Life Lately

I can't believe February is already here. Things are rolling ahead at such a quick pace I have to stop and remember to take a breath sometimes. As much as I wish life was always like those pretty Instagram squares it's not. But that's okay - we tend to embrace the mess around here. We are so excited to take P up to Lake Tahoe in two short weeks to experience snow for the first time. I can practically hear her squeals of delight when on a sled. I can also hear the sobs when I put on her snow clothing for the first time.

I treated myself to a pair of Sorel's (with the help of some gift certificates) and now I need more excuses to get up into the mountains. I don't think David will be complaining about that since my typical year round attire is flip flops. Let's see how I handle being cold AF.

P is growing so fast and delivering the best one liners. The words she knows and understands continues to amaze me. "Oh mommy, you're so funny" is one of my favorites. She is a wild, strong willed child but my gosh do I love her something fierce. These days she also likes to tell me "No mama, it's too big" in regards to something she doesn't want to wear. If it doesn't twirl I can basically forget about it.

I'm in the middle of finally updating some of the things in our bedroom now that P's room is overflowing done. (Hardly any of which is pictured above as it was in the wash!) I recently purchased this duvet and this quilt for the bottom of the bed. Our room is pretty small so that creates a bit of a hinderance when decorating.  I think all it needs next is a rug and that will make it feel more homey. This room has been neglected for so long - it's nice to actually look forward to crawling into bed.

I've got Finn curled up at my feet and a cough ricohcheting so hard off my ribcage it's giving me a headache. With three sessions to edit on my queue it's time to say adieu!

Hope you are all having a great week!


Valentine's with Minted

Full disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Minted. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
Thank you for supporting brands that support Happily Ever Parker.

Just one of the many reason's I am so excited for P to start school is to hand out Valentine's. I still remember so well picking out my favorites and being so excited to hand them out (and receive them!) Creating your valentine chair backer or box was all part of the fun - candy an added bonus.

Since school won't happen for P until September we decided to make some Valentine's at home to join in on the festivities. I mean anything that involves a marker is an activity she wants to do - even if I have to chase her around reminding her to cap each and every pen.

love & dog sign (DIY wedding present // little artist shelf // I love you art // valentine banner

I love incorporating little touches of the holiday's into P's room (I know this is nothing revolutionary) so when Minted reached out to team up I knew exactly what I wanted to share. I've had my eye on this I Love You That Is All Foil-Stamped Wall Art for some time now (true story I blogged about it last Valentine's!) pair that with the Little Artist shelf and I had the perfect place to hang her first little Valentine's masterpiece.

All the wood framing in her room is made by David so I was pretty excited to see that they had white wash as an option. It's a perfect match and I can change out the art and decorations on it easily. If you're looking for some cute Valentine's decor or cards head over to Minted, all foil pressed Valentine cards and gifts are 20% off until 1/30 11:59PM with the code BEMINE.

Also don't mind the art under the little artist shelf - P took it upon herself to draw all over the wall! #reallife


This past weekend P and I went down to Southern California to go visit my sister, bro-in-law, nephews and their new puppy, Marshall. What can I say the dog lover in me always has ulterior motives. Our quick visit went by way too fast (even with an extra day tacked on due to mechanical issues on our return flight) had a lot of rain and led us on a great adventure to find matching pajama pants. Which sadly we did not succeed at because apparently pajama pants in January are really hard to find, who knew?

If puppies and babies are your thing, feast your eyes below. If they aren't well...then what are you even doing here on my blog? Just kidding! No but really...

Oh and also HI! You may notice things are new around here :) It always drove me a bit nutty that my blog wasn't mobile friendly and now it is! Some tweaking still to do but for the most part I am liking the new fresh layout. Hope you do too!


Be Kind

Today is Inauguration Day.

Some people are filled with dread, others with joy.

Some people are protesting, others feeling propitious.

We as a nation are more divided than ever. Clashing on topics so vehemently that we are hurting one another to get our point across. Keyboard warriors out in full effect. Calling for his praise, calling for his removal. We are screaming so loudly from each side no one can hear anything.

I tell you who can hear.

The little people in your home. The one's whose minds are forming so rapidly under our watch. They mimic us, look up to us and trust in us. It's the most important job in the world helping raise a human and the foundation of who they become and what is important to them begins in our homes. What a privilege.

