Kapalua Ridge

I am in serious vacation blues mode around here. It's hard to even look at all 600+ pictures and know that our Hawaiian vacation has come and gone like a warm trade wind.  We had such an awesome time and I am excited to recap it and share some photos. This is our fourth trip to Hawaii, first with P and first time staying in Kapalua and it did not disappoint.

I cannot rave enough about the condo we stayed in at Kapalua Ridge and I have a feeling prices on it will increase and its availability will become much more sparse after I share its goodness here. So if you decide to book it for a vacation let them know you spotted it here first (and ask the owners if they would like to adopt me)! Because there is no way I am returning to Maui and not staying here!
To be honest I have been royally spoiled by David when it comes to staying in hotels/rentals. He has set the bar pretty high. So when I found this unit online I was so so excited. It boasted 2,200 square feet, a wide open floor plan and no stairs. I almost thought the photos were too good to be true.

When we arrived the unit was even better than I imagined. It felt like home and every detail was well executed and thought out. Not one wicker piece of furniture or palm print to be found. In addition there was a high chair, pack & play, booster chair and toys and books for children. Never at any point did we feel like we were cramped (we stayed with another family) and the little ones loved to run around and had plenty of room to play.

There are many beaches nearby (one is just a short seven minute walk) and the property has two swimming pools and a large hangout area. It was the perfect place to BBQ up some dinner and have some down time. There is an ocean view from every bedroom and the bathrooms are giant! I just love loved LOVED it!

And just in case you needed to see more of it - like the amazing bathrooms and bedrooms. Check this out below.

A special thank you to Terry Craven of Ridge Realty Rentals and the owners of unit #711-13 for providing a discount during our stay. As always here on Happily Ever Parker, the opinions expressed are my own. 



Is this thing on?

We leave in less than 24 hours and this mama is already mentally checked out with a pina colada on her mind. I am so excited to go back to one of David and I's very favorite places on earth and share it with the birthday girl.
We haven't been back since 2013 (hence the well rested faces!) and are so so excited to return! I can't wait to share with you all the amazing condo I found on VRBO and lots of other fun stuff we have planned on our vacation (i.e. nothing!). So this space will likely stay quiet but you can follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (lp8rk3r) if you like!



Food Dye + Toddler = Disaster

You guys I have to share a pretty funny story about a parenting fail that happened earlier this week. It's one of those stories that I will likely tell P as she grows up that will make her laugh and she will want to hear it again and again. So for documentation sake I have to write it down.

On Monday I came home from work and was super tired so I decided to take a quick power nap on the couch. P was in front of me playing with her toys and David was working on something in the garage. So I was curled up under a blanket with Olympics on the background and closed my eyes.

Then I hear her, "mama, mama, mama, mama!"

I crack open my eyes and see nothing but 10 tiny little digits coming towards me - and they were green. I open my eyes wider and sit up and see that P not only has green on her face but her whole entire hands are covered. As in imagine dipping your hands into cans of green paint.

Immediately I realized she had discovered where the food coloring was. And as I quickly filled up the tub I could see her little green hand prints everywhere. The doors, the couch, the edge of our bed. I grabbed her and held her at arms length fearing she would ruin one of my favorite sweaters. I plopped her right into that bubbly tub and just let her skin soak. Luckily with a little patience (and a lot of scrubbing) most of the dye was removed. Aside from her cuticles which three days later are still green.

It was such an in the moment thing of sheer wtf I couldn't even snap a photo - and damn I sure wish I did! You see P is very much into arts and crafts these days and over the weekend I had bought her a watercolor kit. A washable watercolor kit. Heck I even let her do it inside! So when she found the green food dye she took it over to her painting paper and began painting with it. It really could have gone so much worse.

David and I had a good laugh about it and I removed all the other food dye from the cupboard and moved it to safer (i.e. higher) ground. As I was doing so I thought....oh shit.

"Where are the yellow and red?"

I couldn't find them anywhere and knew it was a matter of time of who would find it first. Us or her.
Fast forward to Thursday when David shows me the kiddie pool filled with yellow water and says "guess who found the yellow first?" Oh she found it alright and proceeded to smear it all over her body. Jaundice anyone?

Moral of the story: food dye comes out in the wash and never sleep when your toddler is awake.

And since this post comes with no pictures let's just remember her in cleaner times - and cleaner water.

Life Lately

Life has a funny way of getting you really comfortable and then pulling the rug from beneath you. I'm in a season of life that just has me feeling all around unsettled. Unsure. Not knowing the next steps to take, the next path to choose. Decisions seem so big and also so trivial all in one go.

I think some trade winds and a pina colada are going to be good for my soul.


Woo Hoo it's Friday and that can only mean one thing - that most of us are doing a happy dance and counting down the minutes until the weekend! Last night David, P and I went out and explored the open space. I love doing this with him and it's how I find all the places to take photos of my clients! He finds me the best spots with hardly any people around - win/win.
We don't have much planned this weekend aside from a birthday party, a much needed cut/color for me and Sunday I have a maternity shoot. Plenty of time for laying on the couch and watching Stranger Things. I haven't started but with all the hype I already feel so behind! Anyone else obsessed with it? I still haven't finished the new season of Orange is the New Black!

