About Me

 So you want more huh?

my name is Laura
my friends call me Biz
my husband calls me Blee
and two pretty babies call me mama

I am severely allergic to mosquitoes
Polar Bears are my favorite animal
orange is my favorite color
the ocean is my happy place

I majored in Communications
 My dad jokes I majored in talking and minored in spending
I can't wait to flip a house one day 
and I am pretty sure if Finn were a real life boy...I would marry him
(totally creepy normal)
Does he look familiar? He is famous!

I met David in 1991
he would propose 20 years later

photo by Rob Skog of Jennifer Skog Photographers

We were married on
you can read more about our wedding here

We decided we liked each other enough to make a baby

Presley joined our family on August 20, 2014.

We then decided we still liked each other quite a bit so we made another

Dylan joined our family on April 12, 2018

I started this blog as a place to document our life and all the life curves up ahead. So grab a blanket and stay a while. We have lots of catching up to do!


  1. you are adorable and I want to be friends.

  2. ahhh so cute! your dog is adorable and now i'm going to go check out your wedding photos :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. Holy cow you and your husband are gorgeous.

  4. New follower through your button on Karly Kim's site -- loving everything so far! Can't wait to stalk....er, I mean, explore your blog more in a completely normal, not obsessive way.


  5. Love your blog! It gives me a good laugh everytime I read it and this page didn't let me down :)

  6. Your blog is just charming and your love story sounds a lot like mine :) My husband and I were friends from seven on!

  7. That is so cute you guys knew each other for so long! Cute pictures. I'll definitely be coming back for more :)

  8. I just found your blog and I am loving reading it all! Congrats on the pregnancy! I think I saw you love in Walnut Creek.. I am in Brentwood, so we are kind of close! So nice to find you!

  9. You left a sweet comment on my friends blog so I thought I'd click over to see yours-- congrats on your growing family! All the best :)


  10. I started following your blog during your pregnancy because I was pregnant then too. But for some reason I never realized you were a fellow Aztec until now!

  11. We are so alike sweet friend - and little Presley's birthday is two days before mine. So excited to catch up on your blog x

  12. What a sweet introduction. It is so nice to meet you. :)

  13. so cute! you are gorg and your little family is perfection! happy to have found your blog xoxox

  14. Congrats! What a great post.Everything looks pretty damn awesome!!heating