37 weeks - FULL TERM!!

How far along: 37 weeks, 4 days
Mini is the size of a: watermelon (YUM!) (19-22 in. 6.5 lbs.)
Maternity Clothes: yessum
Stretch Marks: nope!
Sleep: Ehh...peeing a couple of times throughout the night still (read: annoying)
Symptoms: oh man, too many to list? I am pretty uncomfortable at this point. Little miss is head down and pressing on my bladder and intestines. You can imagine the discomfort this leads to. I've talked to my doctor about some of my discomforts and she told me they will likely stick around until after she comes...lovely.
Best Moment of the Week: My sweet friend Lisa allows my other friend Amy and I to use her pool while she is at work. It's been so nice to cool down and escape the heat! Amy is due August 6th with a boy so we are just days away!
Movement: The stomach is making movements that are extra terrestrial like!
Cravings: Wait for it...watermelon!
Gender: I should have deleted this question a while back
Belly Button In or Out: In and flat
Wedding Ring on or Off: Still on surprisingly!
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nope
What I Miss: My body - I have loved being pregnant but we had a good run :)
What I am Looking Forward to: That moment we start calling people to let them know we are on our way to the hospital!
Labor Signs: Started to dilate already (sorry tmi?) but doctor said that I could stay that way for weeks.
Nursery: Still waiting on that damn ladder! He's almost done and to his credit he works on it in the garage and it's freaking HOT in there. I don't blame him for taking his time!
Emotions: Ugh, discomfort can make me pretty miserable these days but I am trying to grin and bare it to the best of my abilities.

And just for fun because it's been my #1 craving :)



I confess I just watched Silence of the Lambs for the first time this week.
I confess it took me three nights to finish it with my husband as I kept falling asleep!

I confess that our stroller has been set up and sitting in my family room for weeks now. (Don't worry diaper bag will be staying at home when we go into labor)
I confess that I feel pretty bad ass in my new 4Runner.

I confess that I already ran over the trash can because I wasn't aware I had backup sensors on the car.

I confess that I meant to do my weekly update for today's post but I am too lazy to dry my hair.
I confess that I will NOT neglect my dog once the baby arrives - and I cannot wait to prove people wrong.
I confess since on maternity leave I watch a lot of daytime television. You are NOT the father weirdly is always entertaining.


Loving Lately

I am going to fill your head (and mine) with a little fluff as I sit through some pretty uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. I won't go into much detail here to spare you all but let's just say witchhazel and I are becoming really good friends.

These are just a few things I am loving lately (witchhazel not included):

Home Sentiment Lumbar Pillow Cover

Owen Wood Wire Wall Unit

Round Belly Baskets - I really want a pair of these for the nursery to store Presley's toys in as she gets older!

Zip Shoulder Crewneck Sweater - this looks like it would be my friend postpartum and perfect with a pair of boots for fall.

She Leaves A Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes Sign - Bri introduced me to the Etsy Shop, The House of Belonging a couple of weeks ago and to say I am obsessing over some items is an understatement!

Silk Shadeview Dip Dye Cami - okay you know my obsession with ombre runs deep and this so happens to match the outfit I bought for P's first birthday (yeah I know I am nuts). So it was purchased yesterday while it was additional 40% off. Here is to hoping I will like it a year from now :)

I mean it's sort of a given that I needed to purchase it right?!


Scenes from the Weekend

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Anyday where I wind up at the coast is a good one in my book!
Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Life Lately

So here we are five days into my maternity leave prior to little babes arrival. Just some snapshots of what we have been up to while we wait for Presley to celebrate her birthday!
Puppy and bump snuggles. 
Lots of little clothing to wash!
Consuming ALL the watermelons!
A little DIY project!
And some indulgences :)
And here is a first world problem. I registered for and received this diaper bag that I love. 
But I went shopping with my mom at Macys and found this Marc by Marc Jacobs diaper bag for an unbelievable deal. It's regularly $298 but was marked down to $71 (crazy!). I also had a store credit so this cost me a whopping $33!
Problem is I really like both of them but feel silly keeping two. Which one should I keep? The Pottery Barn one has more pocket spaces but would be harder to clean. The Marc by Marc Jacobs one has exterior pockets and a cleanable outside.
Help a girl decide! 
I have a feeling I might just keep them both and alternate. 
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! 


36 weeks

How far along: 36 weeks, 4 days
Mini is the size of a: large cantaloupe (19-22 in. 6 lbs.)
Maternity Clothes: oh yes
Stretch Marks: three more weeks to go they better not show up now!!
Sleep:Going to the bathroom 3-4 times a night, totally a preview of my sleep schedule to come.
Symptoms: tired and get exhausted easily. Absolutely have started to waddle, in fact David calls me Waddles since that is how I get anywhere these days!
Best Moment of the Week: Being on maternity leave and just relaxing. Shopping trips with my mom, getting the nursery prepped, packing my hospital bag.
Movement: Lots of hiccups and waves of movement.
Cravings: Nothing new, watermelon still a staple in my diet
Gender: pink for days
Belly Button In or Out: In and flat
Wedding Ring on or Off: On but getting tight, I may have to say goodbye to them as the days get hotter.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nope
What I Miss: Work...HAHA just kidding :)
What I am Looking Forward to: Meeting this little lady, I can't believe in 23 days (+/-) I will get to hold her and know what she looks like!
Labor Signs: A couple of braxton hicks but nothing else new.
Nursery:Just waiting (not so patiently) on David to finish the ladder. Everything else is done! All her clothing, bedding and blankets are washed just waiting for her to arrive!
Emotions: Happy and relaxed!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I know that this post has been overdone by everyone but there are just some amazing things from the Nordstrom anniversary sale that are worth posting about! Happy shopping!

Hinge Over the Knee Boot

Zella Leggings

(Don't knock it these are awesome!)

Giraffe at Home Large Throw
 Hopefully you already snagged a pair of the coveted Kendra Scott earrings, I did in orange and like a dummy sent it to my office! So I am excited to see them this Friday since my sister is picking them up for me. Hope you all are having a great week!