Snow Day

We are taking P to the snow for the first time in February and if the snow keeps up like it has in Tahoe, we are all in for a real treat! As a kid growing up we never traveled to the snow, despite being only a three hour drive from Tahoe. I think that's mostly because my parents both grew up in New York and had seen all the snow they wanted to. In turn we became a family of beach goers and always chose warm over cold when it come to family excursions. Evident of where my love of the beach comes from!

I have had fun picking out clothing for P to wear while we bundle up with friends in a couple of weeks. So if you're on the hunt for snow gear for the family I have some cute picks right here! Including that adorable snow all in one - I watched this puppy like a hawk waiting for it to come back in stock. Now that I have P covered that leaves me with not one snow ready thing to wear. Standard.


  1. So many cute things!! Hopefully she likes it better than R! He was not a fan haha

  2. She is going to be the cutest thing all bundled up! I can't wait!