Halloween Eve

Happy Halloween Eve! I am so excited to dress up P as a little ladybug and take her out to a couple of houses and then eat all her candy. I mean that's part of the reason we have kids right? Hope everyone has a safe an fun holiday can't wait to see all the costumes. Don't forget to set your clocks on Sunday!


Little Ladies OOTD

Dressing up a little girl is too much fun and now that P has started walking I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me! Loving all these picks (psst...everything is on sale (minus the first two pairs of moccasins) and some are marked as low as 50% off!
 Check some items off your Christmas list and start early!

Happy Friday Eve!

Loving Lately

Tell me that I am not the only one when it comes to end of the year shopping, I swear right when it hits October I find all this stuff I need want. Problem is that it is time to be buying for everyone else. I already have started my holiday shopping - well that's slightly true. I have bought one present for P. Here are just some things that have me lusting

Jan Hinge Cuff - I am madly obsessing over this cuff bracelet but that pricetag is woof. I recently signed up for the Kendra Scott birthday perk program while I was visiting a KS store on vacation. 50% off any item during your birthday month! Looks like I will be waiting until March for this gal to join my arm party.

Floral Romper - I am loving this little stripes and floral combo but hating that it only goes up to 12 months :( Would be a great gift for any of those new littles in your life!
Tippi Lace Sweater - With the holidays coming up I have no idea what I am going to wear and since the hubs exnayed family photos (he wins this year - I win next!) I have to make sure we look cute and coordinated come Thanksgiving. Ya know - just in case we get an awesome family photo.
Staub Cast-Iron Pumpkin Cocotte - this is one of those items I probably would have glanced at and never thought twice about. But after seeing it at my in laws house for the past couple of years every time I see it I fall more in love. She sets it out on the stove during the fall months and it's always such a treat!
Cosy Winter Romper - We wear a lot of mini Boden in our house (mostly thanks to Nona) but we do adore their clothes. I am especially loving this piece for baby boys!
Gah and that's just this week! How do you all do shopping for the holidays? We typically draw names and gift all the kids presents. I also have David's birthday in the beginning of December so I really ought to get a move on it! Gift giving is serious business round here!


I've lamented on here that sometimes (okay often) I worry that I am going to miss big moments. When you leave the house every morning to head to work the feeling can get heavy, especially when you know the first ________ is going to happen soon.

Thankfully for most of P's big moments I have been home with her at the time. The first time she crawled I was so happy it was a Saturday! While we just got back from vacation I was hoping that her first big steps would be while we were on it.

She can motor around the room with a walker and I knew it was just literally any day now. I was so worried I was going to miss it. Then on Sunday evening she took her first 6 unassisted steps and I would be lying to say that I didn't get choked up a little. Yay, I was home!

So last night she decided to take her first real REAL walk and goodness there is no turning back now! I can't wait for all our little adventures - and excuse me but outfits just got a whole lot cuter.

Have a great weekend!


Travel Crib Sleep Tips

Before we added a little person to our family, David and I were always pretty adamant that we would not try and change our lifestyle too much. I never wanted to be a mom who worked around her child's nap schedule or one that stopped doing fun things because the baby needed to sleep in a crib.

We take a lot of road trips and travel two hours north to my in laws quite frequently. So getting P to sleep virtually anywhere has always been a priority to us, which she is pretty good about (makes me almost forget it took her 11 long months to sleep through the night).

This girl can nap in her crib, her stroller, her wrap and even her pack and play. When I tell people she is a good sleeper in her pack and play I am usually met with a bewildered stare. Part of me thinks it's because we road trip so much she has no other choice. I mean we did go to Mendocino when she was only 5 weeks old! But I also realize that it's the combination of quite a few things that get her to sleep and stay asleep through the night.

Mattress Topper //

I received this as a gift at one of my baby showers and initially thought WTF. I had no idea what it is, what it does or why it had to take up so much room in my house.

That is until I used it.

I firmly believe this is why P has always slept so well in a pack and play it's a very cushioned pad that you put on top of the pack & play pad. It also folds down and doesn't take up much room. It always accompanies us on long trips and bonus we lay it under blankets in the back so Finn has a more comfortable road trip!

Travel Sleep Sheep //

My friend Nicci sent this to me as soon as she found out I was pregnant and we have used it since day one. What I like about the travel sleep sheep is that it is small. Which is a plus when you're lugging around so much stuff. Little people use SO MUCH STUFF! I like the ocean sound (similar to a white noise) to drown out other noises in the room.

