. Baby Registry Favorites Brittany Hi, everyone! I'm Brittany and I'm the mama to a wild 11 month old little man named Logan. My husband and I live in a suburb of Indianapolis where we both work full time. When I'm not working or loving on my little goofball, you can find me blogging over at Perpetually Daydreaming. Here are some of my very favorite baby products to include on your registry. 

1. NoseFrida:  My little man has been in daycare since he was three months old and there is just nothing like those daycare germs! Getting sick is inevitable and when your babe gets hit, you'll want him to be able to breathe. In my opinion, nothing works better for cleaning out snotty noses than the Nosefrida. While I have a love/hate relationship with it (Love how it works, hate having to wrangle my little to use it) I consider it an essential.   

2. Dr. Brown’s Bottles and Dishwasher Basket:  Hands down the best bottles. I know lots of people swear by these, myself included. We had a little incident with a different brand of bottles where my little guy was getting too much air and it. was. awful! We switched to Dr. Brown's at one month old and haven't looked back. We like the wide neck kind because it's easier to pour formula into them. And the dishwasher basket is specially designed for Dr. Brown's bottle parts, so you know they are getting clean. 

3. Halo Sleepsack Swaddle: I love these sleepsacks! The velcro swaddles and zippers are so convenient when they are little and need swaddled and also act as a cozy (but not too hot) blanket. They are high quality cotton material and come in lots of fun prints. I also love the regular sleepsacks (without the swaddle) for when they get out of that swaddle phase. It's a safe way for your baby to 'wear' a blanket. 

4. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: The one toy that makes noise that doesn't drive you crazy! And it actually distracts my babe from whatever fit he was having, like getting strapped into the carseat. It's also the perfect size to throw in the diaper bag or keep in the car. We started using this around 3 or 4 months and are still loving it at 10+ months. That's a winner in my book! 

5. Baby Bjorn Original Carrier: I love the simplicity of this infant carrier. A baby carrier is kind of personal preference, but I definitely consider it an essential. These days I use it when we're shopping, going out to eat and I need my hands free to carry a tray/drink/etc, or just anytime I need my hands free. He is always perfectly content in the carrier and will even fall asleep in it!  

Affiliate links are used throughout this post. These posts are not sponsored and each blogger has selected their items based off personal preferences and experiences.

That's a wrap on the Baby Registry 101 Series! Hope you all enjoyed it!

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