Easy Hummus Dip Appetizer

You know the feeling when you need to bring an appetizer somewhere but you don't know what to bring? I promise you that this appetizer will be a repeat offender on your list of recipes. I wish I could take credit for it but it is my dear friend Kerri's creation. We have been noshing on this goodness for years and I am so happy to share it with all of you!


20oz. of hummus (I always go for the Sabra Roasted Pine Nut!)
green onions
cherry tomatoes
garlic & herb Boursin cheese
feta cheese
sliced black olives
cucumber (both for rimming the plate and adding into the dip)
You can use any bowl really but this quiche plate makes for a really nice presentation. First place all the hummus into the bowl. Make sure to push it out to the edges of the plate so your cucumber slices can stick into it. Next peel the skin off in sections around the cucumber, then slice the cucumbers into thin slices to rim around the bowl.
Once all the cucumber rounds are placed around the bowl simply start adding your ingredients! Dice up the tomatoes, any extra cucumber, black olives, green onions and sprinkle feta cheese and Boursin cheese on top. Boursin is more like a spread so just pluck it off with your fingers and crumble it. You can add as much or as little of each ingredient as you like. We usually add avocado to this as well but since I was prepping it ahead of time it was the last to go on.

Serve along side with pita chips. I promise people will gobble it right up!


Think Less, Enjoy More

I feel like this Friday has taken e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y to get here. I am so happy it's here and tagging in an extra day off with a holiday. Next week marks my last week working close to home and I am major bumming. I am trying not to get too down about it but going from no commute back to an hour commute just sucks.

I do however on this Friday have a lovely little treat being delivered to me. A new camera body and I am so so excited. I had my entry level DSLR for a little over three years now and felt like it was time to upgrade. I am mostly excited about going from a crop sensor lens to a full sensor lens. I know that camera lingo doesn't mean much to lot of people but to me it's equivalent to rainbows and butterflies.

Here is to hoping I book a lot of jobs this summer!

We have been logging a lot of time outside and I am excited to fire up the BBQ and enjoy some summer evenings. Plan some trips and just enjoy this season of life. Think less, enjoy more. That's going to be my new summer motto.

Basically be more like P.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Loving Lately: Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Picks

The upside (and downside) to living in a downtown area is that I am literally a stone's throw away from a major outdoor shopping center. I shop at Nordstrom more often than I like to admit and when Laura reminded me it was the half yearly sale well I had to round up a few of my favorite picks!

Rebecca Taylor off the shoulder dress
Okay normally I wouldn't think this was such a deal (I mean it still is over $200) but if you're a bride to be or due to take maternity photos soon I think it would be worth the splurge.

Tea Collection La Donna Stripe Dress
Skeleton Belly Shirt
Vans Woven Shirt (little boys)
Vince Camuto Evel Sandals
 High/Low Cotton Tee
Mini Boden pocket shorts
 I could seriously go on and on but make sure you head over and swoop some stuff up!

Life Lately

Oh goodness I seem to have fallen away from this space of mine and I blame that entirely on myself. You see I now have this thing with photos that if they are taken on my iphone - I don't want them uploaded anywhere. Facebook, instagram, this blog - and it's actually a terrible thing. One because I just don't have as much time to be whipping out my big camera with my family since I have been busy taking on clients. Two that leaves me with a lot of silence around social media. So I must get better about this!
I can't believe that come August P will be turning two. At her 18 month appointment her vocabulary was very small (maybe 5 words?) and while her pediatrician said he wasn't concerned he did say we will revisit it at 2 years old. Well of course that led to me worrying that she wasn't talking (or learning!) enough but I swear once she hit 20 months it was like the lightbulb went off.

The words she chooses to pick up on are hilarious too. We have this Melissa & Doug puzzle with bears of all different colors on it. Under each bear it says the color. Of all the colors to learn she learned aqua - so random. David and I even said why of all colors is aqua listed?


