Life Lately

I either have a horrible case of allergies or I am on the receiving end of a cold yet again. No bueno! I recently read that a pregnant woman has a lower immune system so their bodies don't reject the baby. Which would explain why I have gotten a cold twice in three months. Suckage.

Not so sucky would be the sweet affection from my boy Finn. Honestly it makes me wonder how not everyone in the world has a dog. They really make life so much better.
Finn laying on Mini...I die.

In other good news I got my wedding band back a day early and since I was home sick yesterday I was able to pick it up right away. So $90 later my eternity band was back to going all the way around and that knockoff got shelved. I thought I could stack it on top but in comparison to my real looks like what it is...a fake. Sorry babe looks like that "baby makes three" top stack still needs to be budgeted for ;) #pushpresent

Hope you guys all have a great day, it's supposed to be 93 degrees where I live today and well this ought to be a preview to summertime. Right now I love being pregnant - but remind me of this in July when I am much large and hotter! Speaking of I woke up yesterday to some of the hardest kicks yet! Still so surreal that women's bodies are capable of growing humans.

And another random side note have you guys seen this? That is terrifying and has me seriously rethinking a wireless monitor.

Another month gone and that means one month closer to baby girl!


Etsy Treasures

Etsy is full of so many awesome treasures. Especially for people like me who have no idea how to sew. Here are some things I may just be ordering in the future!

Girls Pacifier Set
Use coupon code 25OFF for 25% off for a limited time.

Monogram Foldover Clutch

Baby Bib in Pink Flowers
Personalized Zig Zag Notecards
I have purchased from Melina before and I love the quality of paper she uses.

Happy Everything Banner
I have touted Heather's amazingness time and time again. I have many of her banners in my home for different holidays!

Lion Watercolor Painting
This one reminds me of Finn <3
Herringbone Crib Fitted Sheet
Boob Pillow
I recently had a friend undergo a mastectomy on one of her breasts and as of today she is CANCER FREE!! However we wanted to give her her boob back and thanks to Etsy we did!

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops? Especially for the little ones?

24 weeks

How far along: 24 weeks, 1 day
Mini is the size of a: an ear of corn (8.5 in, 1.5 lbs.)
Maternity Clothes: yes and no
Stretch Marks: Still a no!
Sleep: Lately I am congested so I am having a hard time sleeping through the night.
Symptoms: None this week
Best Moment of the Week: Umm this is embarrassing but watching all 8 episodes of Lindsay on demand on OWN was pretty great. I literally could not get enough of her what a train wreck!
Movement: sure thing, she likes to party at night. Which makes me think I better stock up on sleep while I can.
Cravings: nothing crazy
Gender: Little Miss
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Ring on or Off: On
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nope! Although last Thursday I came about 95% close to puking on public transit. Not one of my finer moments!
What I Miss: Alcohol. The hotter weather and more outdoor activities have me missing a cool beverage.
What I am Looking Forward to: picking up my wedding band this Wednesday.
Labor Signs: please no
Nursery: I went to my sisters and collected a lot of goodies. I also have my lamp coming and I am so excited to receive it!


Five on Friday


First of all I just want to say to anyone that commented on yesterday's post I freaking love you. I was feeling like a total asshat for even writing that blog post but you all confirmed my level of crazy - is totally normal. I dig it.


I treated myself to a new iPhone case on Wednesday. I am slightly terrified I am going to drop it at just the wrong angle and the glass will shatter. Livin' on the edge these days.

Kate Spade New York Glitter
However now that I link to it I only see it offered for a 5C. I have a 5S...dang it. Guess it's getting returned and boo cause I really liked it!! #firstworldproblems


You probably saw on Instagram but Finn has been selected to be in a coffee table book called Cutest Dogs of the World 2013! First People, now this...what's next! :) #stagemom If you're an amateur photographer submit a picture of your dog they do quarterly contests! Now let's hope we win some moola! This is the picture making print!

My Capiz Accent lamp went on sale - I knew it would! And I know most of you preferred the pendant but with not knowing where we will be living. This seemed to make the most sense as far as taking it with us. Otherwise we would have to hook up electrical to the ceiling. Don't worry once she is older I will move it out of reach!

