This past weekend P and I went down to Southern California to go visit my sister, bro-in-law, nephews and their new puppy, Marshall. What can I say the dog lover in me always has ulterior motives. Our quick visit went by way too fast (even with an extra day tacked on due to mechanical issues on our return flight) had a lot of rain and led us on a great adventure to find matching pajama pants. Which sadly we did not succeed at because apparently pajama pants in January are really hard to find, who knew?

If puppies and babies are your thing, feast your eyes below. If they aren't well...then what are you even doing here on my blog? Just kidding! No but really...

Oh and also HI! You may notice things are new around here :) It always drove me a bit nutty that my blog wasn't mobile friendly and now it is! Some tweaking still to do but for the most part I am liking the new fresh layout. Hope you do too!

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  1. Marshall! What a great dog name.

    Also, I'm totally going to steal your post title idea sometime. Simple, yet brilliant.


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