Five on Friday

1. I confess  - I didn't buy Presley a Halloween costume. Ugh. It makes me mad at myself that I didn't plan ahead. Actually we didn't do anything for Halloween this year. No buying pumpkins, no carving them and no making seeds. What the heck? I blame it on not planting any. Well we plan on making up for it today. It's suppose to storm here so we are headed to buy pumpkins and carve them and make seeds. Better late than never right?! All while watching the Giants parade of course!

2. I am headed on my first solo flight with Presley next week to visit my sister. It's just a short one hour, twenty minute flight but I am kinda nervous! Luckily my sister has a car seat and stroller I can use so I can leave all that at home. I plan on just putting her in my Solly wrap and crossing my fingers for a non eventful flight! Any tips for flying with an almost three month old throw my way!
This is me and the "little baby", Shea, I used to nanny in college. Wahhh, not so little anymore! And as you can see we are big fan's of the Solly wrap.

3. Since I found out I was pregnant on NYE last year I didn't really buy any winter clothing since I knew my body would be changing. Well now I find myself with nothing to wear this winter. My closet and dresser need a serious overhaul. I am having a hard time finding stuff I like but this is on it's way to me and I hope I like it!
Leith Side Tie Wrap Sweater
4. I cannot believe it is the last day of October and as of tomorrow I will be returning to work NEXT MONTH. Even harder to believe that most people would have to be returning to work in two weeks since P is now 10 weeks old. The United States really needs to step it up on the maternity leave front. #canadastyle

5. Happy Halloween!! Be safe!

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Mad love for MadBum and the 2014 World Series Champions!
My personal good luck charm! I woke her up in the bottom of the 9th so she could witness her team win! 

So proud to be a Giants fan!


For the Love of Dog

When I was pregnant I downloaded the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" app onto my phone. It was fun tracking my pregnancy and reading over the "August 2014 babies" board. While most people posted questions on the board it was pretty funny how rude some people would get on there! Every now and then during a late night nursing session I scan the board - mostly for entertainment. It broke my heart last night when I found one titled:

I Can't Stand My Dog

The poster than proceeded to write something along the lines of "I used to love my dog, I snuggled with him, played fetch, instagramed him. Now that I have a baby I can't stand him" yada, yada, yada.

And the real bummer about it was that 41 other people chimed in on the thread AGREEING with her!

If anything I love Finn even more now that Presley is here, he is the most wonderful companion. He is up with me every time I do a late night feeding. He is barking at strangers (Good Boy!). He is genuinely concerned when she is crying her eyes out. He's just the best.

I don't mind that his fur is all over everything. I don't mind that sometimes he barks while she's sleeping (she heard it in utero so it doesn't phase her). I don't mind that he is another mouth to feed. I take care of him because I love him. He's a member of this family.

It makes me so sad that people see their pets as expendable and annoyances once a child comes into their life. Especially because the benefits of growing up with a pet are so great.

I'll step off my soapbox now but next time you're with your pet, give them a good belly rub and let them know how much you love them.

They may not be your whole life, but're theirs.

Mama & Mini

Hopefully I am not the only crazy who has started thinking about coordinating outfits for the holidays? We will be spending Thanksgiving with my parents this year and Christmas with David's and I am so looking forward to dressing up for those occasions. Even though the holidays mean I return to work :(
We do things pretty casual around here and this outfit looks cozy and leggings scream out expandable. Which will be needed with all the food! I think I am finally going to get some Tom's wedges. My sister in law said they are crazy comfortable. Anyone agree or disagree? I think their ballet flats SUCK, so I am curious as to the boots.

Have a great day, Happy Friday Eve!


More Than One

When I came home from the hospital I said
"There would be only one". 
I couldn't imagine being pregnant again. 
"There will be only one"
I couldn't imagine the searing pain of contractions racking my body again. 
"There will be only one"
The blown vein, the epidural, the pushing.
"There will be only one"
The breastfeeding, the pain, the engorgement. 
"There will be only one"
Those nights where you are so tired you can't remember what sleep is. 
"There will be only one"

But then...

The kicks
The hiccups
The ultrasounds 

Your body does this amazing thing. 
It forgets.
It replaces all those painful, tender, raw moments with gummy smiles, coos and heart bursting giggles.

And as hard as the newborn stage is...I think it's even harder to think 
"There will be only one"

This is the hardest job in the world but easily the best I have ever had. 


"There will be only two"


Shh Pumpkin Sleeping

I took Presley to the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Patch last week with my mom while David was at work. We met up with Presley's boyfriend, Thomas, and decided to sleep through the whole adventure. Needless to say, we will be back with dad and hopefully a little more alert!

We have to go back...we didn't even come home with a pumpkin!

Five on Friday

1. I blogged everyday this week...I am impressed with myself. Now that Presley has somewhat of a bedtime I can actually do things again! So blogging and reading blogs has slowly started to go back to normal. Although I still allow myself to soak up those moments when she decides to fall asleep on me instead.
2. It cracks me up that a popular way people find my blog is by typing in "Brandon Crawford Wife" all because of this post. Not only do I show up, but the photo is on the first page! Too funny! Let's Go Giants!!