Is it Friday yet?


Dreaming in ice cream

I think I have finally settled on a theme for P's end of summer 2nd birthday this year. A good old fashioned ice cream party! Last year her birthday was around 100 degrees and since we will just be doing something small this year I think it's the perfect way to go. Her birthday is not until August but of course I have been seeing so much cute ice cream stuff everywhere! So if you're in the market for some ice cream that won't add any calories to your diet, here you go!

I bet I can even convince David to wear this haha!

Life Lately

I am back from my short trip to Orange County and per usual as with vacations it was much too short. My sister and I always have so much fun together and I love seeing P interact with all her nephews. I absolutely hate being on the other end of the state from her :( I also managed to catch a nasty cold within 12 hours of landing so that sucked the big one.

On the flight down I had a full plane and a whole empty row to myself. Basically traveling with a little toddler is equivalent to having ebola - no one wants anything to do with you. Hey I wasn't mad about it!

We put on all the dresses, shopped every Anthropologie within a 30 mile radius (I swear my sister has a 6th sense for them) and I got her to join the dark side better known as snapchat. Plus I got to rock my new wedges which did not disappoint and surprisingly were super comfortable!

We ended our trip with a little family session at a nearby regional park and I can't wait to see them all again when we are back in September for a wedding. I have some fun things coming up on the blog and I am excited to share them with you in the upcoming days!


Mini vacation

I am off today on a mama and mini vacation to go visit my sister! I am so ready for some time on the other end of California and I foresee a lot of shopping in our future. I mean it is what sisters do best right?

I'll be taking a mini break from this space to soak up all my sister time. So wish me a smooth flight, it's late tonight so it could go one of two ways and I sure am hoping for the later! Hope you have a great week! 

Also I couldn't leave you without a photo <3


DIY Ribbon Mobile

Today I am sharing one of the easiest DIY's ever for a ribbon mobile. One of my friends is expecting a baby girl at the end of this month so I hopped over to her place to help create one for her little lady. A few tips of advice, buy the ribbon at Hobby Lobby and wait for them to be 50% (which is usually every other week) also make sure to screenshot their 40% off one item coupon. Ribbon is not too expensive but depending on the variety you want in your mobile it will add up quick!

For this project you need the following:

7" metal hoop (or smaller depending on what size mobile you would like)
15-16 spools of various ribbon in colors and textures - have fun with it!

Once you have selected all your ribbon measure the pieces out to 18" long and cut. Easiest way to do this is cut one strand, tape it to the table, then use it as a guide for all the others. For this mobile we have some 12" strands, some 16" and some 18" so if you're looking for variated lengths go ahead and mix it up.

Once your ribbon is cut and assorted into the pattern you want you will begin looping. It's important to make a hitch knot so that the front of the ribbon is polished. To do this double the strand up and take the looped end and place it in front of the ring, take the two ends and loop it through the top from the back. Otherwise known as a cow's hitch.

Simple as that! Total project (assuming you purchase the ribbon when it's all half off comes to about $30) If you love this I would love it you gave it some pin love!


For me because of you

One of my favorite things in the world is when I pull my daughter from her crib, nuzzle my nose into her cheek, smell her baby breath and just squeeze her. The novelty of it never wears thin. Each morning is new, each movement the same. Pick up, snuggle, squeeze & kiss.

Her wild curls untamed, her big eyes staring, whispering underneath her pacifier. I want to freeze this moment in my mind. The way the light cracks through the blinds, the piles of board books, the countless stuffed animals, the mess of it all. Maybe, just maybe, one day I will be able to get through I'll Love You Forever without tearing up.

"Mama" she says while pointing at me. She touches my face staring at me as if I am new, but once the familiarity hits her she nuzzles me right back. Head on shoulder, body curled into mine. She pats her hand on my back, as she leans in closer. A behavior no doubt learned from our own hugs to her. A reassuring "I love you" rhythm over and over.

