DIY Ribbon Mobile

Today I am sharing one of the easiest DIY's ever for a ribbon mobile. One of my friends is expecting a baby girl at the end of this month so I hopped over to her place to help create one for her little lady. A few tips of advice, buy the ribbon at Hobby Lobby and wait for them to be 50% (which is usually every other week) also make sure to screenshot their 40% off one item coupon. Ribbon is not too expensive but depending on the variety you want in your mobile it will add up quick!

For this project you need the following:

7" metal hoop (or smaller depending on what size mobile you would like)
15-16 spools of various ribbon in colors and textures - have fun with it!

Once you have selected all your ribbon measure the pieces out to 18" long and cut. Easiest way to do this is cut one strand, tape it to the table, then use it as a guide for all the others. For this mobile we have some 12" strands, some 16" and some 18" so if you're looking for variated lengths go ahead and mix it up.

Once your ribbon is cut and assorted into the pattern you want you will begin looping. It's important to make a hitch knot so that the front of the ribbon is polished. To do this double the strand up and take the looped end and place it in front of the ring, take the two ends and loop it through the top from the back. Otherwise known as a cow's hitch.

Simple as that! Total project (assuming you purchase the ribbon when it's all half off comes to about $30) If you love this I would love it you gave it some pin love!


  1. This is so cute friend, and so easy too! x

  2. Aw I love this! Now I just need a girl nursery to decorate :)

  3. Love this! So easy and so so pretty!!

  4. Love it, another great way (and possibly cheaper than buying ribbon (depending on how the price of the spools) is using strips of fabric! (hit up the clearance section or get small cuts of the cheap stuff.

  5. Love it! The colors are so pretty and it looks great!

  6. Love this, makes me want to decorate another nursery!

  7. Working on one now for my soon to arrive granddaughter! Headed to Ecuador with it next week!! Thank you!

  8. Gorgeous! How do you hang it afterwards?

    1. Thanks! We used clear fishing line (two pieces) and made a plus sign under the ring. Then you gather the four strands at the top and tie a knot. Hang it from a cup hook!


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