Friday's Fancies: Foggy Friday

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cape // jeans // purse // long sleeve t // boots // ring // watch

Blustery days in San Francisco call for bundling up and when that fog rolls around it's no joke. Follow @karlthefog on twitter to find out!

This weekend we are headed to a co-ed baby sprinkle for our friend Kristi and baby Jaxsen. They already have one little named Nate and he is just a doll! Excited to see round two of cuteness.

Afterwards we are headed back to the car dealership for round two of disagreeing on what car to purchase. David's car has decided to just die so we're off to find a car that we both agree on. I am still lobbying for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and he wants anything but the Jeep...standard.

I already know the end to this story - David is going to fix his car yet again....

Hope you all have a lovely last weekend of October!

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  1. A jeep is always a good choice! I switched from my little audi s5 to an SUV last fall and I'm so happy we made that decision. The miles were getting up there and it was starting to have issues so it was a good time to trade it in... and I needed something more practical for winter too. I find car shopping to be a lot of fun with Zack though, we luckily have the same taste in vehicles...just not what color they should be! I think almost every car looks good in black, such a surprise.


    They are gorgeous and reliable. My jeep hit 100,000 miles before I got a new car, and I had nothing wrong with it, aside from new tires, brakes and oil changes. I vote jeep!

  3. LOVE that cape! And good luck with the car crusade...let us know what ends up happening!

  4. What a cozy outfit! I need more long sleeves!

  5. I've been trying to convince Sam that we need to upgrade to the new Ford Explorer! It's just so pretty.
    I'm supporting you on the Jeep Grand of my coworkers has one, and he LOVES it!

  6. Great picks! And I know what you mean about the car situation - Aaron and I disagree on them every time we start to discuss it! ;) PS...I nominated you for the Liebster Award...check out my latest blogpost! xx

  7. You always pick the most beautiful things!