Twilight Animal //

This is another recent birthday gift that we just love.  It projects stars and a moon onto the ceiling in different colors of blue, green, orange & white. You can have it rotate through the colors or stay on one. This is a great distraction when she is slugging down her nighttime bottle. Only plus would be if it had a sound feature to it - then I could eliminate the sleep sheep!

Nap Mat //

Alright maybe it's just the blanket crazy girl in me but this is the last layer I add to the pack & play. I feel like it makes it feel more like a bed, has a little pillow in it and eliminates the need for a sheet. Super easy to wash and tote around!

(c/o) Baby Bjorn Travel Crib  //

I want to first and foremost disclose that I was given this pack and play in exchange for my opinion. My opinion is I freaking LOVE IT. Honestly I was using another much heavier pack and play and cursing it all the time. The Baby Bjorn pack and play is not only light (13lbs. in its travel case) but the set up is a breeze. That's saying a lot when it comes to pack and plays. If you're familiar with other brands they can be a downright pain in the arse to set up/take down.

I can easily fit my nap mat and mattress topper in this crib as well even though it's travel size. It actually feels closer to full size. It's amazing and if you don't believe me check out it's reviews. I'll happily be donating my old pack and play to a new home.

So will these tips and tricks help your babe sleep in his or her pack & play? I don't know, but I bet you're willing to try! Let me know if you use any of it and have a success story!!

*The Baby Bjorn travel crib was given to me in exchange for a review. As always the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

San Diego/Orange County Recap

There is no way I can sum up over 250 pictures into one blog post so I'll just give some highlights. We had such a fun time. P was awesome in the car both ways (she might have cried once for all of five minutes), Finn was a champ and all around we had a blast.

A good thing to note - in San Diego in the month of October all the museums and parks are free to children. That  includes the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld & Legoland. Pretty awesome!

We started the first part of our trip in San Diego with my sister in law. She lives across the street from a beach that is welcome to pets off leash. So we made sure to spend our first day there. P was a regular old chip off the block and it seems the ocean is definitely her thing. She got so down and dirty in that sand I had to throw out her swimsuit!

After a couple of days in San Diego, David went to hang out with friends in Seal Beach and I got to spend time with my sister (which we always adore!) in Orange County. We had too much fun even though it went by way too fast!

We were lucky to have avoided the major mudslides that caused the grapevine to be shutdown in both directions on our drive home. My goodness that would have been a nightmare! I also made sure to time our trip so we could hit up the Pottery Barn Outlet on the way home. It did not disappoint!

It was hard to go back to work on Monday after getting to spend so much time with P but she heavily rewarded me by taking her first (6!) steps on Monday evening. I was so happy I was home when she did it I teared up a little!


Check In

We are halfway through our vacation and having so much fun! We just left San Diego and will be finishing the remainder of our time with my sister in Orange County. 
P was AMAZING in the car on the drive down. I'm still a little in shock to be honest. I even have two tricks up my sleeve for the ride home - let's hope they are as effective. 
We have gone to the beach, the San Diego Zoo and tomorrow we are heading to downtown Disney! Hope you are all having a great week and we will be checking back in soon!


Road Trip!

We are beginning to gear up for our road trip and this mama is in major prep mode. I've got a Bubble Guppies movie downloaded + Tangled as a backup. New snacks and new toys. For the love of ice cream I hope P just amazes the heck out of me and is awesome in the car.

I also hope that David let's us stop at the Pottery Barn Outlet right before we go through the grapevine. Two good passengers ought to be dealt a reward right? I have a good friend staying at our house while we are gone before she makes her move to SLO and I am so tempted to leave Finn with her. However - duh - we could never do that so along he comes too! A full car peeps.

Looks like we are going to pretend it's still summer as we are headed to temps that are in the 100's (boo hiss) however I won't be complaining when my toes are in the sand!

Looking forward to seeing so many friends and just relaxing with my main girl! I also foresee a lot of this in our future! Yum!

Have an awesome weekend!


Open Space + Tarantulas

Since we are starting to lose daylight in the after work hours, David and I have been really trying to get outside while we still can. It's great PT for his leg - which is still mending from his accident - and it helps me not be so darn lazy. Most days...

What's awesome about where we live is that we are seconds away from downtown and minutes away from the gorgeous open space. I say all the time I am ready to high tail it out of here - but I often remind myself how wonderful of a place it really is. In reality I would be terribly homesick if I ever left.

