Toddler Fairy Costume

It feels like fall came overnight to northern California. Last week we were in the high 90's and this week leaves are falling everywhere and the wind is whistling through the trees. I love October for a multitude of reasons (our anniversary, orange October & national shelter dog month to name a few)! October also means the holidays are here and the days are just going to whiz right on through into the new year.

We teamed up with Fancy Free Finery and some other amazing shops (listed below) for our fairy inspired costume. I am first to admit that tutu's have never been my thing (remember I am a ripped jeans kinda girl) so this is the first tutu P has ever worn. At first I wasn't sure she was going to wear any of it - let alone carry the wand! However she was all about her little ensemble and if you see this outfit redone Ace Ventura style one day...don't be surprised.

I was going to jazz her hair up with some glitter, but that would mean letting her see what glitter is and I am just nowhere near ready for that.


  1. How sassy and beautiful does she look?! I love it!

  2. Gah!! P pulled this off PERFECTLY!!
    As for the glitter, stay away. Stay very far away!

  3. Cutest fairy! And the perfect little fairy forest setting. You are always nailing those golden hour shots!

  4. Oh she is too much! Such a doll. And these photos are beautiful, lady!