Life Lately

I can't believe February is already here. Things are rolling ahead at such a quick pace I have to stop and remember to take a breath sometimes. As much as I wish life was always like those pretty Instagram squares it's not. But that's okay - we tend to embrace the mess around here. We are so excited to take P up to Lake Tahoe in two short weeks to experience snow for the first time. I can practically hear her squeals of delight when on a sled. I can also hear the sobs when I put on her snow clothing for the first time.

I treated myself to a pair of Sorel's (with the help of some gift certificates) and now I need more excuses to get up into the mountains. I don't think David will be complaining about that since my typical year round attire is flip flops. Let's see how I handle being cold AF.

P is growing so fast and delivering the best one liners. The words she knows and understands continues to amaze me. "Oh mommy, you're so funny" is one of my favorites. She is a wild, strong willed child but my gosh do I love her something fierce. These days she also likes to tell me "No mama, it's too big" in regards to something she doesn't want to wear. If it doesn't twirl I can basically forget about it.

I'm in the middle of finally updating some of the things in our bedroom now that P's room is overflowing done. (Hardly any of which is pictured above as it was in the wash!) I recently purchased this duvet and this quilt for the bottom of the bed. Our room is pretty small so that creates a bit of a hinderance when decorating.  I think all it needs next is a rug and that will make it feel more homey. This room has been neglected for so long - it's nice to actually look forward to crawling into bed.

I've got Finn curled up at my feet and a cough ricohcheting so hard off my ribcage it's giving me a headache. With three sessions to edit on my queue it's time to say adieu!

Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. Make sure you wear your Sorel's around your house a lot before going. I live in Chicago and have that exact pair. They are great for snow but hurt like crazy until your feet get used to them. It helps to have thick socks but every winter I have to get huge blisters on my heels until I get used to them. A friend has the same problem with her Sorel's. I would hate to go on a trip and have that problem so just make sure at home:(.

    1. So good to know! That would have majorly bummed me out!

  2. I can't believe it is already February! I swear time just speeds up the older I get. Have a great time in Tahoe! Can't wait to see pictures - I bet she is just going to love all the fun snow activities :)

  3. Cannot get enough of your profile pic - absolute beauty! x