P's Big Girl Room

When I first envisioned P's nursery I always wanted a space for a baby that was more for me. I knew I would be the one spending countless hours in there (and oh I did!) and would ultimately need to enjoy the space as I nursed my little newborn.

I know a lot of people create a space that their baby can grow into but that wasn't really the case with me. Mostly because I wanted to create a space for her that she would love once I got to know her little personality a bit better. Plus I wanted all the babyness because that time is just so fleeting.

Now P is over two, sleeping in a big girl bed and has the room to match her big personality. Her room is most assuredly everyone's favorite in our house (even David loves it in all its girlyness!) It also helps that it gets the most delicious morning light. She really plays with every inch of her room and I adore that. Her teepee is her safe spot, her "go away everybody" place as well as her "mama, come in my teepee!"

Her little vanity she got for Christmas serves as a place for make believe - and trust me when I say she is ALL believing. It's so sweet to watch her mimic my actions, although I suspect that lots more top knots are in her future if she's anything like me.

The final piece I was waiting on was David to make a frame for the gold leaf painting I created with my friends. He used a birch wood and inlayed the canvas, it turned out just as I had imagined! I hope P loves her room for a long time to come!

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bed guard rail (I got lucky and scored this on Craigslist!)
vanity (purchased on Cyber Monday for a great deal!)

tassel garland
blanket ladder
gold leaf print + frame
white shelving
paint chip garland over vanity



  1. I really love her big girl room! It's the perfect balance of serene and girly. I need to start doing Shep's big boy room and part of me is excited and the other part is a little sad to see his nursery go! They sure grow fast.

  2. It's beautiful!!! And love that it fits her personality!

  3. It turned out so so perfectly! And the coffee on the vanity... I die!!!

  4. What a beautiful room for a special little Miss P X