Rise & Wine!

The day has finally arrived that I get to meet Stephanie & Cait in person! Is this what Tinder is like? I feel really lucky that the girls are flying to me because that means I can ridiculously overpack and have no qualms about it. Natasha will be driving down from Tahoe to join us later this evening and I am excited to see her as always.

Life has been kinda crazy lately and I am so ready to kick my feet up, drink some wine and hang out with some girlfriends. If you want to follow along you can find me on snapchat (lp8rk3r) but can I just say sorry in advance? Snapping and drinking + filters is one of my favorite things.

You've been warned.


  1. Yay! HAve so much fun! Can't wait to read all about it.

  2. How fun!! Hope you ladies have a great time!! xx

  3. is this what tinder is like?!!? lol
    have the best time!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. OMG I'm crazy jealous! Have SO much fun!

    Adding you on Snap now because drinking + snaps + filters are totes my jam too