Loving Lately Birthday Edition

This March 20th marks my 32nd year on this little place we call Earth. So in honor of wanting all the things I thought I would provide my husband the internet with a wish list. Even though he is totally off the hook on gift for awhile ever since that amazing MacBook Pro entered my life! But then I remember that I gave him the gift of Presley...I kid. Kinda...

West Elm Baggu Weekender Bag - I have been coveting this bag for quite sometime ever since seeing my friend, Kerri, tote it around on overnights. I really wanted it to be my hospital bag but then I thought that was a crazy justification. But now it's on sale! See what I did there I even slapped my initial on it. Hint, hint...did I mention free shipping?
Nellorre Blouse - As a new mom it's hard to shop for myself these days. I mean stuff is way cuter when it's teeny tiny (I'm talking about you Baby Gap). I think this would be a great shirt for the office or anywhere but the office!
Beachcomber Low Rectangular Basket - another thing I have lusted after for awhile. Little P is quickly on her way to mobility (eek!) and while I am busy lassoing up every cord and vacuuming up every dog hair (one can dream) I would love this basket to store her toys in.
Wunder Under Crop Cotton *Roll Down - I have mad love for the full length version of these so the crop is a no brainer. How fun is this color (even if is screams fall not spring)? Size 8 thank you!
As awesome as it would be to unwrap any of these gifts let's be real. These days my birthday is about taking a day off of work, celebrating the first day of spring and hanging out with my favorite people. I recently had two spots on my face that were bothering me and to be honest I was worried they were some form of basal cell carcinoma. My dermatologist was too.  So I went and got a skin biopsy (which sucks) and very happily they came back benign. It's a good reminder, in order to be your best you need to take care of yourself. I am glad I went and got it checked out (even though I will probably have two light scars on my face now) because peace of mind is priceless.

I am so grateful for my family and that we are all healthy. Life is most assuredly not perfect or even close too. Laundry piles up, dishes overflow and dust settles in places only it knows where. But laundry can always wait, dishes will eventually get done and dust is inevitable. It's all about how you choose to manage what is important.

Truthfully when life seems to be more pits than cherries I remember this we are all such a small part of this universe it seems silly to fret over the little stuff (heck even the big stuff!) So take a big breath, look around and embrace this crazy thing called life. After all...you only get one chance.


  1. im glad your tests came back negative! i really need to go and get my moles checked i havent been since i moved to charleston. ANYHOOO love your birthday wish list and i hope you get everything! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. bahaha the gift of Presley!!! You are too funny! So happy to hear your tests came back negative...I need to go to all my doctors and just get those appointments set!! If we dont have our health we dont have anything!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. That shirt is soooooooo cute! Love your list! I rarely have a wish list for myself because it's SO much easier to think of everything I want for Mia. It really is true.... everything is cuter, smaller!

  4. That West Elm bag is beautiful! One can never have too many bags!

  5. Gah! I need that blouse like now!! So cute!

  6. You def need the bag and the blouse. Hope it all ends up covered with bows with your name on it though. Cheers to 32! xx

  7. Happy almost birthday! Loving that weekender bag, so cute!

    So glad to hear your biopsy results came back negative, such great news! Just continue practicing safe sun :)

  8. Great wish list! Love the tote - that looks like the perfect bag for quick trips and overnights! :)
    Glad to hear your biopsy came back clear! I was sent to get an ultrasound on my chest last year {all clear} and that stuff can be really scary and brings you a slap of reality so quickly. Cheers to what truly counts - happy and healthy bodies, family members, and pets! :) xx

  9. Glad your biopsy came back fine! Love that blouse but let's be honest I spend alll the money on my boys these days. I swear they have top notch wardrobes and I'm running around in rags!! Shopping for the post baby body isn't that fun right now either. I think that weekender needs to be yours! Hopefully the hubby is reading.