Also a reminder that today is the last day for a lot of my shop small promos so make sure to check them out! A couple of more shots from last night because that light, can't resist it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Paci Problems

I have a love hate relationship with my daughters pacifier. Better known as the adoringly loving name of paci. We have always used a pacifier, never had nipple or bottle confusion, and honestly I relied on it as a means to peace and quiet. Our pediatrician told us to yank it at 9 months and I nervously nodded my head in agreement. Knowing full well, mama wasn't yanking that paci. It was for both of us after all.

Now here we are approaching two and the paci has turned into a full on obsession. She sees it, she wants it and if she doesn't get it...watch out. Because the terror's of two that up until now have seemed a myth have reared their ugly head. Her mouth opens long before you hear the scream, the crocodile tears pour out nice and large and then she just lets it rip. Oftentimes a whole body flop to the ground is followed.

I don't know who this is going to be harder on her or me, but I am tired of that damn piece of plastic dominating our life. So you have any tips lay them on me (and if I am still talking about the pacifier in a year don't hold it against me!)


Small Shop Love + Promo Codes!

I am so excited for today's post guys! Because not only is August 1 the kick off of a new month, but my baby girl turns two this month and we will be celebrating it in Maui. I wish I could package everyone up that wants to go and bring you along.

But since I can't, I did brainstorm a way to celebrate with y'all and that is by sharing some of my favorite small shops. And because shopping small is so dang awesome - almost all of these hard working mama's have shared a promo code just for readers of Happily Ever Parker! So we may not be swimming among the sea turtles together this month but we can always shop together!

Blue Dragon Dreams |  15% Discount Code: PARKER | Code expires 8/31/16

When P was invited to her first gymnastics party I knew that her leotard had to be something super special. I was so excited to find Samantha at Blue Dragon Dreams who's bow backed leotard was everything I was imagining. I have since gone on to order dresses, shorts & a custom peplum tank! Her shop is currently closed to custom orders (she just had a baby yesterday!) but she has so graciously shared a 15% off discount code good until August 31st. There are still plenty of RTS pieces in her shop! She will reopen to custom orders halfway through the month so thanks to an extended promo check her out!

By George Baby Boutique | 15% Discount Code : BYGEORGE15 | Code expires 8/8/16

It's no secret that florals are my thing. I want them on everything from clothing to crib sheets. This sweet little shop, run by maker mama, Sarah. Has everything you could dream of for a floral delicate nursery. By George has many more options other than feminine - don't worry boy mama's this discount code applies to you too!

Cammi & Co. | 20% Discount Code: LAURA20 | Code expires 8/5/16

Lyna and I have been internet friends for quite sometime despite living only about 25 miles apart! Blogger turned small shop owner I love her stuff not only for my babe but for my newborn clients as well. Tons of cute stuff to pick from. The skinny suede bows are our favorite!

Fancy Free Finery | Discount Code: HAPPILYEVERPARKER15 | Code expires 8/5/16 12am EST

When I first found out that P was a girl this was one of the first shops I discovered. Katie is a school teacher turned full time crafter and I can attest her product is incredibly well made. From garlands to single flower clips you will want them all!

Love Lena La Rue | 15% Discount Code: Happily15 | Code Expires 8/7/16

We ordered the most adorable mermaid inspired bathing suit from Robyn for our vacation. I was seriously torn between the one piece and adorable two piece. Check out all her sweet rompers and swimsuits in her shop!

Pine & Honey | 15% Discount Code: PARKER15 | Code expires 8/8/16

Dresses, bows, tops & tunics, Pine & Honey has you covered. I am a big fan of a great peplum top and love the sweet details on Sydney's collection. Your babe will definitely stand apart in anything from this shop!

Sadie Sky Boutique | 20% Discount Code: HAPPILYEVER20 | Code expires 8/7/16

I remember back in the day when I was a nursing mama I would order things online late into the night. Jess's shop is one that I frequented often and her newest collection is swoon worthy. The softest of leather bows (and dainty) this is one maker you will come back to again and again.

 Willow Crowns | 10% Discount Code: HAPPILYEVER10 | Code expires 8/7/16

Admitting to how much I have purchased from Willow Crowns would be fessing up to a problem. So let's just say I love the shop almost as much as I love the mama's behind it, Megan & Steph. With plenty of Americana swag left in the shop it's just in time for all your Labor Day celebrations!

Some other honorable mentions go to the following shops who I wasn't able to land a discount with for all you BUT they are so awesome you should shop there anyways!!

ChildHOODS Clothing
Crew & Lu
James & Louise (I didn't even try with this shop because she is constantly sold out!)
June & January
Ryan & Wren (Giveaway on Instagram coming soon!)

Because I couldn't leave this post today without one final bang I have Jessica from The Confetti Bar who is so generously also providing a discount code for you guys! She is the brain behind the awesome personalized Presley confetti and would make an awesome addition to any party! You must go check her out! PS how awesome would it be to sprinkle this around on your last day at work?

The Confetti Bar | 20% Discount Code: happilyeverparker | Code expires 8/5/16

Thank you so much to all the shops listed above for providing readers of Happily Ever Parker a promotional code. I love this space, the creativity that flows through us all reminds me day in and day out - community over competition. Such an awesome tribe to be apart of!!

Happy Shopping!!