Listen with both ears and give all your attention

Think before you speak/respond - then think some more

Ask questions to better understand things that confuse you

Travel as much and as often as possible -  the world is full of beautiful people, places & cultures

Don't be scared of people that you think are dissimilar to you


Educate yourself

Above anything else be kind

Be kind, be kind, be kind

“There are men and women who make the world better just by being the kind of people they are. They have the gift of kindness or courage or loyalty or integrity. It really matters very little whether they are behind the wheel of a truck or running a business or bringing up a family. They teach the truth by living it.” ― James Garfield (1831–1881)


Scenes from the weekend

I cannot for the life of me get my blogging act together. Apologies to everyone and by everyone I mean my mother. Probably the last person reading this little white space of mine. We enjoyed the long weekend with playing dress up, heading to the petting zoo at Tilden Park and just hanging around.

This weekend we head down to Southern California to visit my sister. Just me and P are going and while Disneyland was on the agenda rain may be dampening our plans. Which is a total bummer. I am looking forward to sister time and mostly getting to meet my sister's new Australian Shepherd puppy - puppy swaddle pictures will be in full effect!


Snow Day

We are taking P to the snow for the first time in February and if the snow keeps up like it has in Tahoe, we are all in for a real treat! As a kid growing up we never traveled to the snow, despite being only a three hour drive from Tahoe. I think that's mostly because my parents both grew up in New York and had seen all the snow they wanted to. In turn we became a family of beach goers and always chose warm over cold when it come to family excursions. Evident of where my love of the beach comes from!

I have had fun picking out clothing for P to wear while we bundle up with friends in a couple of weeks. So if you're on the hunt for snow gear for the family I have some cute picks right here! Including that adorable snow all in one - I watched this puppy like a hawk waiting for it to come back in stock. Now that I have P covered that leaves me with not one snow ready thing to wear. Standard.


Life Lately

Since its been raining so much in these parts we've just been sitting back and enjoying the indoors. We even decided to break out P's kitchen (that I've held onto since last June!) finally for playtime. Also because rain for an entire week can equal two batty parents. These are just some snaps from the first couple of weeks of January.

It's obvious that P's room is the favorite and I am hoping this year to focus a little more on our bedroom. I can hardly call it a master (it's the same size as P's!) but it desperately needs some love. So onwards to my next project!


In hindsight


It's such an interesting thing. Sometimes it drags (hello Monday-Friday) and other times it seemingly goes at warp speed. We can't bottle it up, nor go back in time as much as we wish we could.  When I clicked on my timehop app on my phone I was all too well reminded that two years ago today was my first day back at work after having P. As soon as I saw the photo pop up it hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember taking this photo and subsequently sobbing after I put her to bed that evening.

Those first couple of weeks back at work were difficult. P was still not sleeping through the night and every morning I left her it felt as it my heart was breaking all over again. Honestly - she was just too damn little to leave - even with a generous maternity leave of 4.5 months. America has maternity leave so darn backwards.

However now, two years later, I can honestly say that I feel like everything was a blessing in disguise. Had I not returned to work I may have never developed my love of photography to the point of making it my other job. Maybe one day - my only job. Sure I likely would have picked up the camera more but I don't know that I ever would have begun taking photos for others.

Photography brings me so much joy. I love creating, composing and capturing details of our families life just as much as other families lives. After a great first year in business I am so proud of myself. I am proud that I did something scary. That I tried something new. That I allowed myself time and time again to be "uncomfortable".

I guess this is just my way of saying that even when you think things don't go your way - they just very well might be. You just need to give it a little time.

How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now, and there will never be a time when it is not now.
- Gerald Jamplosky


P's Big Girl Room

When I first envisioned P's nursery I always wanted a space for a baby that was more for me. I knew I would be the one spending countless hours in there (and oh I did!) and would ultimately need to enjoy the space as I nursed my little newborn.

I know a lot of people create a space that their baby can grow into but that wasn't really the case with me. Mostly because I wanted to create a space for her that she would love once I got to know her little personality a bit better. Plus I wanted all the babyness because that time is just so fleeting.

Now P is over two, sleeping in a big girl bed and has the room to match her big personality. Her room is most assuredly everyone's favorite in our house (even David loves it in all its girlyness!) It also helps that it gets the most delicious morning light. She really plays with every inch of her room and I adore that. Her teepee is her safe spot, her "go away everybody" place as well as her "mama, come in my teepee!"

Her little vanity she got for Christmas serves as a place for make believe - and trust me when I say she is ALL believing. It's so sweet to watch her mimic my actions, although I suspect that lots more top knots are in her future if she's anything like me.

The final piece I was waiting on was David to make a frame for the gold leaf painting I created with my friends. He used a birch wood and inlayed the canvas, it turned out just as I had imagined! I hope P loves her room for a long time to come!

| most sources listed below |

bed guard rail (I got lucky and scored this on Craigslist!)
vanity (purchased on Cyber Monday for a great deal!)

tassel garland
blanket ladder
gold leaf print + frame
white shelving
paint chip garland over vanity