Nesting: Family Room Status

There is a little less than ten weeks left in this pregnancy and the urge to nest has come and might I say rather aggressively? It's really crazy how your body kicks into this mother bear mode of prepping, cleaning & decluttering. Just yesterday we dropped off six bags of donations to Goodwill and I haven't even really began to get my hands dirty. I've got big plans when my maternity leave kicks off (thank you California for allowing me four weeks pre baby arrival).

If you have been in these parts awhile you likely know that while I love our home in a bustling downtown, it doesn't afford us a lot of square footage. So this baby is getting a basket instead of a bedroom and that's part of the reason we didn't find out the gender. I know me well. And you know what I am so okay with it all! Because the upside, that I didn't even realize was happening until it happened, was that instead of doing a gorgeous nursery. I redid our entire family room. I mean kind of a win for everyone involved, no?

And boy when I said I redid it that means a new couch, new rugs, new tables, new lamp. Now to be fair some of the items are pulled from other areas of the house and I have set David on a mission of building a coffee table. I told him the design I had in mind - he tried to make it fancier - I vetoed him and now we're are executing my vision. Standard.

I'm trying to think a little outside of my "all white everything" box and really add some timeless pieces to our space while also keeping it functional. I love a beautiful room just like anyone else but the reality is we do most of our living here and I want it to be cozy and inviting. Which doesn't mean it can't be beautiful it just has to be realistic for our family. (Speaking of gorgeous family rooms check out Steph's beautifully designed living room!)

I've put together a little inspiration board with the same or similar items that we will be using. Can't wait for it all to come together and add a little tiny new face into the mix!

Family Room Inspiration

Brass Frames
Pearce Sectional Couch in Performance Twill Metal Gray (ours is a little lighter than the one shown)
Eva Glass Lamp (we purchased clear)
Serena & Lily Belly Baskets (scored the large one at the outlet!)
West Elm Mini Pebble Wool Jute Rug
Quad Sheepskin Rug
Coffee Table (ours will be similar but DIY)
Accent pillows (same but no longer available in this color)

In the meantime my husband is rather done with me "nesting". HA! I've only begun!

Valentine's Day Reads

While I am trying to purge and minimize so many things in our life. Books are not one of them. I can't help it! P gets read two stories every night and I love reading her books reflecting the current or upcoming holidays. Her current favorite is This is Not a Valentine and I'll admit it's one of my new favorites too! Any on your list for Valentine'e that I missed?

Life Lately: 2018

And just like that it's 2018 and the countdown to baby is officially in full swing. As in 13 weeks left. If I told you I wasn't slightly freaking out it would be a complete LIE. And while I do feel more prepared heading into this the second time around the thought of a newborn paired with a very feisty, opinionated 3.5 year old is rather terrifying.
The blogger/photographer in me is cringing about this selfie but #secondbaby and it's all the bump update that I've got. Dirty mirror and all! But good news is I've managed to stay much smaller this pregnancy so yay! Tiny victories!
We have begun to slightly modify P's room in preparation for the new baby. I joke around that all this baby gets is a basket instead of a bedroom! We live in a two bedroom house so that means it's time to maximize our space and prep for this little one's arrival. In fact because we live in a two bedroom house is one of the main reasons we decided to not find out the gender. I know myself well enough that if I didn't have a place to nest into over this baby it might bring on those baby blues. But in reality I need nothing. We have everything you could need for a baby so its made it a little nice to not be clogging up our space with more things. In fact I've been doing the opposite and slowly chipping away at all the clutter. Donating books that are not as loved, donating some old toys to P's preschool and just making life simpler (while adding a baby! HA! Jokes on me.)

Sometimes I worry that because no real big changes are happening at our house that P is not really getting it. But she talks about the baby, asks if it's kicking and insists it's a sister. I just hope that when the time comes to add a crib to her room she sees it as something fun as opposed to us taking something away from her (i.e. some toys, her space). It's been one of my biggest stressers this pregnancy and that is making sure that she knows still how very important she is to us. As I am sure many of you with a first born can relate.

I'm ready to slow down a bit and refocus on my family in the coming year. While I am so incredibly grateful for photography the end of the year always leaves me feeling frazzled. Working two jobs can quickly grate on you and I am ready for some much deserved and needed time off. I am looking forward to many things but mostly the first time we will get to go to the ocean as a family of four (five! Finn!). I can already feel the sand in my toes, the sea in my hair and that newborn babe snuggled tight on my chest. And more than any other vision - this one keeps me going.

So do I have any resolutions or life changing thoughts for 2018?  I don't. And for once I am more than okay with that. But I do have these goals for everyday:

Get into the frame more - I think all photographers feel this way when it comes to their own family.

Be more intentional - From time to toys and beyond. I want to meaningfully fill space and time. Less clutter. I don't need every cute thing I see (I'm looking at you Instagram!)

Be present - I am the first to admit that I am guilty of wanting more. More so in the form of space in a home that I can rip into walls and such. But I know that one day I will have that and one day I will miss all this. Be present and above all try to continue being patient. Good things come to those who wait right?

Do you have any lofty goals for the new year or are you just cruisin' on?