5 Reasons to Take a Girls Trip (after you become a mom)

1. For the pre mom you

Sometimes it's hard to remember young carefree you. A time that you used to spend late nights out dancing has turned into late nights of cluster feeding & diaper changes. The pre mom you would die a little inside to know the current size of your bra and the post mom you can't believe you wore skirts that short. The pre mom you was fun and spontaneous while the post mom you wants a nap and to go to the bathroom alone.

Do it for you. The pre and post mom.

2. Your husband deserves this time

One of the best pieces of advice I got as a new mom was to always let your husband help, even if you think you got it all covered. Because if you constantly turn down his offers one day he will stop asking. The relationship he forms with your child is just as important as your own so loosen your grip on the reigns. I assure you if you leave him in a room with a dirty diaper clad child - he will eventually figure out how to change it.

3. It's a battery recharge

Can we all agree that children are exhausting? Once your child finally gets the hang of that thing called sleep they soon become a toddler. Where bouncing off the walls takes on a very literal meaning and saying "five more seconds" is just one of the lies you will spit out that day to your tiny tyrant. We all need some downtime and getting out with your girls is the perfect way to decompress.

4. It's good for your child

As much as I enjoy hearing the word mama (and trust me it's my favorite) I equally enjoy seeing the bond she has created with her other family members. From grandparents, to aunties and cousins alike she knows them and loves them. Which makes it so much easier to leave her with them. Bye, bye baby!

5. Girlfriends are family you get to choose

Once you have a baby it's very easy to get wrapped up in the unit that is your family. For good reason as you are marveling at this small creature and trying to readjust to your new normal! But guess what? That husband of yours is going to sleep like a baby and it's your girlfriends you will be texting late at night. They understand you, cry with you and no doubt are always there for you (moms or not) so remember that and nurture those relationships.