3. I am really into baby wearing as it seems the easiest way to calm Presley rather quickly. I just ordered a Solly Baby Wrap after hearing so many bloggers loving on it. If you read yesterday's post you know it took me about an hour to decide on a color. I went with ox blood for the fall and I am pretty excited to get it in the mail!

4. If you follow me on Instagram you know my favorite thing to post is Presley and Finn photos. I seriously can't get enough of them. Honestly I have never loved him more, he is the best dog ever.

Happy to be back joining the gals of Five on Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!


Stocking Indecision

My husband claims I am super indecisive and the only thing I can ever make my mind up about is breakfast (sunny side up duh!). For the most part he is right, especially when it comes to the following:

- What to wear
- What to eat for dinner
- Deciding what color/style I want something in

You all know my plague with dinner and having nothing to wear is every girls issue. However I sit so long in front of something just deciding which color to purchase. I am not one of those people who buy the same thing in multiple colors either. Which makes my color indecision all the more difficult.

This is a serious first world problem - I am aware. I also am aware that discussing Christmas stockings in the middle of October is just rude. Apologies on both fronts.

So help a girl decide...

Presley's Christmas Stocking

My issue : Me, David and Finn all have these ones
Which I am totally over but I am not going to go buy and monogram all new ones (this year at least). So logically I should get P a matching one right?

But I also like this one
and this one (which benefits St. Jude's!)
and this one
and my favorite is this one - except that I can't monogram it!! So that's out!

These are all from Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids, have any other suggestions of sites to visit? You know...just to narrow down my options.


Cozy Style

Cozy Style

sweatshirt // sweats // hoodie (similar) // body suit

Northern California finally is seeing a break in the 90+ degree weather and overnight we were gifted with fall. I think the best thing about fall is those days when it's so miserable outside you're forced to bundle up and stay inside.
Light some good smelling candles, turn on the fireplace and sit down with Netflix. Being on maternity leave during the fall and holidays I am really getting to experience a sweeter side of it all.

There is truly nothing better than snuggling with a very sweet smelling newborn (and a not so sweet smelling furball). Right now I am all about floral and marled/heathered prints. So if you happened to pop over on any given day don't be surprised to see me rocking something cozy!


Loving Lately

Spanx Twill Leggings
I was pretty excited when I saw these at Nordstrom yesterday, until I saw the price tag $98?! I may as well buy a new pair of Hudson's at that price. Anyone have these? I am wondering how awesome they would be on this new postpartum body of mine.

Philosophy Loveswept Perfume
I randomly sprayed this on me in Macy's yesterday and found myself sniffing my wrists all day. Smells so delicious!

 Merino Wool Swing Sweater
I have been hearing other bloggers sing this sweaters praises but for some reason I never tried it on. Well again dressing post baby is...weird. This sweater is perfect for wanting to be on trend but not too tight! And lucky me, my mother in law treated me to two as a treat! Looking forward to cooler weather and busting them out!

BP Tall Boot
These caught my eye but I didn't allow myself to try them on since I treated myself to new brown boots last fall. However I strongly believe every girl needs a pair of OTK boots.
Oversized Plaid Scarf
Similar in style to the coveted Zara scarf you can find this baby at Target with a much smaller price tag.

Fur-Trimed Down Puffer
I am going to plan more trips to the snow just to warrant purchasing this adorable jacket. Also comes in a vest version.
Kate Spade Initial Pendant Necklace
I can't part with my F necklace for Finn by Maya Brenner so logically I should just add another one. I really would like another Maya Brenner necklace but they are pricey, this Kate Spade one would hold me over in the meantime!

Fun fact: On this day in 2004 I boarded an airplane from San Diego, California to Kansas City, Missouri to visit David on a free flight from Southwest Airlines. I had no idea I had a free flight and when I discovered it I saw it was going to expire in two weeks. Southwest happily reissued the flight and in turn I booked my October 14th flight. The rest is history...

10 Thoughts

Its almost been eight weeks now that I have been a mom (although if you count Finn I have already been a mama for quite some time). While I am no pro there are a couple of things I have learned along the way. So for all you one day mamas, new mamas or heck even fur mamas just a little list of thoughts.

1. Birth will seem like a cakewalk once you realize the great task that lays ahead of you. Raising a good, kind, intelligent ________ (insert any words here) human.Talk about daunting.

2. You find that when your baby is miss her terribly.
3. Don't forget that before you were a mom you had time for yourself. Make sure to still carve out "you" time during the day. If mama is happy so is baby.

4. Buy Buy Baby has an amazing return policy.

5. If you have a dog (if you don't what are you waiting for?) incorporate them into your plans. Don't push them away because you have a new member in your house.
6. Clothing with an elastic waist is your friend...don't be too hard on yourself.

7. You cannot spoil a newborn. So hold her, kiss her, stare at day she won't be sitting so still to allow you to do so. Soak every moment up.
8. Support other moms, learn from one another instead of comparing.

9. Go on trips while they are little, sure there might be some crying or a blowout - but travel while they still sleep relatively long.
10. Make sure that in addition to "you" time you have time with your husband or partner.
Always fall in love again and again with them. The first step to raising a happy baby is a happy relationship - nurture it.
Our life isn't perfect. My child's clothing is covered in dog hair more often than I like to admit. Dinner always seems like a chore. My hair always a mess. 
But I know I'm going to miss these days. So for now I relish in them.