Happy Halloween!

From us to you - may the magic be in the air tonight!


Life Lately

I've been trying to push myself more lately and get out of my comfort zone when it comes to taking photos. I think that is what I love so much about photography - I am literally hungry to learn more. Every single time I pick up my camera whether for myself or a client, something new clicks. Here are some images I've captured lately of my little lady <3

 shirt // pants // boots (similar)

jacket (similar)

jacket (similar) // boots

dress (similar) // bow


shirt // shoes (no longer available)

P is at such a fun age right now. The things that come out of her mouth literally make us laugh and then wonder where on earth she came up with it. She is really having her moment with princesses and anytime she she's someone in a dress she is enamored. Full on ohhhh's and ahhhhh's and saying "princess" (which makes me think I ought to be wearing more dresses around her!)

This weekend we finally get to hit up a pumpkin patch now that the weather is cooperating again. It's our first year in a long time not growing pumpkins and it's such a bummer. They are easily my favorite things to grow in our garden!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Life Lately

I have been having a week of indecision and I blame it all on a damn set of curtains. You see, it has taken me over 5 years to finally buy curtains for our bedroom so of course I couldn't settle for anything. So after purchasing (and hanging and steaming) three different sets we are finally settled. And if I am being honest - well they are just going to have to do. I can't buy and return another set out of sheer embarrassment.

And that's just curtains. I have also returned a swimsuit, a pair of snow/rain boots for P and three different shirts. Like I said I am having an off week!

We were supposed to head out of town this weekend but decided last minute to stay home. Lots of travels coming up and my photography schedule is crazy packed. So I think I am just going to enjoy this last weekend of no plans. I also managed to convince David that I am going to take our holiday photos - with a remote and tripod. So this should be...interesting.

I see it as a challenge and I am kinda oddly excited - and hey any excuse to buy better photography gear has me saying yes. So I am on the hunt for a great tripod. If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments. 

So just random this and that and some pics of my lady from last night. Happy halfway through the week!

dress // socks (no longer available) // shoes (no longer available) // clip


Another weekend has come and gone and look at me - first time in month's I've got a post all set for Monday. This weekend was actually super productive which feels so nice. So many honey do things got checked off both David's and my list. On Sunday it poured rain all day and even though it got in the way of our pumpkin patch plans we donned our raincoats and made the best of it.

I've been having P skip her nap on the weekends because it makes bedtime SO MUCH EASIER. There is no complaints and she is literally lights out in minutes. It's been so nice hearing "I love you mama" and then silence. I hope that when her new room gets underway it stays like this!

Just a few snaps from our weekend!
rain attire (Target last year) // boots // tights
 (bought and returned these curtains in a matter of 24 hrs. haha)

 flower clip // shirt (it's sooo soft) 

tights // boots (no longer available)


Four by the Ocean

I decided that yesterday's post put a bad taste in my mouth. So I deleted that ish! Instead I am sharing our quick jaunt up to Pt. Reyes this past Sunday to celebrate our four year anniversary. The weather was amazing and there was no traffic (two things that never seem to happen!) I honestly can't remember the last time we went to a Northern California beach that wasn't socked in with fog. Perfect for our mini celebration <3

 clip // shirt // pants

 cardigan (onyx sold out)


Toddler room vision board

The time has come to start prepping to change P's bedroom from nursery to little girl room. Unlike a lot of people, I always wanted a nursery that was just that - a nursery. I wanted it to be enjoyed by me when she was a baby and change it to suit her when she got older. We will be having to do some rearranging which means the chair I sat in all those late nights will get packed up just like her crib. Part of me is so sad to see it go but the other part of me is excited seeing her grow and change. It's all part of the process ya know?

I ordered her bed yesterday and since it's backordered until December I have some time to plan what changes I am going to make to her current bedroom. While David is closing his eyes I've already (mentally) changed the paint on the walls and purchased new curtains. I am dreaming in white - nothing new there - but trying to eject more of P and less of me into her bedroom. Benefit of white is that I can always bleach it so this duvet cover may win out.

I am excited to see it come along and see how much she will love having a big bed! What are some cute decor items you're loving? Hit me with your best shops :)



I can still remember the sand under my feet and breeze in my hair the day you dropped down on one knee. I had been waiting (oftentimes impatiently) for this moment. This moment of a promised forever. You and me an unbreakable team.

I can remember all the details. The ditched ideas. The stresses of planning a perfect day. A day that would reflect us and our new life together. I can still feel the organza slide over my fingertips as my dress went over my head. Almost like when you dive under water for the first time and everything goes quiet. I can remember my dad handing me a handkerchief as I sobbed through our vows. Overcome with emotion that this day was finally here. The way you squeezed my hands and reassured me. It was a gorgeous day, a phenomenal party and it was only just the beginning.

I may have hated our flowers, never tasted our cake and cringed at how short the linens were on the bar tabletops. Things only I would notice, only I would care about. But now four years later I know gerbera daisies and too short linens are not problems. I know that the wedding is one day and while it may be beautiful - we all hope to have a marriage more beautiful than that day. I know that seasons of life will come and go and we will struggle and triumph through each one.

But we will always come out ahead, stronger than before.

Happy Anniversary, I love you!


Toddler Fairy Costume

It feels like fall came overnight to northern California. Last week we were in the high 90's and this week leaves are falling everywhere and the wind is whistling through the trees. I love October for a multitude of reasons (our anniversary, orange October & national shelter dog month to name a few)! October also means the holidays are here and the days are just going to whiz right on through into the new year.

We teamed up with Fancy Free Finery and some other amazing shops (listed below) for our fairy inspired costume. I am first to admit that tutu's have never been my thing (remember I am a ripped jeans kinda girl) so this is the first tutu P has ever worn. At first I wasn't sure she was going to wear any of it - let alone carry the wand! However she was all about her little ensemble and if you see this outfit redone Ace Ventura style one day...don't be surprised.

I was going to jazz her hair up with some glitter, but that would mean letting her see what glitter is and I am just nowhere near ready for that.