Thank You

This blog started for me a little over seven years ago as a place to document my growing family. And now the time has come to say goodbye to this slice of internet with one final post. Thank you for cheering on my family through the years, for the thousands of comments, for getting to know me and caring about us. For holding my hand virtually when things are hard and cheering for our victories. This blog launched a photography career and friendships I will have and cherish for a lifetime. 

As most people know, we lost our beloved dog, Finnley - suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday evening. The weight on my heart is beyond comprehension and as I struggle to grasp the reality of never hugging him or being with him again it feels like a sign to close my chapter here. As nowhere feels right that he no longer is.

Thank you for loving him alongside of me. Understanding that he was a big part of my life and supporting me through his loss. It feels like I am being carried through a sea of grief by so many people, I feel your hands holding our family. Thank you.

He was the very, very best.



Hello blog, it's me...Laura.

Testing, testing...1-2.

I have let this space sit vacant for over a year but new year calls for a new me! Can't wait to share some fun content and take more photos!

Thanks for sticking around these parts (mom and mother in law) :)