Life Lately

I've been trying to push myself more lately and get out of my comfort zone when it comes to taking photos. I think that is what I love so much about photography - I am literally hungry to learn more. Every single time I pick up my camera whether for myself or a client, something new clicks. Here are some images I've captured lately of my little lady <3

 shirt // pants // boots (similar)

jacket (similar)

jacket (similar) // boots

dress (similar) // bow


  1. P is so beautiful! I love how you capture her sheer joy of the simple things :)

  2. These pictures are SO beautiful! I can't decide which is my favorite....but maybe, just maybe it's the splashing in the water. But they're all so great!

  3. I have totally noticed you stepping away from exclusively shooting the light & bright! I love it; you are killing it!

  4. You are doing amazing! Really professional level photos lady, nice work! These are gorgeous :)