Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween!

<3 me and Finn


Mirror Mirror

When I picked up that awesome dresser a while back ago that David refinished for me it also came with a mirror attached to the back. We unscrewed the mirror because I wasn't sure where I wanted to put it at the time. I also knew I would attach it to the wall as opposed to the dresser.

However its been hanging out in the garage for awhile now with nothing done to her. Time to inspire as I would like to have it hung soon in our guest room. Which idea do you guys like best?

My friend Kerri linked this to me because she knows I am a sucker for anything herringbone. I really like this but the mirror I have is not completely flat so I think this would be a harder look to do.

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Of course I love the idea of an ombre mirror. However I would do it in a more neutral color so I can easily swap it in and out of rooms.

My first thought was to spray it gold - but David quickly nixed that idea!He actually wants to crackle paint the mirror which I am not totally opposed to. Problem is I am not sure what color to paint it. Since we went with a dark gray paint on the dresser.

What are your thoughts? Paint her for an easy makeover or attempt to fabric?

And on a random side note - does anyone follow blogs that give great photography tips/tricks? I love learning about my camera and would love to follow a blogger who provides lessons and tutorials. If you do leave their name in the comments! Thank you!

Scenes from the Weekend

Another quiet weekend around these parts! Went to a baby sprinkle that my friend Angie did an amazing job with all the details and decorations. It was very sweet and I was more than happy to be the photographer for the day. Still trying to hone in on all the components of my camera!
Angie's adorable daughter, Sophia, who I seriously want to clone as my own daughter!
Soon to be big brother Nate!

Hope you all had a great weekend! It's raining leaves here and I slightly regret wishing for colder weather! It's chilly in San Francisco! 


Friday's Fancies: Foggy Friday

Hanging with @Karlthefog

cape // jeans // purse // long sleeve t // boots // ring // watch

Blustery days in San Francisco call for bundling up and when that fog rolls around it's no joke. Follow @karlthefog on twitter to find out!

This weekend we are headed to a co-ed baby sprinkle for our friend Kristi and baby Jaxsen. They already have one little named Nate and he is just a doll! Excited to see round two of cuteness.

Afterwards we are headed back to the car dealership for round two of disagreeing on what car to purchase. David's car has decided to just die so we're off to find a car that we both agree on. I am still lobbying for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and he wants anything but the Jeep...standard.

I already know the end to this story - David is going to fix his car yet again....

Hope you all have a lovely last weekend of October!

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I confess...My phone is 95% photos of Finn.
With a solid 10% Mama + Finn selfies
I confess...I have two baby outfits hanging in my closet. One is a long running joke with a friend and the other has no excuse.
I confess...sometimes Finn wears said outfits
I confess...that I really hate the thought of having to make/plan dinner.
I confess...I still look at David and wonder how I snagged him.

I confess...this was in the donation pile from a "Nerdy 30" party but I pulled it back out. I felt bad donating it now that he passed away.

I confess...I try and pin three things to Pinterest everyday
I confess...I have food texture issues
I confess...I had no material for a blog post today, but this worked out pretty well!

Sunshine Award

On Friday, the sweet Chelsea, nominated me for a Sunshine Award. I love that other bloggers show their support to one another by creating awards :) If you have not read Chelsea's blog go check her out. Her and her husband, Parker, (great name!) are so sweet!
Here are the questions she asked:
1. If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be and why?
That is a tough question. I think I would want to trade places with Jenna Dewan-Tatum
Just so I could stare at this all day

 2. What is your all-time favorite TV show? 
Right now I am a big fan of Nashville. I usually watch reality junk - it makes David want to kill me. Also a huge fan of One Tree Hill.

 3. What is one talent you are thankful for?
I have to say one thing I am the most proud of is my handwriting.
(To be noted this tactic did not work on getting another rescue.)

 4. What are your favorite baby names?
We have two and we are keeping them a secret :)

 5. What is your favorite holiday of the year?
4th of July used to be my favorite holiday. But then a couple of years in a row it was sucky. However I think I am going to reinstate July 4th as my favorite.

 6. What advice would you give the 12 year old version of yourself? 
I would tell myself so much

 7. Name three things you can't live without.
David, Finn & the Ocean

 8. If you could relive any moment of your life, what would it be and why?
I would have to say going to Italy as a college graduation trip with my best friends. It was such an amazing trip and I am so grateful I got to go!

 9. If you only had $20 to spend at Target, to which section would you go?
Home Goods

 10. What is one thing most people do not know about you?
I am very "right-brained" I really enjoy being creative, coloring & painting!

 11. What is one fashion trend you wish would come back in style.
Everything always comes back in style! I went through a clear sunglasses stage and I hope that doesn't come back haha!

Scenes from the Weekend

Well its happened... Bart is on strike and therefor giving me a hellacious commute to work. My boss was kind enough to let me stay home on Friday to avoid the horrific traffic. But here comes Monday and still no trains. 

I had a quiet weekend here - I joined Netflix and watched an obscene amount of television. I needed to know what Breaking Bad was all about. It was good... But nowhere near as good as
Oh my I am obsessed!! Does anyone else watch this? My first thought was that's the lucky girl who got to have those super hot make out scenes with Zac Efron! Haha. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!! 


Friday's Fancies: Lazy Weekend

Lazy Weekend

 shoes // phone // watch // bracelet // jeans // sweatshirt // nail polish // purse

Me and the Mr. have no plans the weekend and for that I am pretty excited! I think I may try to get my mom to go to the outlets with me since this could be one of the last weekends of nice weather!

Other than that I will be piddling around on goldie fawn (yes I named her!) debating between two iPhone cases - #firstworldproblems
Hope you all have a great weekend!
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8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have

I saw this adorable post on Natasha's blog and thought I would play along. I changed it up a bit instead of answering Cupcakes & Cashmere's 8 Thing Every Happy Woman Should Have - I made up my own!
1. A Dog
Come on - you all knew that would be #1. And I honestly believe it. Dogs have an amazing ability to know exactly what you need. As if you needed even more reasons.
2. Access to water
It can be a beach, lake, river or pond. I feel so much more happy when I am near a body of water. It's the Pisces in me.
3. Family
I am so blessed by my five nephews. They are all such incredible little boys and I am so excited to watch them grow and have a close bond with them.
4. Girlfriends
A girl is not complete without her entourage and mine is pretty amazing. And for all those people who say "I am more of a guy's girl" well you're missing out on some amazing relationships - so go make some girlfriends! 
5. Alone time
I love spending time with my husband and girlfriends. However it's always nice to find something you enjoy doing alone. Here are six more good reasons.
6. The ability to laugh
Life is way too short to take it so seriously. There is no better way to spend the dash between your years than by making memories.
7. A passion
Now this is one of those things I didn't quite grasp until later on in life. Yet I am on my way and I thank my little rescue for showing me...
 8.  A Smile
Less wrinkles and you just look better with one on your face! 

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

Okay so technically maybe these boots are not really made for walking. But they are made to look cute!

I would love any of these - especially the first pick!