While Mother's Day is for me, it's because of you.

Thank you for making me your mama.

pps I love you


Mother's Day

When I think about Mother's Day and what being a mom really means to me. I think first about my mom and all the mother like influences in my life that really have shaped me into the mom that I am today.

My sisters are ten and six years older than me and although I was a brat to them most of my early life. They have always been more than motherly to me. They were the people I called when I was too scared to call our own parents. They were the people I told first when I found out I was expecting (sorry babe!) They are the mom's I look to when I am uncertain and the mom's I feel so fortunate to grow up alongside. I seriously could not imagine life without my sisters.

Then there is my mama. I have her eyes and if I am half as good hearted as she - well I would be a pretty great kid. I give her more sass than she deserves and I am definitely the child with the most attitude. But my mom is easily my biggest cheerleader. She shares my hard work, compliments me on my writing and just loves me despite all my flaws. I wish I could travel back in time to see a younger her, rocking a younger me. Because when I hold my daughter and think "I love her so much I could die" I know that is exactly how my mom thinks of me. My mom is always there for me no matter what.

And beyond my own bloodlines I have a mother in law that makes most of my friends envious. She is fun, always up for an adventure and never takes anything too seriously.  She also supports me and loves me like I am one of her own. David is incredibly thoughtful and caring and I know that is because of how he was raised. He never fails to make me feel special on any given day.

I would be amiss to leave out all the mother's I have by my side as we all navigate new parenthood. My friends who I late night text, the ones we help tug through those new days. The friends that are family we get to choose. All the mother's I have met here because of this blog. The mother's who wish for nothing more than a miracle baby, or the mother's who call their four legged companions children. Every single interaction I have with these people is a direct correlation of the way I mother my own child.

These people make me better, make me realize there are multiple ways to do something, and I am so grateful for each and every one.

Happy Mother's Day.


Back to me

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I wish I was doing something fun paired with a sombrero but instead as you're reading this I am likely sitting in a dentist chair. Woof.

I am so excited to introduce my newly rebranded photography page! My other one was on a blogger (because obvi it was a comfortable platform for me!) but it just didn't feel like a real working website. I discovered squarespace and after some trial and error I figured out how to go about setting up my new site. Check it out and tell me what you think!
Photography has given something to me I cannot explain. The act of simply creating something centers me. Anyone who reads here knows that upon returning to work after having my daughter was quite difficult for me. I struggled to know where I belonged and really who I was because I always thought I would be a stay at home mom.

Photography has given me back so much of me. It has me thirsty to learn more, excited about new opportunities and is opening new avenues for supporting my family. I am so excited to see where this all takes me. My dreams are shifting and I am so grateful for growth. Change can be so very good.

Okay off my soapbox. Hope you all have a fun Cinco even if it only means getting extra guac!

Also want to wish my mama a very special birthday today! Love you!!


Mama Wants

One of the things about being a blogger is the ability to put together these ridiculous gift guides. Everyone does it, but I think it is just a way for all of us to just virtually hint to our significant other. (Even if a certain laser cut wedge is now on it's third wish list cough, cough). While any of these would make me a happy camper the truth is getting to spend the day with my girl is more than enough.

I just hope it's at least near the ocean.

With cheese.

And a little champagne.


This weekend was a busy one and part of me just wants to close this laptop and call it a wrap. But then that would mean I haven't shared any adorable leotard photos and well I just can't do that now can I? We had a weekend filled with friends and good weather, which is never a bad combination. I played baker in the kitchen and had fun creating this floral cake. Not one piece was left so I call that a huge success!

On Sunday P had her first gymnastics party and when I found out I totally ordered this adorable leotard in advance. I mean come on - you just don't get cuter than that! Add in a pair of leg warmers and my heart was on fire. This girl makes all my girl dreams come true.

I suspect everyone will get a goodnights rest this evening! Hope you had a lovely weekend!