Flowers in the Air

A new season means new clothing and you know how much I love to play dress up with my mini! I may have already made a few pieces of these appear in P's closet. I can't get over how adorable all these pieces are! So excited for warmer months and cute little thigh rolls - hers - as I can attest mine would not be described as cute. ;) Score anything adorable lately?


A slight obsession

Once I have my mind fixated on something I get UHB-sessed with it. Must have it, cannot stop thinking about it status. It's really a curse because they are always things I want not necessarily things I need. Well if you follow me on insta my latest obsession is the Rifle Paper Co. fabric that I found to make P's teepee with. I was able to find someone to purchase it for me but the issue is now the cost. As the fabric is not cheap. Seeing as I have no clue how the heck to sew this thing together enters problem #2. Do I really need it?
Is it not divine? I did find a designer that is willing to purchase it for me (yay!) so now the question is how much yardage do I need?  I also am obsessing over this tablecloth (which would have totally worked for a teepee fabric at a fraction of the price) but alas it is sold 2012.

Now to take this whole theme even further because I am feeling crazy I just discovered Lauren Conrad's Paper-Crown teamed up with Rifle Paper Co. to make dresses! Right now there is a very limited amount of product (and it's mostly geared towards petite's) but I am going to have my eyes peeled for this!

Posey Bouquet Petite Dress
Fluttered Blooms Swing Dress
I'm simply going mad over all these whimsical flowers! Tell me that I am not alone that once the obsession hits with something you become a one track mind?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We are headed up to my in laws for an early Easter celebration! Can't wait to dress my little lady up!

Scenes from my birthday

My 32nd birthday was so fun and full of love it took me almost a week later to recap it. Sunshine. Good friends. 138 oysters later. It's my best one yet!


First Birthday Gift Ideas

Since I am already prepping all things party I also can't stop daydreaming about what big ticket item we are going to gift Presley with on her first birthday! From the practical to the not so practical these are all items I am dreaming up for her to tear into. I also love that I think some of these things can be crafted better than store bought (thanks to my handy husband!) I'm thinking a teepee with just the right floral fabric for her party or a kitchen fashioned from an old cabinet would light this girls heart up! I mean check this one out from Crafting Chicks! Either way I have five more months left to dream it up!
What was your first big gift you gave your baby toddler??

I don't know about you...but today I'm turning 32

Another year older so that means another random 32 random facts you never even knew you wanted to know! As for the first can find those here!

32. My number one dream place to visit is Africa and go on a safari
31. I have owned five different cars since I was 16
30. I really like buying pacifiers - I don't know why it's weird
29. I love to shop, but much more so by myself.
28. Confession: I pick at my cuticles
27. I still love my dog Finn, just as much (if not more) than before Presley arrived
26. I wear heels so infrequently now I have a hard time walking in them
25. I really need to start wearing heels again
24. A perfect day to me would be at the beach with David, Presley & Finn
23. If buratta is on the menu I am going to want to order it
22. I rather have a diet coke over any other beverage (yes, including wine)

21. I used to get a pedicure no less than once a month - today I am getting one for the first time in three months
20. I love that Presley and I share the #20, today she is 7 months old!
19. If I could do school all over again I would have become a veterinarian
18. I use double the amount of conditioner as I do to shampoo
17. My favorite thing to wear is jeans with holes and a white tshirt
16. It annoys me that I had to struggle with math in school, especially since we DO carry a calculator everywhere we go now.
15. The concept of time has never really daunted me, until I started watching P change right in front of me.
14. I cannot wait to take P to Maui one day and swim in the ocean with her
13. My dream car is an Audi Q7
12. My favorite candy is Jujubees (no one understands why)
11. I finally am getting the hang of shooting in M mode on my camera - it's pretty rewarding
10. I love pomegranates
9. My favorite Sesame Street characters growing up were the twiddlebugs - you know the muppets that lived in Ernie's windowbox?
8. When I was little I won a couple of coloring contests, my best prize was a giant Easter Bunny. Wish I still had it!
7. My favorite food is french toast, especially when my mom makes it.
6. David makes his french toast exactly the same, but since he is not my mom, her's just tastes better. Must be all the "mom love" she puts in it.
5. I have volunteered with Make A Wish for over 9 years, but I think it's time for me to hang up my volunteer hat. Too much work and not enough Presley makes me feel spread too thin.
4. I have had a crush on David since high school!
 3. Finn had a full page ad in People magazine once.
2. I wish foie gras was still banned in California.
1. I am never working on my birthday again - so I am off to enjoy the day!

Cheers to 32!


Scenes from the Weekend

Ahh what a wonderful weekend this was! A weekend of many firsts! Presley went in her first swing and down her first slide - she also SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE NIGHT. You guys I felt like a new woman on Sunday! On Sunday I had a girls day with my ladies and we got massages at the Kenwood Inn & Spa - it was so cute. We topped our day off with dinner at The Girl and the Fig!
I would say my birthday week is off to a great start!!


Instagram & Geotagging

When you decide to start a blog you have to keep in mind about your privacy. What to share, what not to share. Since I have openly chosen to share photos of P and other things, on here and on my public Instagram account I like to think that is all I am doing. Sharing photos. However this morning I received an email from a reader (thank you Kelly!) who was so kind to tell me my geotagging notifications were on.

Geo what? So after a quick Google of geotagging I read this:

What is a geotag?
Geotagging is a technical term for storing the latitude and longitude of your current location with your photo. This data is collected by the GPS device in your phone or tablet and is accessible to Instagram if you grant permission.
If you'd like to turn this off, please consult your phone/tablet manufacturer’s instructions and settings.

Alright so wtf now how do I delete this feature? Step by step below on how to disable this feature on your photos:
First see the above screenshot, if your map location icon is grayed out like above you're all good. (Clearly I took these after I removed all the location services) If you have this service on you will be able to click that icon and it will take you to a map like this
I have since already deleted out all the tags at my home and near it but it was tagging me on my EXACT street. Which is so not okay! I have left photos taken in Hawaii and Florida to show you for instructional purposes. Once you have the map open click EDIT in the top right corner. Double tap your finger over a group of photos (tip: the less zoomed in you are the quicker you can delete these geotags)
Once you have double clicked all your photos taken at that location (with or without you physically tagging them) will pop up. Here are all our photos from our honeymoon and trips to Maui. Click DESELECT ALL.

Click CONFIRM. This will not delete your photos, only the geotag and the actual location tag if you had done it yourself.  

To ensure that you are no longer allowing your photos to be geotagged do the following (Sorry this is for an iPhone user but I am sure you can figure it out on other phones as well!)

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services >

From here you can turn them off all together or you can go through your apps and select one of the following:

While Using

For Camera, Photos and Instagram I chose NEVER. Meaning I will no longer be able to tag certain locations on Instagram. I suppose if you still want to be able to tag some locations you can leave it on for Instagram but always have it off for photos.

So just a little eye opener on this Friday. Thank you again to Kelly for letting me know, mom to mom. Since my Instagram is public I really do appreciate the extra step to reach out to me telling me this was on. Since I had NO IDEA!

Happy Friday, be safe!!