Freshly Picked Giveaway Winner!

I'm back in the land of cell phone service and although I am covered head to toe (literally, two toes to be exact) in mosquito bites I survived! Thank you to everyone who entered to win a pair of the sweetest little moccs from Freshly Picked!

Congratulations to Karin on her new pair of kicks! I will be contacting you shortly to let you know how to collect your prize! Be back tomorrow with a lot of exciting news...mostly that this mama traded in her two door coupe for a mom mobile!
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  1. Hope you had an amazing 4th despite those annoying mosquitoes. Yay for the new shoes winner. Those moccasins are so freaking cute I can't stand it.

  2. so excited! I never win anything!!

  3. Oh no - mosquito bites on toes are the worst! But glad you had a great holiday weekend! I would love to get away to somewhere without cell service for awhile - would be nice to disconnect :) And yay for the new Jeep!! xx

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE MOM MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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