I don't know about you...but today I'm turning 32

Another year older so that means another random 32 random facts you never even knew you wanted to know! As for the first 31...you can find those here!

32. My number one dream place to visit is Africa and go on a safari
31. I have owned five different cars since I was 16
30. I really like buying pacifiers - I don't know why it's weird
29. I love to shop, but much more so by myself.
28. Confession: I pick at my cuticles
27. I still love my dog Finn, just as much (if not more) than before Presley arrived
26. I wear heels so infrequently now I have a hard time walking in them
25. I really need to start wearing heels again
24. A perfect day to me would be at the beach with David, Presley & Finn
23. If buratta is on the menu I am going to want to order it
22. I rather have a diet coke over any other beverage (yes, including wine)

21. I used to get a pedicure no less than once a month - today I am getting one for the first time in three months
20. I love that Presley and I share the #20, today she is 7 months old!
19. If I could do school all over again I would have become a veterinarian
18. I use double the amount of conditioner as I do to shampoo
17. My favorite thing to wear is jeans with holes and a white tshirt
16. It annoys me that I had to struggle with math in school, especially since we DO carry a calculator everywhere we go now.
15. The concept of time has never really daunted me, until I started watching P change right in front of me.
14. I cannot wait to take P to Maui one day and swim in the ocean with her
13. My dream car is an Audi Q7
12. My favorite candy is Jujubees (no one understands why)
11. I finally am getting the hang of shooting in M mode on my camera - it's pretty rewarding
10. I love pomegranates
9. My favorite Sesame Street characters growing up were the twiddlebugs - you know the muppets that lived in Ernie's windowbox?
8. When I was little I won a couple of coloring contests, my best prize was a giant Easter Bunny. Wish I still had it!
7. My favorite food is french toast, especially when my mom makes it.
6. David makes his french toast exactly the same, but since he is not my mom, her's just tastes better. Must be all the "mom love" she puts in it.
5. I have volunteered with Make A Wish for over 9 years, but I think it's time for me to hang up my volunteer hat. Too much work and not enough Presley makes me feel spread too thin.
4. I have had a crush on David since high school!
 3. Finn had a full page ad in People magazine once.
2. I wish foie gras was still banned in California.
1. I am never working on my birthday again - so I am off to enjoy the day!

Cheers to 32!


  1. Happy birthday Laura and enjoy your day off with Presley and Finn!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day off! And while I'm currently cutting out diet coke, as soon as they say if diet Pepsi is okay I want to laugh at them... No way!

  3. Happy Birthday girl!! Hope you have a wonderful day with your family! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Happy birthday lady!! Hope you have a fantastic and relaxing day off with your lovely family :)
    Love reading these posts every year! If I had a do-over I wish I would've become a vet too!
    xx Em
    beauty blether

  5. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your sweet little family!

  6. Coloring contest winner?! So sweet! Also, I drive an Audi Q7 and it is amazing! The perfect sized mom car! Disclaimer: I am not made of money, so I bought mine used (obviously). :-)

  7. Happy birthday!! I hope this weekend is extra special and filled with love and laughter. We share the same dream car! Sooo pretty :)

  8. That's awesome about your dog being in the ad. So adorable!!! Happy Birthday!

  9. I thought foie gras is still banned here?? Maybe I need to catch up on my California laws lol.... I'm right there with you on the difficulty with heels and if you ever find a way to stop from picking at cuticles..please let me know! Hang nail and nasty cuticle city over here and I can't stop picking at them! haha Happy Birthday girly!! I hope you have the most wonderful day!

  10. Happy Happy Birthday! Gosh, we have so much in common, no wonder I love you!! xx

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bahah Finn is in my favorite ads and I had no idea!! Enjoy that pedicure and I hope you get the perfect beach day asap (with burrata, of course!). xx

  12. Well this is a fun coincidence...today I am ALSO turning 32!!! Happy birthday! (And I love the song reference in the title...it's actually part of my birthday party theme for tomorrow night, haha).

  13. Happy Happy Birthday! I will be joining the 32 club at the end of the year. I LOVE that ad with Finn in it and often forget it's him!!

  14. Happy birthday lovely lady! What interesting facts about you... And I cannot believe how similar we are - to highlight a few:
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Africa - I will take you on the best safari!!
    I love being pacis too
    I love Coke (worse than diet Coke!)
    I love jeans and a tee too
    I hated Math - biggest waste of time!
    I use double conditioner to shampoo too
    I also loved winning colouring contests
    I love a good french toast too!

    TWINS :)

  15. I love that photo of your dog!!! I had no idea he was such a celebrity! :) Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and your little family spoils you rotten!

  16. Happy belated birthday!!! My mom lovesss jujubees... I just don't get it!!! And so crazy about Finn!

  17. happy birthday! hope you had a wonderful day :)