Food Dye + Toddler = Disaster

You guys I have to share a pretty funny story about a parenting fail that happened earlier this week. It's one of those stories that I will likely tell P as she grows up that will make her laugh and she will want to hear it again and again. So for documentation sake I have to write it down.

On Monday I came home from work and was super tired so I decided to take a quick power nap on the couch. P was in front of me playing with her toys and David was working on something in the garage. So I was curled up under a blanket with Olympics on the background and closed my eyes.

Then I hear her, "mama, mama, mama, mama!"

I crack open my eyes and see nothing but 10 tiny little digits coming towards me - and they were green. I open my eyes wider and sit up and see that P not only has green on her face but her whole entire hands are covered. As in imagine dipping your hands into cans of green paint.

Immediately I realized she had discovered where the food coloring was. And as I quickly filled up the tub I could see her little green hand prints everywhere. The doors, the couch, the edge of our bed. I grabbed her and held her at arms length fearing she would ruin one of my favorite sweaters. I plopped her right into that bubbly tub and just let her skin soak. Luckily with a little patience (and a lot of scrubbing) most of the dye was removed. Aside from her cuticles which three days later are still green.

It was such an in the moment thing of sheer wtf I couldn't even snap a photo - and damn I sure wish I did! You see P is very much into arts and crafts these days and over the weekend I had bought her a watercolor kit. A washable watercolor kit. Heck I even let her do it inside! So when she found the green food dye she took it over to her painting paper and began painting with it. It really could have gone so much worse.

David and I had a good laugh about it and I removed all the other food dye from the cupboard and moved it to safer (i.e. higher) ground. As I was doing so I thought....oh shit.

"Where are the yellow and red?"

I couldn't find them anywhere and knew it was a matter of time of who would find it first. Us or her.
Fast forward to Thursday when David shows me the kiddie pool filled with yellow water and says "guess who found the yellow first?" Oh she found it alright and proceeded to smear it all over her body. Jaundice anyone?

Moral of the story: food dye comes out in the wash and never sleep when your toddler is awake.

And since this post comes with no pictures let's just remember her in cleaner times - and cleaner water.


  1. Oh my gosh.. haha! Glad it (mostly) came off, I can imagine freaking out seeing the hand prints everywhere!

  2. Too funny!!!!! You better tell her ALL about this one day! ;)

  3. omg this is tooo funny! i would have freaked out!

  4. So the red is still on the loose...? My bet is on P!

  5. Hahaha, I had a good chuckle at this story!! We have all had these moments - permanent marker on a white car, garlic spice all over the playroom (and stinks for days!) and paint all over the play gym! x

  6. Bahahahaha!! P!!
    Did you ever find the red? That one might be a bit harder to wash out...

  7. Hahaha this is so great!! You'll definitely have to let us know when you find the red!