Just some "slow me down" snaps - which is what David refers to my picture taking when we go out anywhere. It was a nice way to celebrate our anniversary (even though we did it the day before).

Side note: October is tarantula mating season - no joke. So we like to see who can spot one of them first. I can certainly marvel at them in their own space - but if I ever saw one in my home I would freak out! These guys are large and can move pretty fast. Yikes!



Three years since we said I Do.
I became your Mrs. and you my Mr.

I can still remember how your hands trembled as they took mine
how I blubbered through my vows
how I thought that no day could possibly top this one

surrounded by friends and family
dancing deep into the night
atop a mountain in our beloved hometown

we have traveled so much
exploring new places and setting off on new adventures
always game for the spontaneous

the best though?
the best has been watching this baby girl of ours
too good to be true - the best of me the best of you

it's not always easy
we're stubborn, we sometimes disagree
but this is my promise

I will always choose you. 
again and again and again
for all my life


October Doings

This weekend we headed to the pumpkin patch for some annual photos with one of P's first friends, Thomas. It's so sweet watching these two together since they are only 2 weeks apart. While T was walking around the patch like a champ P still is not quite there yet.

We are gearing up for a road trip this month and I am terrified. We are headed south to visit my sister in law and my sister who live 8 and 6 hours away. First leg of the trip - 8 hours - and I have no idea how P is going to handle it.

I'm prepared. Sunshade, iPad headrest, downloads of Bubble Guppies and new toys. What other tips and tricks do I need to know? Do we leave while it's still dark? Ahh I just want the dang drive to be over with already!

Tell me it won't be as miserable as I am envisioning!

Planning Ahead - Christmas in October

Before all of you think I am crazy (which I am still questioning myself) I am going to talk about the holidays. Only because soon stuff will start to sell out and you will be bummed you didn't buy it before it was too late! I know this as this is my life almost every year.

So this year I got smart and acted quickly purchasing some holiday items ahead of time in preparation! My future self is already high fiving my past self.

Hanna Andersson Long John Pajamas in Organic Cotton
My sister turned me onto this brand when P was little and they are pretty much my favorite kids pajamas. They are incredibly well made and look just as good after repeated washings. Granted they are on the pricey side so I usually wait for a sale. If you are a buyer or seller on eBay you can usually get good deals on there - they also sell pretty well on there too!

Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton by Hanna Andersson 

Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton by Hanna Andersson 

Since you know I love a collection of blankets I should also extend that love to crib sheets! I was lucky enough to have a hand me down Christmas sheet from my sister because last year's Christmas version sold out quick! You can grab this one now for $19! If your kids have outgrown crib sheets here are some cute sheet sets here and here!

So if Hanna Andersson is just too expensive (because yeah it kinda is!) Carter's also has some great affordable options! We already scooped up this pink pair for P. I am also loving the gray gender neutral option. These come in baby sizes to 6 years old. Also snuggly little one piece footy versions!

Also some items I wanted to buy last year but they were gone in a blink!

Land of Nod Carry Home Dollhouse 
I love how sweet this is and easy to take places when we travel - which is a lot!
Lego Minecraft The Farm
If your nephews (or sons) are anything like mine, Minecraft was the RAGE last year. And this auntie could not find ONE Lego Minecraft to save her life. Start early!

So there is my Christmas in October PSA. I just know that these babes will sell like hotcakes!



I have always loved October for a multitude of reasons. My first flight to visit David in college was in October, he proposed to me in October, we got married in October. As much as I love October for all the things celebrating our love what I love about it more is that it's National Adopt a Shelter Dog month.

Finn came into our lives during a whirlwind time. Too be honest I wasn't entirely sure I was ready for the care and responsibility it took to be a dog owner. He needed vaccinations, grooming, quality food and that's just naming a few things!

What he needs though and what he has given me are unparalleled. I curse his hair, his breath downright reeks but my god does he know how to love. He loves me so much more than he loves himself and sometimes I am just not worthy of it.

One day I will walk into a rescue and say I want the dog that's been here the longest. Sight unseen. It's been a dream of mine -- granted the dog will have to be good with children. If I pass down one trait to my children I hope it is the unwavering love of animals. They honestly make this world a better place to live in.

So hug your pet today and if you feel so inclined check out your local shelters to see if there is any dog that would be a perfect addition to your family.

I can't imagine life without our Finn.