I also have been made privy to early information that my in laws have completely spoiled us and purchased our stroller! We selected the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller in black Jake and I am SO excited. Between David's parents and my own, little Presley is more than taken care of by her grandparents. We feel and know we are incredibly lucky to have such amazing parents.

What really drew me to this stroller is that it can accommodate two children later on and the storage space underneath. I am not a "jogging" mama - so this suits me and my needs better. Also we will be using the bassinet as her bassinet in our home as well. We have friends who have the stand and are going to let us borrow it. Pretty excited!! #115moredays!

Does anyone else have this stroller? Do you love it? 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Wedding Band Woes

This happened and I'm super sad. It's already at the jeweler for repair but I have to wait a week. And in all my pregnant insecurity I went and bought a knockoff at Nordstrom. 
I know no one would notice/care but in my mind all I could think was...
"People might think I'm only engaged because I'm pregnant!"
I blame hormones for being completely lame. 

Tell me you guys do silly stuff like this too?! 


DIY Pet Silhouette

I got some requests of how to do this once I posted one on Instagram so here you go!

First find a photo of your pet you would like to use and what size. A side profile is best for it looking most like your pet. I choose the below photo because it shows that Finn has no tail!
After you print your photo in black and white in the size you want outline the shape of your pet in yellow. For Finn it was important to me to get the wisps of his hair so I tried and zigzagged on them to capture that aspect.
When you flip over the image it should look something like this.
Next take a razor blade and start slowly cutting out the image of your pet. I went really slow to make sure I got as detailed as possible.
As you go along begin to detach the image from the paper gently this way you know your making precise cuts.
Once you have your image sliced out keep both sheets of paper. You can use them in two different ways.
Now tape your image to your paper using washi tape in whatever direction you would like.
Begin by lightly sponging on the paint color of your choice. I used Martha Stewart Multi Surface Satin Paint in Poodle Skirt.
Cover all the space your image is not touching.
And this will be your end result!
For fun I also tried using the outline from the original cutout.
So there you have it! Two different ways to make a silhouette pet portrait! Finn is looking a little chubby in these photos so I could have made his chest mane a little more detailed. This will probably be easier for you guys who's pets have short hair. If you give it a whirl let me know!


Loving Lately

Hello Doormat = must have

Shimmer Chic Statement necklace

Can I be poolside in this now?

Hally Dress in Radiant Orchid - I think I am going to rock this at one of my baby showers. I have it in mint and it's so comfortable.

Flower Fan Necklace - I don't know which color of this I like more!

Drawstring Anorak - I picked this up at Anthropologie over the weekend. I thought it was a steal at $40!

and what would Lovin' Lately be without a baby item?!

Tomorrow I finally will have the pet silhouette tutorial up! So make sure to check back!

23 weeks

How far along: 23 weeks, 1 day
Mini is the size of a: papaya (8 in., 1.2 lbs.)
Maternity Clothes: yes and no
Stretch Marks: body is being kind however mini is expected to go through a growth spurt in the next two weeks so I'll have to lather that cream up!
Sleep: pretty good!
Symptoms: Last week out of nowhere in the middle of the night I woke up with a charley horse. Can you say OUCH?! Holy hell, never had one of those before. The crazy thing is my friend Amy literally texted me the next day asking if I had gotten one. Too weird.
Best Moment of the Week:Celebrating Easter with the in laws. The weather was amazing and it felt good to just mellow out.
Movement: Oh yes! She is definitely growing, before I could only feel her low in my body but now I can feel her more on my belly.
Cravings: nada
Gender: ribbons and bows
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Ring on or Off: On
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nope!
What I Miss: oysters! My father in law brought some home and I was so sad I couldn't enjoy them raw!
What I am Looking Forward to: going to visit my friend Whitney this Friday. Really excited to see her and give her a big old squeeze!
Labor Signs: please no
Nursery: Nothing new this week.
Emotions: pretty good!

Some pictures from the Easter holiday <3