Dresser Makeover

I want to first start by saying when we went to pick up this dresser it kind of made me sad. Here was this gorgeous dresser, made out of real wood, dovetailed and quality. This used to belong to a woman who was now in her 80s and suffering from dementia. Her daughter was selling most of her belongings as they recently placed her in a nursing home. It made me sad to think she had this furniture her whole life and now had no idea where it was.
I hope that it also stays in our family for years to come like it did with hers.
*edit took photos again in natural light and what a difference it made!

Honestly the picture does not really do it proper justice as the Annie Sloan chalk paint doesn't particularly photograph well (or said camera operator doesn't know the correct way to photograph it well)

And as you can see I compromised with the hubby and we went with a stain on the top of the dresser as opposed to painting it. We painted it in Annie Sloan Graphite and used a dark wax to set it in. It's supposed to give it an antique feel as you can see the true color below in a more accurate photo.
 The wood sanded down was gorgeous. David really wanted to show off the grain of the wood so he sanded it and then stained it with a dark walnut color and then coated it (about 3 times!) with Varathane Polyurethane in clear.
We finished it off with antique brass handles from Home Depot.
I think she turned out quite nice. Plus all of David's clothes FIT in the dresser! It's a miracle!
Now it just needs to be styled and I need to get a cute print or photo to hang above it.
 Overall thoughts on Annie Sloan paint - honestly not that impressed. It was expensive ($40/quart) and I think I could have achieved the same look with regular old paint. But hey you live you learn!

And I said it could be a changing table one day...so we would paint it all over again!
Lucky David!


  1. I think it looks great!! I bet if you get some natural light on that baby, it'll really shine! Great job you two!!

    1. Oh yay!!! Much better! Love the natural light...really showcases the paint!

  2. It looks great! Such a good job - I have been trying to get more "crafty" but I feel like I am just awful with it.... we'll see :)


  3. I love it! I agree that the pictures do not do it justice because it is beautiful in person and the texture and finish work is amazing! I told David that he needs to start a side business flipping furniture!! I can't wait to change the diapers of your sweet babies on it one day :) lymi!!

  4. I've heard nothing but good things about Annie Sloan chalk paint its a shame you weren't impressed! The dresser looks great though much more modern than before.

    1. It's not that I didn't like it - I just feel like I could have used regular paint for half the price and liked it just as much! Oh well! :)