Life Lately

Life lately has me feeling conflicted with what I want to do with this space. Ultimately even though it's been a ghost town around here I can't quite yet say goodbye and shut it down. So while I figure it all out here are a bunch of photos of our life...lately. :)


f o u r

This is four. This is love. This is P.

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl we love you beyond measure <3


Sand & Surf Baby Boy Shared Room Inspiration

We just recently moved P's old crib into her room and while I am slowly trying to adjust to the fact that her and Dylan are sharing a room - she luckily is pretty excited about it. Eventually when he gets his own room I am going to be inspired by the sand and sea. We chose the name Dylan because it means "son of the sea" so it feels right his room be modeled that way!

Since I don't get to decorate a whole room I divided their space up and I am trying to mesh their decor together. If you recall I painted these a while back ago and I think this Max Wanger print would look awesome across from them. Definitely want to get that at some point this year.

I can't wait to fill the room with little trinkets just for him and share them along the way! Also how cool is that turtle?! It projects ocean water onto the ceiling which I can't figure out if that's amazing - or slightly scary. Ha!

Life Lately: Month of May

Getting my blogging act together while trying to juggle two kids is nearing impossible these days. And is it just me or are blogs sort of like dinosaurs? I can't remember the last time I read one since Instagram took over the world. Well anyway I can always count on my mom to read it - so there's that.

Life lately has been crazy, fun, chaotic and at times stressful. Trying to keep all the balls in the air while still having freshly washed hair and manicured nails has been harder for me than I am willing to admit. However here I am admitting it. P has been really good since we brought Dylan home but she definitely knows how to test us and our patience. Trying to find an effective way to let her know we are serious sometimes has been a fine line.

I finally feel like I can mutter these words out loud without jinxing it - the craziest (and I mean craziest) thing happened the very night we brought Dylan home from the hospital. P STOPPED having night terrors. As in has now not had a single one in sixty days. It's been the biggest blessing because while I was pregnant it was something I was seriously stressing over. Dealing with her at night and a newborn. Now she still doesn't sleep all that great (still wakes crying for no dang reason) but it is not a terror and the whole ordeal lasts under five minutes. If you recall sometimes we were in her room with her for UP TO AN HOUR while she battled a night terror.

It sucked. It stressed us. I honestly wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. So I am hoping that we are well past that point now. Other than that life has just been happening around here. I am loving having this time with my family and even started taking on photography clients again so I am feeling really balanced.

So here is a photo dump of some of the things we have been up to lately


Dylan's Birth Story

It only took my baby turning six weeks old that I finally have a moment to type out his birth story. If those aren't your thing feel free to keep scrolling along. Truth is his birth story is rather short because it turns out my body just loves to crank out babies! (Partially kidding!)

Our team green baby had an estimated due date of April 5th, 2018. So like all good mama's I tried not to really start complaining until I was an estimated four weeks out (ha!) but turns out this baby would be rather stubborn and we had to set an induction date. At first I was bummed about this because on one hand - it's feels strange to "choose" your baby's birthday and also with Presley's birth it was the total opposite. While she was also late (four long days) when I went into labor with her it was go time and without the use of any additional labor enhancers she came into this world rather quickly. We checked into the hospital with her around 1am, I received an epidural around 4am and she was born at 8:37am. In fact she came so fast - we didn't even have time to call many family members as we thought I would be pushing for some time.

So with this baby when my doctor asked me to pick my induction date I set it for exactly 41 weeks and hoped that my body would naturally go into labor on its own. However that wasn't the case and on Thursday, April 12, 2018 David and I checked into the hospital to be induced. Again quite a contrast than with P. I practically collapsed exiting the car when in labor with her and this time I had a full face of makeup and my hair done. Ha!

I was hooked up the machine's around 9:30am and was given a bag of pitocin and then we just hung around and waited. My mother in law was at our home taking care of P and my parents were on standby of when to arrive at the hospital. The initial first 30 minutes of the pitocin were totally bearable but my nurse warned me that every 30 minutes they were going to increase the amount that was going into my body. I think I had literally one contraction that took my breath away and I was calling for an epidural. What can I say? If I can avoid pain - I'm going to.

Once my epidural was administered all was good in my world and they gave me a giant peanut to hold between my legs. It resembles a yoga ball but instead is shaped like a peanut. Its main purpose it to open your cervix and get baby ready for his/her entrance. When my nurse came in to check me after about two hours she stated "okay anytime now" To which I said "What do you mean by that?" and she said "baby will be born within the hour"

Umm whatttt.

So I called my parents and let them know to head over to the hospital. At this point it was noon and P was just getting out of school so we also let my mother in law know that once she had P to head over to the hospital. Luckily its five minutes away!

When I alerted my nurse that I thought it was time to push sure enough I was at a 10. And wouldn't you know it but nine pushes later our newest family member entered the world.

But the best part - well remember we were team green. I had asked the doctor if David could be the one to tell me the gender and she nodded of course yes. So when the baby came out they placed it on my chest and his/her legs were covering its privates. And they kept saying "What is it dad?!" and I swear to you - this moment will forever be seared into my memory because it was so incredibly special. David's hand was on my head, my eyes were locked onto him and he says...

"It's a BOY! Oh my god. It's a boy. It's a boy. It's a boy!"

The emotion that pulsed through him was palpable and while in truth I was in a bit of shock  seeing the pure joy in him was so special. He had never really voiced how much he wanted a boy but it was very clear that day how excited he was.

He called his dad within minutes of the baby being born (he was unable to be there that morning but was there the afternoon we came home from the hospital) to announce the special news. He got to deliver the news to our families in the waiting rooms. It was just such an incredibly special day.

Not knowing the gender until you deliver the baby is so incredibly special. It makes me wish we had done it with P too.

We welcomed our son, Dylan into the world on April 12, 2018 weighing in at 8lbs. 11oz. at 12:37pm and life has never been the same since. We love you little man.